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Top 5 Things You Would Like to See in SWToR

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Top 5 Things You Would Like to See in SWToR

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11.12.2012 , 11:45 AM | #1
There's a thread on Bioware's DA3 board that has really helped the devs collate info about what the players want, and it would be interesting to see if SWToR's devs and community managers could make use of something similarly organized and to-the-point.

The idea is that you post 5 things you want to see added/improved/removed from the game in a simple list. Keep it short and sweet!

With F2P about to hit, and a new Star Wars movie launching in a few years, SWToR has a great chance of gaining momentum. So as that momentum builds, what would you like to see the devs incorporate? Here's my list:

1) More Character Customization - I can't get enough of it. Keep those Cartel Coin packs updated with new customization options, and I'll keep my sub running. Hairstyles, tattoos, clothing, colour crystals, anything.

2) Open Planets - Most planets feel railroaded. I would love to see planets added in the future that encourage exploration. As much as I love linear designs for their structured stories, I would also love to see some planets experiment with free-form questing.

3) Less Skills - Controversial, no doubt, but my Consular has three bars brimming with skills, and a fourth dedicated to items. It's a barrier to entry for some players, and seems cluttered to me. Many of them could be condensed down.

4) Open World PVP - perhaps tie it in to an open planet. Give me objectives to fight for, and a reason to HOLD ON TO THEM, instead of rewarding me each time I capture it. Make Imps and the Republic want to keep hold of a location, and trading won't be an issue.

5) Space - I don't expect it to be as open as EVE, but at least take it partly off-rails. Allow me to buy and customize my own ships, allow Smugglers to run blockades and make cash trading/smuggling, and perhaps incorporate group space missions. Flashpoints could begin with space battles, and PVP could also take place up there. Lots of untapped potential.

What are your top 5?

Damask_Rose's Avatar

11.12.2012 , 07:46 PM | #2
1. Ch. 4, including adding to companion stories.

2. Enlarge existing planets. You don't need new quest hubs, but area quests & bosses would be great to encourage exploration.

3. Ship customizations.

4. Lots more titles for achievements.

5. Barbershop for post creation alteration!
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DarthEccen's Avatar

11.12.2012 , 09:11 PM | #3
Open World PVP- Give some reward to it. I feel like every time I fight off someone from the opposite faction, all I get is satisfaction out of it. No item drops. No credit drops. No experience. There really doesn't seem to be much point to it, unless you're rallying against high-level people that are ganking lowbies for cheap laughs-- and even then, that's basically just so you can ensure that you're singleplayer or cooperative experience goes uninterrupted.

Malkavier's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 07:36 AM | #4
1) Proper Force user jumping abilities. Proper jetpack abilities for PT/Merc/Trooper/Commando. These ridiculously small bunny hops are almost insulting. I'd be quite happy if they gave us these (perhaps holding down spacebar powers up the jump) and removed things like 'Force Charge' to compensate. I know the Hero Engine is capable of handling it, just by some of the bigger leaps you can make using Rank 3 Speeders.

2) Un-nerf the loot drops to a more reasonable level. We should not be getting gray trash items for killing a named elite/champion NPC. Ever.

3) Expand crafting. Make under-utilized crafts such as Synthweaving and Armstech more useful please. Right now, people basically use them to get their Rakata off pieces and dump them for Biochem and Cybertech.

4) More saber crystal colors, and more saber hilts. Even Jedi Academy gave a larger variety. They took some ideas (black core crystals) from fan-made modpacks for KOTOR. They can obviously do better than they have.

5) The ability at some point, for all classes in each faction to get all companions for their faction and experience their companion-specific stories in relation to that particular character. What, that Bounty Hunter wants to team up with Khem Val? WHY THE HELL NOT?
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11.14.2012 , 11:48 AM | #5
-space battles
-pvp with vehicles

Smartcat's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 12:06 PM | #6
Nice topic, perhaps if the devs see it might use some of our ideas .

Down to business:

1)Better Space Combat( Give us freedom to fly with the ship).

2)Ship Customization(like painting, maybe make trophies available that we can display in our ship,little things like that) .

3)More Freedom in the cosmetic armor, I like to change the look of my character in a week basis, right now I can't do that because of the price to switch mods around. The idea that pop in my head is wardrobe system. But anything that does not cost money would be fine by me).

4) Mini Games( Pazaak,swoop race anything at all would be nice).

5)Barber shop!!!!! Or even better an item(can be a cartel market thing) that allow you to change your character look.

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11.14.2012 , 02:07 PM | #7
1. An open-world sandbox planet for end-game

2. Exclusive cross-server Premade and group brackets for PvP

3. More solo endgame that actually matters (because it yields gear that isn't a joke)

4. Dueling arenas, Pazaac tournies, and Swoop racing (should be watchable in real-time by masses of other players, who can also bet on the outcome and compete when their time comes... should be neutral area, cross-faction, and only 1-2 of each in total; not 1 one every planet -- for example, Swoop Races on Nar Shadaa and Tatooine, and no where else)

5. More armor/clothes variety
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Varinm's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 02:38 PM | #8
1.) PVP Premade Finder - If you're going beyond the daily, and your guildies are at work.... find a team, make some friends, and be more competitive. This is a multiplayer social game, so meeting people outside your current circle is good, yes?

2.) A Legacy Bank - Let me keep my crafting materials & "Bound to Legacy" gear in one place. Reduce load on the in-game mail server (constantly mailing gear & mats between alts).

3.) Legacy Tier Discounts - Higher legacy levels SHOULD earn you some sort of discount for Legacy Perks. Instead of constantly lowering the standards, how about giving some incentive to grow your legacy (i.e., replay the friggin' game).

4.) Hard Mode Space Missions - Let me at least earn some extra fleet coms for replaying the fun space missions that are grayed at my level. An easy way to add variety to the endgame. Also, a good reason to buy those top-tier spaceship upgrades.

5.) Guild Capital Ships - Floating museums of a guild's accomplishments, complete with cantina and unlockable mission terminals based on ops or PVP achievements. An intuitive way to evaluate a guild before you join, an excellent way for a guild to display their super-awesomeness, and a refuge from overcrowded (and laggy) fleets.

The_Brick's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 02:42 PM | #9
1. Reward for open-world pvp, even 1 valor pt. would be better than the reality of what is... and not to reward ganking, but if the player you have just killed is a higher level or one to two levels below you, you should get some sort of reward... anything, just something more than nothing.

2. Post creation customization. Tattoos, haircuts, armor emblems, something.

3. Interior ship customization. Anything, seriously. Trophy case, color scheme, something.

4. Armor color customization. I'm grateful that they finally re-implemented the color match and later implemented if for companions as well. But I would love to have the ability to customize the base and trim colors of my armor.

5. Gear emblems for guilds or various achievements.

dovid-r's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 03:10 PM | #10
This is a great idea. If I had to narrow it down to 5, it would be:

1. A legacy storage unit, so that you could leave items behind for a character that you will create in the future.

2. Something on the website that would allow you to check on things like character's in game mail, send your crew on missions, take a peek at the gtn, etc. Things that don't require moving around or attacking.

3. The ability to not only customize your ship, but to upgrade to one of several available cooler-looking ships for cartel coins. I don't want my Bounty Hunter wandering the galaxy in that ridiculous looking ship forever.

4. More GTN terminals across the galaxy. Like on Ilum, for instance.

5. More stuff to do in space.
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