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WTH is going on!

jarshr's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 03:42 PM | #1
No one is answering me in customer service so I'm making this thread in a more viewed area

ok as of last night and now this morning!

1) I can't subscribe to the game, I tried to set up a new credit card for the game, and instead found myself unsubbed without any ability to resub, even though the different paying options for a sub...indicate im actually subbed....yer. I now have 0 playtime left apparently with no ability to set my sub up again.

2) I can't purchase cartel coins any more, instead i just get an error

3) I can no longer log into forums or game, without the general error....yet somehow I can do this?

WTH is going on! I have been subbed and playing since day 1 early game access in the 2nd wave......and now this......u made a system that catered to fresh blood over ur loyal fans, and now a bucket load of them can't even play the game or use features that are supposed to save ur sinking ship....for the love of god someone either answer, or someone get fired over this mess!