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Racial Classes

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10.26.2012 , 12:52 AM | #1
Ok so we all know that bioware has been pretty adamant about exluding the more exotic playable races and I dont blame them because A wookie or a trandoshan doesnt really fit into any of the class storylines or romance story lines and a republic wookie wearing trooper armor and making out with a human is a bit silly so heres my idea on how to add exotic races without interfering with the current stories..

Racial classes with thier own racial story behind them! like the wookie and trandoshan stories could focus on slavery in the old republic. as a wookie you start in slavery and your starter world questline would revolve around you escaping or gaining your freedom somehow. The trandoshan story would focus on the flip side from the slavers point of view.

So at character creation one would pick Wookie Slave as your class and then at level 10 would pick between (place holders) Wookie Brawler, an unarmed tank fighting with fist and claw, and a Wookie Tech, Bowcasting DPS class.
Tradoshans (since ive already used them in this example) would pick Trandoshan Warrior for the starter class and move onto Trandoshan Hunter, a dps class, and Trandoshan Slaver, Crowd control class with maybe an ability to "tame" npc's (one at a time)

These new classes/storylines could also be seen as a good excuse to add planets players havebeen wanting to see such as kashyyk and dosha. might even make a good expansion.

This type of model could be used for a lot of the races bioware deemed to wierd for the current stories; Mon Calamari, Bothans, Nautolans, etc etc.

p.s. still waiting to be able to roll a Torguta

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10.26.2012 , 03:59 AM | #2
I recall throwing around some ideas concerning Wookiee and Trandoshan specific classes back in January. Something to remember is that they *should* be mirror classes (Wookiees since they sided with the Republic and Trandoshans because they sided with the Empire), so having each class provide different capabilities from the other isn't likely to fly. The only difference that I can feasibly see is having the two classes have different primary attributes (Str for Wookiees and Aim for Trandos) and different power sources (Force for Wookiees and Tech for Trandos).

As to the relevant stories, I honestly think that the "Wookiee Slave" is a *massively* overused stereotype. Wookiees are a proud, honorable people, and I find it kind of insulting that pretty much every Wookiee that you encounter in upper tier Star Wars canon is or was a slave. I also find it kind of degrading that virtually every Trandoshan you encounter is a slave trading villain without any really redeeming features, with the sole exception of Qyzen (from the Consular story).

I think it would make a lot more sense (and be a lot more fun) for the Wookiee to simply be a Wookiee in a clan, going out and doing stuff to increase the clan's power and prestige (hunting down madclaws, leading great battles, freeing slaves, etc) before eventually taking the clan over (starting planet represents you learning of your great destiny and becoming the right hand Wookiee of the clan's chieftain; Act 1 is you going around doing stuff on the various planets at the behest of your chieftain; the Act 1->2 transition involves some assault that ends up killing most of your clan, leaving you to lead the remnants; Act 2 is you rebuilding your clan; Act 3 is you becoming the hero of Kashyyyk). The base class would be Wookiee Warrior (Str, heavy armor, vibroblades), and the ACs would be Berserker (melee DPS or tank) and Shaman (melee DPS or heals). LS Wookiees would focus on honor and being forthright and whatnot. DS Wookiees would tap into their inner Wookiee Rage to subdue their enemies and exact their vengeance on their foes.

For Trandoshans, you could follow a similar route; they're clannish just like Wookiees, and you can push the same kind of progression up through the clan that the Wookiee story does while retaining a disctinctly Imperial/Trandoshan feel (starting planet revolves around you leaving your clan to establish your own, which is what you consider your companions to be, after being defeated by your rival; Act 1 is all about accumulating points again to gain prestige and honor; Act 1->2 transition is has the clan you left coming back to attack you with a vengeance and you defeating the rival that has taken over the clan since you were gone using underhanded and dishonorable tactics but he escapes and promises vengeance at a later date; Act 2 involves you leading your clan, joining the war because it offers so very many points; Act 3 involves you taking out your rival who is going to the planets to gain power through dark Force rituals and cybernetic augments and culminates in you finally taking him out). The base class would be Trandoshan Hunter (Str, heavy armor, techblades), and the ACs would be Warlord (melee DPS or tank) and Huntmaster (melee DPS or heals). LS Trandoshans would use honorable tactics, fight fair, only kill worthy opponents, and make alliances rather than enslave. DS Trandoshans would do pretty much anything to win, killing anyone and everyone that provides them with points, and enslave those few that they defeat but don't kill.

Of course, this is all a bit moot unless the developers decide to reverse their decision to never make Wookiees a playable race. I think it would be a fun way to add in new classes and expand the depth of the two races a bit.
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10.26.2012 , 08:11 AM | #3
How about a wookeei gladiator like bowdar and a trandotion slaver. The gladiator will have a vibro claymore and energy sheled and be a close range tank/damage. The slaver will have a energy wip and explosives he'll have heavy armor and be tank/damage .
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