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PVP Shout outs!

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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02.08.2013 , 04:17 PM | #321
Quote: Originally Posted by Wookieenator View Post
you replied to my post saying that the tradeoff was "positive by a large amount." Curious to see if you know something that I didn't and that I could improve my jugg tank, I asked for your reasoning. I don't have to give you mine, and it was your choice to let me see yours.
You certainly had plenty of time to not give me your reasoning while being unreasonably charlatan. Whatevs, back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Shout out to regin for organizing a really solid rep ranked team. Hope you keep it up.
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02.08.2013 , 04:26 PM | #322

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02.10.2013 , 04:34 PM | #323
Quote: Originally Posted by LoL-K-Noob View Post

Ibok - Keep jumping on your republic character and curse me out in whispers and leave every warzone Im in with you when you on your Imp
LoLoL. Good ol Kung-Fu *****ery.

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02.10.2013 , 08:40 PM | #324
I have a durty secret, who wants to know it?!
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02.11.2013 , 11:34 AM | #325
Lots of fun lately in warzone's, thanks to all who make them a blast!

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02.11.2013 , 12:19 PM | #326
There have been a surprising number of pugs I have enjoyed teaming with, who have ruined the warzones!

I still don't feel comfortable leaving you to guard a node though.

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02.11.2013 , 09:52 PM | #327
Cielo and his friends in the civil war tonight! I had fun playing Ring Around the Rosie with you at snow. LOL
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02.12.2013 , 09:55 AM | #328
Quote: Originally Posted by DAMABLANCA View Post
How he consistently fails to break 40k with a marauder is insane. Dude needs to uninstall.
Really, he never makes 40 or 50K damage? I've seen this person in a few warzones recently, I remember him because I healed him a lot. I didn't pay attention to numbers at the end of the warzone though.

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02.18.2013 , 03:47 AM | #329
Since this is meant to be about pvp shout outs, thought I would give my 2 cents this is based on non-ranked pvp as I dont do much of that. Sorry if this list is "biased", I could only name people who I knew by name. And on the pub side I tended to name some guildie and other people who I have run premades with.

Guilds (imp):
Props to ID / Physics for having the two guilds on server who have 90+% of pvpers being strong pvpers
Other guilds with some solid pvpers Woops, Wanted, Sanguine (had some good stealthers)

Players (imp):
Telos (maybe mispelled) without a doubt best face burner on the server
Boris sure he pretty much always runs in premades but this powertech does put up big numbers (JackDanials / Rejinlief ofcourse are sweet too)
Alluvian (of all the marauders he is the one I have seen have biggest impact as queuing solo... taking nothing away from the other marauders Merkave, Sage'Optimus, and Lafayette)
Darkyoda (definitely best guy at ninjaing turrets from whats left, there are lots of other hard hitting assassins though including cottonhead and many other I cant remember the name of)
There are a few operative healers, but I cant see to name any other than my buddy gearedmonkey, I am sure there may be a better op healer in physics (and perhaps ID), but I can't name one.
Sorc healers, I know they are probably not the best 2 but Kyarra and Taesty are the only ones that suddenly pop up in my head, however while not the best 2 they are definitely up there, Kyarra has improved a lot over the last couple of months.
Fire, Target, Lightning, Cog... these guys tend to get focused a lot

There are many other really good imps but I can't really think of that many that I can name for being awesome, then just being in a great pvp guild.

Players (pub):
Cielo is the best all around utility team mate, bubbles, off heals, dps and timely rescues (also i swear with how much damage he takes he must be able to stealth)
Donna best commando healer (if she is still healing), she outhealed me on Yuliya-Jr by about 90k, sure I took 300k more damage than her and forgot to stim, but I dont think it would have made that much a difference... besides neither of us died:P
Andov in my opinion one of the best dps sages on the server, sorry if he griefed you on ilum (i can't control him:P), Oleli would get a very honorable mention.
There are many good sentinels, Duhtect, Mitches come to mind... there are plenty of others too. I hear Obiwalker is great but have not gone ujp in many meaningful wz against or with him.
For vanguards probably actionhunk or merr on his vanguard.
For scoundrel heals got to love the keykey.

Guilds (pub):
Eternal / Remnants of Jedi still have a strong pvp base, but they have many non-strong pvpers in their pvp ranks too
Carnage Gaming been impressed with many of the pvpers in wz, sorry if andov grieved you in ilum (see above)
OMG pink, undercon has some solid pvpers and there are quite a few decent pvpers I see from different guilds now popping up

On a side note sorry if I YELL or SCREAM in ops chat in pvp, trust me if we were in mumble it would be a lot worse. I appreciate all enemies that put up a good fight, and I like team mates that contribute this means dps that dps/plays objectives, healers that can actually heal (and ideally heal me) and tanks who either guard the off node or get protection points. When I see people do under 100k damage, with next to no other stats ina wz where they were at the node where the action was... makes me wonder what they were doing...

Oh and if I /yawn when you are attacking me on my healer, might mean you need to increase your dps a bit... i try not to be a fool too much but sometimes I can't help it

Oh and I used in place of asterisk.

Also... if you didn't make my not so comprehensive list I wrote at 3:50 am, I am sorry. For people who I group up with pvp regularly it just means I dont think you are in top 1-3 of your class on server, but I dont pvp with noobs, well except Andovsky... but that is another story altogether. Oh and I am sorry if Andovsky grieved anyone on ilum too.
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02.18.2013 , 05:57 AM | #330
Thanks for the props, Ivan.

We are working on correcting the issue you mention re: ROTJ above through our Player Development System. You should see a fresh crop of much better performing players from our guild, and come to expect good, sound, objective-focused play holistically soon.

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