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The Cathar and the Empire

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11.10.2012 , 10:13 PM | #1
As most of you know the Cathar are going to be the next playable race for both the Republic and the Empire. Story wise, the Cathar have always been a Republic race(as far as I know). So my question is how are they going to explain part of the Cathar joining the Empire(if they even give an explanation at all).

My best guess is that its gonna have to be, something to do with the Cathar Prince(cant remember his name), that Empire players release on Belsavis. If I remember correctly he was a war hero who was opposed to the idea of the Cathar joining the republic so the SIS kidnapped him and imprisoned him on Belsavis for quite some time. When you release him he is quite angry and states that he is going to return to his home planet and reveal to the Cathar that he was abducted by the Republic.

So maybe some of the Cathar leave the Republic with him and join the Empire? And that is how they become a playable race to the Empire?