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<Alpha Strike Force> is recruiting!

Elrikee_Raath's Avatar

11.10.2012 , 05:28 AM | #1
<Alpha Strike Force> is recruiting! We're a casual guild with full capabilities (website, teamspeak 3) and we're looking for additional members willing to run heroics/ops/pvp and above all have fun!

Our guild launched early in January of 2012 and have been going strong ever since. Our ASF team has been around since 1998 and started with games such as Star Wars X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, Star Wars Jedi Knight II and Star Wars Battlefront. You can read more about our guild and our SWToR involvement by reading the following feature articles on ASF

1. TorWars Guild Spotlight
2. SWToR ASF Feature

If you would like to join us, visit or whisper one of our members in-game for an invite.

Recruiting Officers: Elrike, Branaxe, Raatha, El’tarus, Tink, Elo’quent, Kerath, Doc, Kjelsoren, Guthwait, Grenner

See you in-game!


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02.03.2013 , 10:25 PM | #2
News from ASF

- Congratulations to our 1st operations group for completing EC HM this past weekend!
- Congratulations to Fantine and Victonus for being awarded the member of the month award.
- Our monthly newsletter has been released! View it here -->

Check our website for more information

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02.08.2013 , 06:48 AM | #3
Congratulations to our casual OP run group for successfully completing Terror From Beyond Story Mode!

You can learn more about our guild by visiting or our facebook page!

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02.12.2013 , 09:36 PM | #4
Check out the special on Alpha Strike Force. It was posted back in June and some things have changed (more members and activity) but it provides some great insights on ASF.

Imperialnavy's Avatar

02.15.2013 , 03:18 PM | #5
Are you Empire or Republic?

Elrikee_Raath's Avatar

02.15.2013 , 11:36 PM | #6
Both actually - You can check more details about our SWToR Division by reading our Guild info thread

Iswo's Avatar

02.18.2013 , 08:15 AM | #7
I am deffinately looking forward to another mannett Point Maniac event, that looked awesome on youtube. I want a shot at one of those titles. How active is the guild overall Elrikee? Republic side only or is there an imperial side as well? Iv'e visited the website that you have listed and its very busy seems like there are alot of things going on.

Elrikee_Raath's Avatar

02.19.2013 , 09:15 PM | #8
Hey Iswo - thanks for the post.

Normally we have one event scheduled on a daily basis. Since Patch 1.7 hit we actually have more than one event scheduled per day. To get an idea of how busy our schedule is, you need to take at our calendar. This is a screenshot from last month (fyi - only members can see the calendar btw).

We try to keep a mix of events on our schedule - both for level 50 and pre-50 toons.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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02.23.2013 , 12:37 PM | #9
Check out this month's guild spotlight on Alpha Strike Force by

Lyfeenz's Avatar

02.24.2013 , 11:27 AM | #10
What are your raid times ? I'm looking for a group that will run a little later in the evening 9-9:30 or on weekends.