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Feedback Request: Moddable Outfits

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Feedback Request: Moddable Outfits
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.25.2013 , 11:04 AM | #951
Satele Shan's outfit.

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01.25.2013 , 11:13 AM | #952
Please watch your trailers, check out what the characters are wearing, and develop that stuff.

I'd like my GS to look like a Star Wars version of The Man With No Name. Not a cartoon character from The Jetsons, or pimp from a 70s movie with a dead Twi'lek around their neck. And so forth.

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01.25.2013 , 11:18 AM | #953
Quote: Originally Posted by TheSeventhJedi View Post
I would shell out my monthly allotment of CCs on the Trooper Armor from the Hope trailer in a second.
I'd shell out for a mask that fits under a hood. Like the Sith from the Deceived trailer. The robes wouldn't hurt either. From between 1:40-1:50, the moment when the shuttle door opens.

In fact the entire outfit they wear, with the epic metal armour and black robes looks great. It's nice and understated.

Dejavoodoo's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 11:36 AM | #954
Would love ,more than anything, different headgear/helmet types for Republic side . I know Lore doesn't allow for Mandalorian options Republic side . but variations to allow us a more mercenary feel on Republic would definately get mt CCs .
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01.25.2013 , 11:39 AM | #955
and P.S. the trenchcoat styles from Imperials side for Republic as well .
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Sam_Skyrunner's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 12:15 PM | #956
I would like to see more black ops, aka jet black, gear for bounty hunters, troopers, and agents.

publicenemies's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 04:20 PM | #957
My main concern is that we dont have competent people to make the armor and outfits. Most of the armor/outfits to date have been god aweful looking we need someone who wants to make star wars/sci fi armor/outfits.

All ive seen is kabuki/anime looking outfits. The armor in this game would be perfect for rift or wow.

Please hire competent people who can make "sci fi" outfits/armor

Lastly why is impossible to have a plain black/brown sith/jedi robe like in the movies? Not a robes with purple tron lines on them or armor pieces attached to the outside of the robe.

akkerin's Avatar

01.25.2013 , 04:48 PM | #958
Slightly not what your asking for but i would like to have dyes in game ( including black ) if only for chest
and some sort of guild tabard.
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01.25.2013 , 05:47 PM | #959
Quote: Originally Posted by akkerin View Post
i would like to have dyes in game ( including black )
Yes, i would love this, and i know many others who would be interested in such a feature, its been suggested a few places, lets hope they take that into consideration, basic colors such as black, white, grey, brown, are a Must to be inplemented.


Another thing that i would like to see, is if the "Male body figures" were remodeled(reworked a bit:
reduce the size of the booty, and increase size of the waist.


now back on topic:

I would love to see some adaptible gear similar-looking to the tionese-rakata Imperial Agent elder game gear, for my Sith Warrior actually, since they do look more like what a mele-warrior would use than a ranged one.

I would also love to see some more Ancient-Looking gear, specially Sith gear, in my opinion the last aditions to the CM have not been too kind to the Empire, while the Republic Jedi-looking armour sets do look very nice, the Dark Side-looking gear looks quite dull and ugly... not very stilish to put it that way.
This also aplies to many of the ingame gear that has been there since the beta, for some reason who ever designed the Siths Armours really swore to make them look bulky, heavy, rudimentary and ugly rather than classy and scary, am talking specially about most Sith Head Pieces, Darth Baras ugly looking chest piece(+ the many other that look alike) and ofcourse End-Game gear that makes u look like a Robot or something of the kind, all this contrary to the cool looking dark-side characters, that all the medias have shown us in the past decades, so i really dont get the why of the "unfair" desing choise about the Siths in this game.

  1. Some Examples of gear i would like to see, or be taken as reference for the future:

and so on, the idea is to have some more neutral and lighter looking chest pieces, than the ones we have ingame now, + with some colors more natural not just red/purple color gear that looks far from cool or classy. Also would be nice if the chest pieces would have some lower parts similar to those of the Imperial Agent Rakata/tionese/columi gear, that covers almost until the knees as most of the examples i give also shown.....

EDIT to add some more:


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01.25.2013 , 05:54 PM | #960
New trooper sets, mandalorian armor!
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