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First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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12.17.2012 , 06:09 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by SickSorceress View Post
Wenn man diese Option aber nicht hat...
Verstehe ich gerade nicht?
Haste kein Konto?

Es gibt Leute die wollen kein PayPal benutzen...
Ich hatte bisher damit noch nie Probleme damit

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12.17.2012 , 07:51 PM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by Aasimar View Post
Verstehe ich gerade nicht?
Haste kein Konto?
Ich hab mich vor tausend Jahren mal bei Paypal angemeldet (naja... 10 sind's bestimmt) und weiß weder die Email-Adresse, noch das damals verwendete Passwort (was nicht so schlimm wär, aber ohne Email...). Mein Bankkonto ist schon registriert, einen zweiten Account kann ich nicht aufmachen. Will ich die PW-vergessen-Option nutzen, hängt sich mein Rechner auf.

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12.18.2012 , 05:41 AM | #53
Ich kann bei PayPal überhaupt gar keine Lastschrift machen, ich weiß auch nicht, wieso. Lastschrift ist dort zwar eingetragen, aber PayPal macht es ganz einfach nicht.

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12.20.2012 , 07:04 AM | #54
So, ich habe noch etwas gefunden :

Quote: Originally Posted by Riavar View Post
Update: They did it!

I called Customer Support early this morning and was speaking with a representative right off the bat. After going through the usual confirmation process that it was indeed me that owned/paying for the account, I spoke with him about the issue all of us have been having. In short, the issue is with "Paypal" itself, because when he put my Credit/Debit card on my account again to make sure it was accurate, I used that as my method of payment for the Market and Subscription purchase and it worked! So if any of you are still having this issue and are paying through Paypal, it's them, not Bioware.

Quote: Originally Posted by Stansman View Post
I removed all my cards from my account, I then had the CS rep add my old card to my account, that seemed to work, he then tried to buy coins with it..didnt work. I then had him add a new card I hadnt used before to the account..adding that worked too but he couldnt buy coins with that one either.
He suggested contacting my bank until I pointed out that the two cards were from different banks and both got the same result. I'm waiting for the next patch before I try myself to buy coins again, if that doesnt work I'll know when my Sub runs out in January if the card will pay for that.
Since the guy I talked to was a member of the team who are supposed to be able to fix this and even he had no real idea as to why its not working I see no point in calling them again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nahlani View Post
Hi eveyone, I have made quite a bit of purchases. I truly believe when SWTOR went out they really thought it was going to do well. Based on my observation I really believed they outsources their billing and accounts and customer service to separate entities. For money savings...

The solution. I called and got a CS. He had me update all the fields I could on my credit/debit card. It did not work. Once he updated it from his side with just the fields that I could only update it worked. Until the left had talks to the right hand. This is the solution if you want your cartel coins. Call them and they will do exactly what I just explained. I am about to enjoy my cartel coins. Go get yours
Quote: Originally Posted by thamightyboro View Post
make more than 3 purchases in a 24 hr period = lockout for 24 hrs

make more than 8 transactions (note failiures count as well) in a 30 day period get locked out for 30 days

That's what I am led to believe is happening from 14 hrs of phone calls to them.

So the stupid system that tells you "general error please try again later" after that initial lockout only makes things worse for you.


Purchase 3 x in 24 hrs = lockout
Try a 4th receive general error so you try again later = 24 hr lockout reinstated
repeat until your locked out for 30 days as fraud prevention.

Once your on the 30 day lock you will get errors like.

"We cannot bill to that card at this time" if attempting with a card
"An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please, try again later." If attempting with Paypal

My issue was escalated 3 weeks ago of course I haven't received a response but that doesn't surprise there's less than 30% of the staff there was at launch with most having been moved onto general EA support for FIFA, ME and BF.

All information is in the public domain or gleamed from speaking to your advisor's via telephone and further info from forums.

Don't get me wrong they managed to fudge through a means for it at least to take my subscription which I am appreciative of but these other issues have gone on long enough, if you can't fix the issue then you need to make it plainly clear what will and won't cause these lockouts and get that not in a FAQ but on the front page before more become affected by it.

We need to know if it is as I am lead to believe and x number per day and x per 30 day cycle will cause these locks.

I work on a game where 5 card purchases in 30 days will lock that account to card puchases for 30 days there is absolutely nothing I can do it about it, it's a limitation of our 3rd party provider, did I hide the fact and just hide when it happened NO I immediately got a post up informing people of this so they could stay within the limits and advised them that even if it did happen they can still use Paypal or any of the other payment options we provide.

It all comes back to the problem Bioware has had since launch with the exception of Amber who I think is a awesome CM and that is one of communication. There is none 9/10 times they just bury their heads in the sand and hope the problem goes away.
Quote: Originally Posted by QuintessaSHeera View Post
I tried calling them back another incompetent on the phone who tried to "escalate" my call to a higher tier of CS. I was put on hold for over 2 hours. THEN...I was disconnected/hung up on.

So, I called them right back. This time, I got a nice young guy who apologized profusely for Bioware's lousy handling of the situation.

He couldn't fix the problem (it is above his level), but he did admit the following:

1. Bioware is aware it is THEIR problem. He apologized that they tend to blame their customers for issues they are having on their end.

2. Bioware is NOT giving any information about when it will be fixed or even what is really causing it (other than that it is an issue linked originally to the Cartel market that has somehow gotten worse and that billing and security are the ones who have to work on it)...The CS staff isn't getting more information, but they are the ones catching most of the hell for it.

3. There is an issue with their phone system now, too. Instead of coming on and telling the waiting caller that the billing office is closed for the day, it just eventually cuts the call off. They are aware of the problem, but haven't fixed that, yet, either.

4. They are experiencing a HUGE call volume just for this one issue. It's far worse than it looks on this forum, according to the staffer I spoke with.

So, he was told that they are trying to fix it, but as of now...there's not really a "permanent" fix. It is likely to happen again, even if you get lucky enough to get it fixed somehow now.

I was advised to try to be patient and to call back in the morning...

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12.20.2012 , 05:13 PM | #55
Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
Ich kann bei PayPal überhaupt gar keine Lastschrift machen, ich weiß auch nicht, wieso. Lastschrift ist dort zwar eingetragen, aber PayPal macht es ganz einfach nicht.
Das geht bei mir auch nicht.