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Vader vs. Spiderman!

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10.13.2012 , 12:48 AM | #21
Well,from what I understand mindtricks only work on the weak minded(yes,I do know palps has 3 bil+people under mind control)but Hulk would be the least of their problems,Thor for example could take on dozens of ships and destroy them with lightining and the many other things in his powerset(space-sun encompassing storms for example),and I don't think the Imperials would manage to land on big numbers sure some will land but when the Avengers and the other heroes get their things together the empire is in for a stomp,and while Imperial Land forces are great against other armies , they have no response to people like The Thing,Hercules,Hulk,X-Men and many others while in Space they would have to deal with thor,magneto,beta ray bill(guy soloed a fleet),Silver Surfer not counting the more cosmic heroes like Nova Corps.And if someone like thanos intervene he's gonna get some Odinforce to the face.

And if palpatine shows up(doubt he would care)Thor could absorb his lightining and hell the punsher would shoot him in the back(Joking but Han Solo did killed him like that LOL) and I dare him to try use essence transfer with someone like Strange or the force preserve him Ghost Rider around.

TL;DR:Vader vs Spidey closed fight could go either way with some vantage to Vader(depending on where),Vader plus the Empire tries to take on Marvel Earth well,Imps gets their fascist asses handed to them.

PS:Sorry for derailing the thread but it does seems like a fun debate for another thread IMHO.

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10.13.2012 , 09:32 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by LuizHD
Now about a Fullscale invasion from the Empire on the entire earth with BHs counted,Empire would lose,badly,Earth just has too many powerful heroes that without one big villain or villains to fight them, the imperial ground troops would be decimated,and the fleet would just learn about storms in space and some guy with a cape and gray hair sending them to Strange dimensions.
There's that. Or when a guy in a gold and blue costume (Sentry) just starts throwing Star Destroyers into the sun with a bored expression. And then there's the entire fleet turning on and firing upon itself because guys like Xavier are screwing their minds so bad they think they're shooting apples at tugboats of icecream, just because he can. And let's not forget what would happen if the Eternals decided to get involved. Well, if you threaten the actual planet, the Eternals will step up and beat you down. Sersi just comes in and turns all their weapons and ships into Jell-O Pudding.

Quote: Originally Posted by HiddenPalm
I can even picture the Hulk taking down a Star Destroyer all by himself just for coming in too low. But in the end he did the Emperor's bidding via simple Sith mind tricks
Not possible as Hulk is impervious to mental assaults and control. Charles Xavier can't even dominate him, and Xavier slaps down everyone in the SWU when it comes to telepathic abilities.

And unfortunately the Imperial assault on Earth was the most massive Marvel's Earth had ever seen.
Not really. They've had several invasions already, from both Kree and Skrull, and then there was that incident with World War Hulk. An invasion by the Galactic Empire is about as threatening to Marvel Earth as a scorpion without a stinger. Thor by himself could eviscerate the entire invading fleet, and Strange could send whole ships to anothe universe, like with the giant tentacle monster Cthulhu ripoff, Shuma-Gorath. Spidey himself has fought with numerous invading aliens wielding blaster weapons. Ain't worth crap to them.

Also nvm that Thanos wouldn't even bother helping the Imperials or Sidious. Why would he? Earth has nothing he wants right now, and he doesn't go on revenge runs. And if Sid thinks he can manipulate Thanos, he's several hundred thousand years too young to even try. Thanos would blink him out of existence for even thinking that he could outwit the Mad Titan.
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10.13.2012 , 10:55 AM | #23
LOL! I love this conversation. Tune in by tonight to see how this will all pan out, as the darkness approaches. Marvel's Earth vs the strongest galactical military in the history of Palpatine's entire galaxy. It's going to be good. And thanks for the ideas, they will be assimilated. The darkness approaches ever near.

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10.13.2012 , 11:36 AM | #24
I hope you vader fans realize that vader has to focus the force to choke, and we only see vader start choking people that are still. Spidey is too fast for the force. vader couldn't move his hand fast enouh, or focus the force in an area fast enough to choke spidey. and even if he did, spidey could get out of it. If all a jedi has to do is trhow his lightsaber at vader to get out of the choke, then all spidey has to do is web vader in the face or hand. Spidey would win folks.

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10.13.2012 , 04:32 PM | #25
I'm really enjoying how this post turned out Some one should make one about The emperors fleet vs. Marvel Earth sounds pretty fun !

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10.13.2012 , 07:03 PM | #26
"Commander Nick Fury, sir. Our sensors are detecting a number of large vessels within subspace on a vector approaching Earth. What should we do, sir?"
"Look kid. If we caught this, then that means Tony freaking Stark, Reed Richards, Doom, the X-Men and a half dozen others across the damn planet are already aware of the problem. So we don't gotta do a blessed thing unless one, if not all of the worlds super-heroes, miraculously screw up."
"Ah, I see your point sir."
"Just keep me apprised of the situation. I'm going to get a drink."
"Yes sir."
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10.17.2012 , 08:27 PM | #27
Okay Vader vs. Spiderman, well that would be an interesting fight.

On the one hand Vader has the force, but Spiderman has limited precognition as well which enables him to sense danger.

I don't think the lightsaber would be as effective against the webbing, it'd work but it isn't like deflecting blaster fire.

I don't see Vader force choking spiderman because the wall crawler is constantly making remarks designed to annoy his opponent putting it mildly. Vader may have a hard time focusing. Spiderman would have the agility edge, and probably is substancially stronger from a physical standpoint (even with cybernetics being brought into play).

Would certainly be an interesting match, it's tough to see who would win. I see too many variables that we have no values for, such as where this fight is taking place, specifically the terrain.

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10.18.2012 , 12:02 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by gabarooni View Post
Nah you got it all wrong like I said Spidey can hold his breath for 10 minutes so Choke wouldnt works and if vader through his saber well Spidey would just use a burst of his webbing/speed/strength to pull vader infront of his own sword

And vader can sense death spidey would lose.

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10.18.2012 , 08:11 AM | #29
I'm going to try to stay unbiased here. Spiderman has his "spider sense" and Vader has the force, so both parties has a way of predicting the future/ sensing danger or what have you. So we can consider them equal there, both have a sort of ranged attack ( Spiderman has his webs, can slingshot rocks or other objects. Vader has the Force, he can also throw objects around.) Spiderman obviously has agility on his side, but that's not to say Vader's a completely immobile, he's got his force jump, speed, and could take more hits from Spidey than Spidey could take from Vader. So far it seems mostly equal if you assume that their ranged attacks are equal, and Spideys speed is equal to Vader's strength. For close-quarters, Vader wins hands down, obviously with his lightsaber, but even without his saber, I believe he would still crush Spidey, he is mostly robot after all. Now let's set some scenarios, let's say in an abandoned building. This would fit Spidey well, using guerilla like tactics, hitting Vader a couple times and then retreating into the shadows or behind walls. Vader would likely start brewing down walls in an attempt to stop this, but I believe this would be Spideys best shot at killing Vader. But on a 1 on 1 environment , mono a mono, flat surfaces, just them in their glory, Vader would win. Considering the reflexes of a Sith, any attempts of face-web-blinding would be laughed away with a flick of Vader's wrist. Spideys only chance would be keeping his distance, but using his web would be less than useless. His only chance would be to get in close, try to disarm him and then proceed, but I believe Vader would best him this situation, and most other situations.

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10.18.2012 , 08:15 AM | #30
Tauntaun wins.