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HK-51 bigger returns for Aim or Cunning?

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HK-51 bigger returns for Aim or Cunning?

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11.26.2012 , 07:36 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Sydexlic View Post
I think HK is bugged however, when you mouse over his critical chance, you get crit from rating, and then above that it says his crit chance from strength, not cunning, or aim, but from strength.
He is not bugged.. You are looking at mele crit.. Which is strength.. All companions get mele crit from strength.. His ranged crit is both Aim and Cunning..

HK has basically 2 base stats.. Since droids typically wear heavy armor, he is aim.. Since heavy armor doesn't come with cunning as the base stat.. His weapon however is a sniper rifle, which is a cunning weapon.. See the Imperial agent, or Risha.. So to make use of both of these things, he has to have 2 base stats..

He benefits equally from both.. You can either stack both, or one or the other, it will make no difference..

2000 aim is equal to 1000 aim and 1000 cunning.. Diminishing returns still apply..
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