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My Vision of Satele Shan

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11.21.2012 , 10:25 AM | #1
*Note:This is just my own Fanfiction and or Idea that in my mind would be awesome if came to be.
*Warning : This thread will be full of BAD GRAMMER and MIss Spelling , read at your own risk !
*This Thread could Lead to Dumming Down your intelligence , Seizures , and or Loss of Sight and Hearing .

You Been Warned

Its starts with the Empire capturing her Son .
When she finds out about it she is also learning of her Ancestor Revan's years of torture/enslavement and death at the foundry .
She feels as this is becoming Personal with the lose also of her Master to Malgus .
At this point she is starting to fall to her Emotions but is still able to hide them from the other Jedi Masters and Council Members.
She also at this time has gained knowledge of whereabouts Malgus is hiding and takes it up as a reason to be Personally there to help capture him .
But inside she feels anger for him , and hatred for the loss of her master . Targetting him rightfully so as the begining of her personal loses of the War .
She puts together two Jedi knights to come with her , she wants them instead of masters in suspicion that if she brings masters she might be caught with her emotions growing stronger

She arrives at the Planet Malgus is hiding
Scene Opens up with her and the two Jedi Knights opening the doors .
Malgus is infront of the barely seeable in the dark .
His lightsaber already active .

The Jedi Knights and Satele quickly activate their lightsabers
Before they could get to stance Malgus makes quick deaths of the two Knights with ease.
Satele without even phasing goes into combat with Malgus , like if the Jedi Knights were not even there .

Malgus with defensively holding off Satele's attacks says
"This is what you bring to help you take me , your Ego has taken ahold and you're far too less of a match for me."
"Did their deaths Remind you of your Master?"
Malgus goes into offensive attacks pushing Satele's back towards a Wall
"So weak and unable to defend himself again me , so above his head ! How do you think you can stand to me when I am so much more powerful than any weak Jedi could ever be ."
Satele Shan flips over his head
Malgus spins around , backhands her across the face , then cuts through her saber .

"So weak you are and unprepaired .................................................. "
In mid sentence , Malgus is suprised by Satele's Force Push as it throws him against the wall .
Satele Shan Jumps forward and begins to go into a frenzy of attacks with her fist and feet , with a blow to the face his resperater is shattered revealing his scared face from the past fights they had.
Eventually Malgus is staggering
Without the strength too look at her , with a weakend voice he says

" ........"

Setale Shan gives into her anger , Grabs Malgus by the head and flips him over her to a distance.
She jumps in the air going towards him , as she is in the air the two fallen Jedi's lightsabers are ripped into the air coming towards her , as she starts to land they light up and as they become into her grip they are impaled into Maglus's chest.

End Scene
She is walking out , does not even look to the dead Jedi that died at the begining of the fight but turns to the corps of Malgus . As her eyes become seeable , you see that she has fallen to the Darkside . You can see the anger in her face as she walkes out with in mind of finding her son and killing everything in her way and nothing else.

As she walks out , in the darkness you see the Force Ghost of Revan , Meetra , and Bastila Shan . Revan with saddness in his face and his hands reaching out for his decendant , Bastila holding him and Meetra looking Foward.You can see Revan franticly yelling , but nothing can be heard as Satele is either refusing to hear them or is not able to .
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11.21.2012 , 03:15 PM | #2
Yeah; I'm afraid none of it makes any sense. But hey.

I still need to figure out why people think that Revan and Bastilla are so closely related. It was clearly stated somewhere that there were 300 years between KOTOR2 and TOR - meaning Revan is like her great great great great grandfather.
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11.21.2012 , 05:25 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Gronkdamage View Post
Yeah; I'm afraid none of it makes any sense. But hey.

I still need to figure out why people think that Revan and Bastilla are so closely related. It was clearly stated somewhere that there were 300 years between KOTOR2 and TOR - meaning Revan is like her great great great great grandfather.
Revan and Bastilia Shan were married and 300 years has passed since they had a son .
Their Son is likely Satele Shan's Great Great Grandfather .

So if you do not believe in family and decendantcy or Ancestory , then you would be right . Those who believe in family and passed down genes will see it like I do . I have a family tree that dates back to the begining of Boston Mass where my ancestor landed and my family settled on my fathers side , and on my mothers I can place my Ancestors in America back to WWI and in Germany in their origins back to the time of Germania .

Besides Anakin Skywalker gave birth to Leia and Luke , they had kids , their kids had kids and those kids on . Do you believe they are less Related ? I think Cade Skywalker fans would argue differently to your concept .

Satele Shan has a Bloodline and if you do not like Revan or Bastlia Shan , it is understandable how you would down play their link . But I think it is very big thing myself that they are infact related and Satele Shan comes from that Bloodline .
Not to mention her Great Great Grandfather once saved the Republic , than tried to take control over it (Mean time her Great Great Grandmother had alot to do with his end as a Sithlord) , and then save it again . Then she herself with that family background becomes Grandmaster of teh Jedi Order , which whatever you want to think or say is a BIG DEAL .
Jedi Knights and Masters are not Rare , but the Grandmaster is.

She in herself is a very rich character with very above average lore , powers , and skills . Not to mention she has 2 Jedi in her Family bloodline with Big Names and god knows how many after that and after her that we have yet to learn of or read about

By the way , Thankyou for reading it and humoring me with a reply . .
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