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List of Frustrations that Can Be Resolved with Enhancement Requests

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List of Frustrations that Can Be Resolved with Enhancement Requests

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11.16.2012 , 04:29 PM | #1
PvP Related:

View Relative - In EQ2, there's a camera option called Avatar Relative/ View Relative.
  • Avatar Relative - Whichever direction your camera is pointing, when you press the forward button (W), your character moves in the direction your character is facing and your camera auto-flips to align with your character's perspective. This is the default setting for SWTOR.
  • View Relative - Whichever direction your camera is pointing, when you press the forward button (W), your character auto-flips to face the direction of your camera.
-- There are any number of reasons your character's direction may rotate (channeled attack as a player circles you, you get taunted, etc). You may not even realize that your character has rotated because there's so much activity going on. The end result?
  • You press W to move forward, but the camera flips. Now you must waste critical seconds re-orienting your view. This is most frustratingly evident when you're knocked down and stunned and therefore cannot see which direction you're facing. All because a simple mechanic has not been included in the interface options.
  • You're guarding a door/turret. A group of enemies approaches. Particle effects ensue while you're channeling an attack on an encircling target (which is making your character rotate with the foe). You did the smart move of pointing your camera at the door while you're channeling this and that. Another enemy decloaks at the door/turret. A moment ago, your character was facing the door (but no longer). You don't realize it in the myriad of particle effects. You attempt to tab to the capper. In which case, two subsequent problems occur...
  1. You can't Tab to a target your camera is facing. You can only tab to a target your character AND your camera are simultaneously facing. Your choices are to cease your attack and rotate your character manually, or press the Left and Right mouse buttons simultaneously (which flips your character to your camera view), or press W and run around in a disorienting circle until your you AND your character are facing the capper, or ATTEMPT to manually click on the capper (which is my experience is very unreliable). You still have flip your character around to fire of course, but at least the targetting is done.
  2. The ground marker that represents a targeted NPC/player is too small, especially in a particle effect storm, or when the intended target is running through something ankle deep (like the muck pools in Huttball). EQ2 lets you resize the marker and even change the graphic. Aion has a very clear downward pointed arrow so there is no question. In SWTOR, and especially with my color blindness, I have the worst time visually confirming that I have the right target.

Target Nearest Enemy: Why is the default of the game not to target the nearest enemy when Tabbing around? Shouldn't it start with the enemy closest to me? Why does Tabbing target an enemy 50 or 60m away? In all fairness, EQ2 has the same issue. But you can assign a "Target nearest enemy" script command to a clicky Macro button, mentioned below...

Macros: In EQ2, you get customizable Macros. A default ingame feature that allows you to cast multiple items in a pre-defined order. But more importantly, it allows you to speak commonly used phrases with the click of a button. I have several things to remind Recruit geared team-mates in WZs before and during the match. I have commonly used strats for Voidstar during the attacker phase. If that's the 2nd phase for you, you have precious few seconds to say anything at all. And folks dont always instantly accept the queue pop either. You may have several thing to relay, but they all need to be done within the last 20 seconds before the WZ begins, to allow everyone time to appear.
  • You know how many times my frustration level has vastly increased as I attempt to quickly scratch-type out instructions in a WZ, mis-spelling words, leaving words out or worse?
  • How many times I don't press Enter at the right moment and a slew of view impeding pop-up windows not only obstructs my view, but makes me waste time closing them and retyping what I originally intended? That's needlessly clunky and makes me cuss out loud every single time.
  • I absolutely love it when my character refuses to move forward, and I conclude that I'm stunned. But in reality I just have 52 W's in my chat window relating to a mis-timed or latency induced Enter press that is only used for manual typing of WZ instructions.
  • Or how many times I actually type instructions not in Ops, but in Guild chat, or Whisper reply, or Say or General, depending on what happened immediately before?
  • Or how many times a combination of these things occured to result in me just giving up on relaying whatever the critical info was? Awful. And why? because we don't have macros.

  1. No Ingame Enhancement Request Option? - This is when you're likely to think of it, but you have to drop the game and log into the website? And btw, I don't see any Enhancement Request forum section either. Im only posting this in here because I don't want the ingame service ticket canned reply that is so infamous that I dont even need to remind anyone reading this what it is.
  2. If I'm not logged into the forums, but I'm reading a thread and click the Reply button, it gives me the login window, but then doesnt default me back to the thread I was reading. I have to go find it again. I consider that a juvenile forum interface issue.

In Conclusion:
  1. Give us a View Relative option.
  2. Allows us to change/enhance target markers.
  3. Give us customizable button macros (at least for text). Though it would be nice to apply it to the agent Cover hotkey that allows you go into cover without rolling. I do not like having to look down to my keyboard to hit a key for that.
  4. Institute official Enhancement Request interfaces on the forums and ingame tickets.
  5. Change the forum interface to send you back to the thread you just came from after logging in.

I'm sure there are any number of you out there...
  • That prefer using keyboard commands in lieu of hot buttons.
  • That are fine with manually typing instructions or none at all.
  • That have no use for macros or like to configure their G15's accordingly.
  • That don't care about having to re-locate your forum thread after a login.
  • That are happy to submit enhancement requests in an unofficial capacity or not at all.
No one's stopping your from doing it your way, but flaming the OP for asking for additional features that have no impact on your play is needless trolling, as all trolling is.

P.S. - I threw in all this formatting so this lengthy read is easier to digest. But it too was frustrating. Once again, EQ2's forum interface allows you to bullet and bold, etc, without using HTML code. Hate to have to mention yet one more thing, but there it is.
To everyone that feels like flaming me, I don't care. The forums were put up so prematurely before game release that every thought has been expressed a thousand times over, and I don't feel like reading the 1000 prior threads to ensure they aren't an exact match for mine.

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11.16.2012 , 04:41 PM | #2
Macros are a tricky situation to most MMO's, WoW got it spot on imo. But in SWToR, those experienced can abuse those macros and simple make an auto-farm as a ranged damage dealer.

It sounds far-fetched but i've seen it before. Although if tweaked properly, it would help a LOT in ops/fps. The camera angles i'm not too bothered about, but the macros would be extremely useful.
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