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List of Super Rare items on the Cartel Market

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List of Super Rare items on the Cartel Market

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11.12.2012 , 09:24 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Alec_Fortescue View Post
The availability and willingness of player to sell the cool stuff was never tested on pts...

Some lad reported that it took him 20 cartel packs to get a white crystal. Still thinking you'll be just able to go and buy it off the gtn?
Like REing its in the hands of the random number gods, you may never get it or may get 5 in a row, this game doesnt employ a streakbreaker code

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11.12.2012 , 10:14 PM | #52
I wonder how many arsenal mercs are willing to spend for "The Skip Tracer" title...

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11.13.2012 , 02:11 AM | #53
^ Haha!
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11.13.2012 , 03:20 AM | #54
Quote: Originally Posted by Ellipsys View Post
1 chance per month for free is a paltry assortment of table-scraps at best. Hell, I'd be in favor of giving all the free-to-play users 500 Cartel Coins per month so they can get one chance for free - there's not even a guarantee that one of these Super Rares is going to be in each 320 Coin pack! Subscribers should have another way to attain all these items, based on reasonable gameworld dynamics. Want to charge a bunch of credits? Fine. Want to have them drop from Flashpoints and Operations (at a reasonable rate)? Great. However, I don't feel this is fair for subscribers for reasons I've gone over before and I think the entire remaining Subscriber base needs to make this clear - we shouldn't have to deal with content behind an additional paywall after we've subscribed.

I get they want subscribers to have something to "pay for" atop their subscriptions - I disagree with it, but I get it. Fine, let "Faster" be sold, but let all content be open to those who have subscriptions. Put boosters up there that allow you to gain experience or currency faster, let there be items that "unlock" certain things, or allow you to say, choose loot from a given Operation boss kill instead of being limited to the RNG etc... Some items on the Cartel shop are like this already, and I don't have a problem with that. Provided of course, that game systems are not designed to be so tedious that you feel it is almost necessary to buy these "boosters". Just don't put any content, cosmetic or otherwise, on there exclusively!

Subscription should give access to all in-game content, accessible through reasonable, fun, in-game means. For those who want things faster than that or right now, sell a variety of "boosters". This is fair for everyone involved, encourages subscription, increases value, ensures people are having fun and thus makes them more likely to buy Boosters/convenience items!
There is a solution to that. Make all the items available in a shop where you can buy them for either warzone currency or dungeon marks.

Alec_Fortescue's Avatar

11.13.2012 , 03:44 AM | #55
Man, I won't mind buying them directly for cartel coins even. Please thank me for a victorious five-year fight for traditional Jedi robes in SWTOR.

Eegore's Avatar

11.13.2012 , 08:27 AM | #56
So if "every" pack has super rare item wont they be rare, then common in no time?

saremun's Avatar

11.13.2012 , 08:34 AM | #57
thanks for posting those!

i would like to get Darth Malgus Holostatue

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11.13.2012 , 08:36 AM | #58
Quote: Originally Posted by Sotof View Post
There is a solution to that. Make all the items available in a shop where you can buy them for either warzone currency or dungeon marks.
This completely nullifies the reason for the store.

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11.13.2012 , 08:44 AM | #59
Wow I'm drooling over the Mask of Nihilus.

He was one of my favorite characters in kotor.
can you make sword in box light sword so sword come out when opened? then if sword is back after sword, use light saber on box, and saber will be boxed after sword is out.
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