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HK-51 Quest & its PVP requirement.

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HK-51 Quest & its PVP requirement.

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11.26.2012 , 01:53 AM | #881
Quote: Originally Posted by Envyyyyyyy View Post
Seeing people complain about stuff like this makes me want to find you on your server and camp you for weeks. Your selfish complaining is ruining this game and its fun for everyone. Go play Viva Pinata trouble in paradise island if you don't want PVP.

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11.26.2012 , 01:59 AM | #882
Quote: Originally Posted by Quantum View Post
Many people have already experimented with that flavor and found it unpalatable, that's why they play on a PvE server. Personally I don't mind Arena PvP like the warzones, but I have no taste for Open World. Will I go there to purchase the parts? Most likely, will I be annoyed if someone is camping the area, for sure. But that's not even my disgruntlement; when developers do things like this, it reinforces that not once have I played a MMO that lacked a rule against griefing, yet not once have I seen a team of developers who could rise above and follow their games own guidelines and established rules and not create situations that facilitate what boils down to nothing more than legal griefing.

We all know this is exactly what will happen on the PvE servers, the minority that enjoys Open World PvP on PvE servers, can and will use this as a choke point to exploit those that chose a PvE server to avoid PvP conflicts. It's completely anathema to the concept of a PvE server, not to mention professionalism, as in essence you are asking your customers to sell out their personal values for gain, and yes for many, Open World PvP is viewed as being against personal morality as your momentary entertainment value is purchased directly at the expense of someone else not to mention simulated killing of another person. It's the old carrot on a stick routine and honestly it's getting quite tiresome for some of us.
The sad part of this is there will be people getting ganked that will be turned off of ever trying wz's with real pvpers.

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11.26.2012 , 02:04 AM | #883
Why are people still talking about this? I'm on PO5 (pvp server), logged on during peak hours a few days after patch went live and I was in and out no problems....this topic seriously doesn't deserve it's own thread.
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11.26.2012 , 02:13 AM | #884
Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
I just ran the HK mission on my second toon. My first encounter in the Outlaw's Den was easy-breezy, so I figured my second one just had to be a disaster (law of averages, right)?

I logged on at around 10am PST Saturday morning on a West Coast server on my Shadow Tank, ported to Tatooine, stealthed and went into the Den. I was prepared, you know?

I made it all the way back to the Jawa vendor without seeing a single player. Heck, I was almost disappointed. Bought the part, QT out.

Yup,so it turns out that if you roll on a pve server there isnt going to be a lot of pvp, even if we are forced into an area for it. So many people have had your exact same experience, and this is because the terrible gankers that everyone is concerned about never showed up(Harbinger server)! Except for the first day, there was no big group in the den ganking people for extended amounts of time at all. This mean is was just solo people or small groups going in looking for pvp or there quest component and then got out. The battlefield changed so quickly that there was no real threat or camping going on.

As I heard people yelling about getting camped in one instance, the instance I was on was totally dead. And then when i try to go find that person, hes already gone! This happened so many times that I quickly gave up on listening to people in general or calling out if sith were around myself, because there was just no use. And then by the third or fourth day it was just totally dead and I would say that throughout the entire experience I probably came across hundreds of players and was attacked maybe 5 times. But it is a PVE server so it makes sense.
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03.01.2013 , 12:50 AM | #885
Couple points:
  1. HK-51 is definitely an advantage to PVP'ers, because most open world pvp DOES NOT occur in OLD or Ilum -- it occurs anywhere else that players might encounter each other, like Alderaan, Belsavis, Voss, etc. No, you can't use him in "designated" FFA areas, but that's no big deal. Those areas are ghost towns anyway, on all servers.
  2. PVP "Griefer Guilds" that you're so afraid of camping your corpse in OLD while you attempt to spend 30 seconds there buying a something from an unkillable vendor (as described early on in this post) don't exist on PVE servers. If they exist at all, they exist on PVP servers, where you have an outside 5% chance of actually encountering someone of the opposite faction and have the OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE to engage them or ignore them. And most of the time, people ignore each other, unless there is a reason to pick a fight. If you do find actual "Griefer Guilds" on PVE servers, then I'll eat my hat in amazement at how absolutely lame they are to have created and geared characters there as opposed to PVP servers. It would be similar to a car company that insisted on making all of its cars right-hand drive for sale in the USA. It would make no sense.
  3. I visited OLD on two different servers (one PVP, one PVE) during prime time since the release of HK-51. I spent several hours there hidden and watching. Not ONCE did I see anyone engage in a fight over this vendor, or getting to/from it. I had a few people find me (hidden) and wave or otherwise greet me, but nothing else.
  4. I would be curious to know, after ALL THIS COMPLAINING, how many people actually got attacked in OLD while doing this quest. I actually got attacked once, not killed or harrassed (on a PVP server) but it was on Hoth, not Tatooine.

I write this when there are 88+ pages of replies to the OP. He did have a point concerning BW's choice to put the vendor in a PVP area. But most people who disagree with the devs decision just went in there, bought their item, and left without incident. Apparently not without complaining here first, however.
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03.07.2013 , 02:52 PM | #886
I want to add, my wife and I got ganked by about 5 or 6 of them... Yeah, we do not enjoy PvP, but here is a solution....

If you see a group there, you can quicky change your instance to another and there may not be anyone there.. In our case, we had already died and went back and changed instance to instance 3... from 40 peeps on the instance to 4, then we strolled in and back out. Then we went back to the larger instance and told them we got our part... one replied how and I igored him so not to tell him what trick I used.

The prey out smarted the predator in this round... :-)

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03.11.2013 , 03:08 PM | #887
Quote: Originally Posted by WarbNull View Post
That is actually an interesting thought. Assassination as requirement. It has a nice ring to it.

I do have flavor in my gaming life though. Remember my last paragraph says that I do PVP from time to time.

I just want to reiterate to everyone. My opinion on this is just based around having PVP as part of the Requirement for obtaining Companions. Even if it is just a possibility of a PVP Situation as a Requirement. Removing that one thing makes it a lot more appealing to more types of players. I just think it would be better all around to remove that one requirement. It just seems to me like a bad move to have it in a PVP Zone for something that is so widely wanted.

I can understand them wanting to make the Outlaw's Den more desirable, but they can do that in other ways other than using a Companion, something that is mostly used in PVE to begin with. For instance, they could just use really good gear that is for PVP as a better incentive for players to visit the Outlaw's Den. It does not even have to be just PVP gear. Any really good Gear would be better Incentive than a Companion. Heck they could have the more Top end Droid Parts drop as loot there. Say some Droid parts that are only for the HK-51. That would be better incentive than having the actual Requirements for Companions being there.

I do not want people to get the wrong impression of me. It is not that I do not like PVP, as I do like PVP. I am also not scared of PVP or getting killed by other players. After all I have PVP'ed from time to time. In fact I was in the Outlaw's Den the other day. I went through there to get that Datacron. It just seems like a bad idea to me to have something that is widely wanted by all types of Players, PVP and NON-PVP alike, have a requirement that makes one type of player be placed in a situation for something they do not really like to do. in this case PVP.

It is just how I feel.

It is good to see all of you post your views on this though. Even if we all do not agree. It makes for a better community and game if we all express our opinions freely. I hope to see more opinions on this.
There is no penalty for dying. Honestly, anyone who would not get it purely based on having to spend a couple of minutes in empty Outlaw's Den has a mental defect.

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03.11.2013 , 03:50 PM | #888
I play in a pretty big pve server (Red Ecplipse) and actually use the GTN of outlaw's den always when I have to use/feel like using GTN while being on Tatooine. Not once I have even encountered anyone else.
And when looking for the hk part, I actually didn't know it was sold by a vendor, so I ran around scanning for quite a long time. And did not encounter anyone.
So, is everyone afraid of my tank assassin with the huge amount of 21k hp/my level 25-32 characters? Since many of you have so huge problem in going in there....

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03.11.2013 , 07:20 PM | #889
People who complain about having to go into the outlaw's den on a PVE server need to grow up. I play on the harbinger (PVE) and did this mission. NEVER SAW A SINGLE PLAYER. seriously whole place was empty.

Even if there was a group going around ganging people there, you can always oh i don't know...CHANGE INSTANCES.

Hell the gree event had two forced PVP area missions. only got jumped once the entire time. If it really bothers you that much, don't do the damn mission again and just buy him with cartel coins for your alts.