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Feedback Request: Moddable Outfits

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Feedback Request: Moddable Outfits
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Asuka's Avatar

02.03.2013 , 04:14 AM | #991
Black robes and Cartel versions of Agent Vendetta and BH Hydra armors.

soulseekerr's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 12:13 PM | #992
More color options for Jedi robes (seriously, white or dingy brown seems to be it for Jedi except for 1 consular robe that's bluish)

Option to have hood up or down on robes

More distinctive headgear for Jedi

Imperial Trooper type armor (black-colored heavy plate-like) for Bounty Hunters

RevansSoul's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 05:03 PM | #993
We have covert energy torso armor. This gave me the idea for something really useful that people will buy: invisible bracers and belts. Seriousy, so many outfits would benefit from those. If those were on the market, I'd buy them in a heartbeat.

Ryeko's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 02:57 AM | #994
I'd like to see a trooper variant either ALL black and white, or black version of the Battlemaster/Recruit (the ones with the shield generator on the chest, WITHOUT The spikes on shoulder and terrible looking back pack that sticks out 2 ft...There's a version of it in the hope trailer and in the SWTOR Encyclopedia.

Also how about just coming out with trooper Bounty Hunter, armor that does not have a huge back pack/jet pack on them!

Alec_Fortescue's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 03:53 AM | #995
How about a simple response to this thread?
Bioware, please let us know if we're ever going to see iconic Jedi robes in the game... Or why not? - Accept my referral to express gratitude for my years-long fight for iconic Jedi attire in this "Star Wars" game. You'll get some goodies on top of it, too.

Danapa's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 04:08 AM | #996
Trooper hope trailer armor

more red blue etc armor colors for troopers....

RevansSoul's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 06:13 AM | #997
A version of the Elegant Loungewear Top, Stylish and Fancy top without those flap things, so you can wear the top in combination with a long skirt without the flaps ruining it.

Alavastre's Avatar

02.06.2013 , 06:54 AM | #998
That armor the Sith lady wears on Taris, the one that you just want to through off a cliff. Thana or something like that.
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BKatt's Avatar

02.11.2013 , 09:57 PM | #999
Been missing this baby since the birth, and once she comes, i will caress her and call her my own.

Marauder robe with hoodie up - Black!
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Ayradyss's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 03:23 AM | #1000
My most-wanted outfit is still the blue outfit worn by Master Kiwiiks. I believe there are already versions of most of the pieces in-game, though in different color schemes. Really want the colors she's got -- they look great, IMO!