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Back after 9 months off. Dps meters yet?

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Back after 9 months off. Dps meters yet?

Oyranos's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 08:11 AM | #41
the dps meters are so... can i say it? "idiotic"

How many people got frustrated, dissapointed, discarted, from guilds... as this kind of little freak programs, feed actually the casual mmos... So basically u end up being a robot... nothing to do, except hiting hard the others and or the npcs, to be a good player? so noobish... It doesnt make it more interesting, but even more problematic... at the end.

I would suggest to stay away from this programs and focus in a more open world experience... and with less bugs.

Also, if they bring in game adons.. we have other problems than just raiding and pvping... Account hacking, private servers (as this programs help other crack the code more easily, etc) For example there is addons in wow, that communicate all the time with the owners of this program.. and turn them in informations regards ur playstyle and account.. (eg auction house and farming programs) They all started from just a "dps" meter though, and they got involved even further after.

GalacticKegger's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 08:49 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by psandak View Post
The one thing I will say about add-ons is that in WoW there have been a number of add-ons that have become features of the game. the advantage of having add-ons is that you increase the "developer pool" many times over. The disadvantage is that there are a lot of add-ons that will be junk.

Maybe something for BioWare to think about - Apple approves every app that end up in the app store. There are quite literally thousands of apps that never make it. If BioWare did the same thing with add-ons there could be a lot of good features implemented with little to no time and money spent by BioWare.

On the subject of DPS meters. If used correctly - to HELP players get better - it is a useful tool. the problem is that it is NOT universally used correctly. There will ALWAYS be elitists who shove meters in the faces of those who do not do as well as they do, and will kick players from groups because of it even though they are doing sufficiently well to clear the content - just not fast enough for the elitists.
I suppose this somewhat resides within the purvue of a proprietary versus open source debate. But personally, someone threatening to leave Star Wars because it doesn't have a dps meter is like someone threatening to leave a party because they keep tripping over the furniture, or are being denied some pressing desire to rubberneck.
Expansion story should never have been made exclusive to solo play. Unbolstered Flashpoints, HMs and Ops should never have been removed. Loot tables should never have been removed. Level sync should have been instanced and made optional. Companion combat customization should never have been removed. #RemoveRNG

Projawa's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 06:39 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by GalacticKegger View Post
No sir. Bioware's made it clear - no in-game addons ... and they're sticking to it. Which is fine by me personally as I left WoW because it got to the point where the challenge was in mastering the mods instead of the game. The only "mod" (if you will) that I felt the game lacked at launch was a customizable UI. That was handled rather nicely with the 1.2 patch back in April.

Lancerx's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 07:56 PM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by recsa View Post
As you can clearly see in this thread, most of the long term raiders left the game, casuals dont use to like DPS/HPS/Threat meters.
Yea lol, I agree. I found a parser to use. I come from an elitist guild in wow , we used to raid hardcore and was always in contention for world first clears. I understand where people come from, because Iv seen people called out for not doing dps when they was clearly doing well in other areas.

But I am going to be honest, the guild I was in, even though we might have been server first and hardcore. We never treated anyone badly, we understood that DPS meters is just a tool, and in the end, its a great way to have fun and do checks for gear. I'v seen people come in with great gear and pull 50% of the dps they was capable of and then on top of that, stand in crap and die, not cc, etc.. You have to take the dps meters at face value, they are a tool, nothing more. They can be misunderstood and used to blame people for a groups shortcomings, but I would never use like that. I just enjoy knowing my own dps, and work on rotations to maximize my class.

I have always been and will always be a Min/Maxer and very competitive, I enjoy playing every class the best possible way I can. Its why I play.

Mad_yojik's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 04:48 AM | #45
Hey guys can you name some of that 3rd party combat log analyzers everyone is talking about? Just want to "get a feel" of the mechanics, see how different gear/stats affect my char's abilities, both in DPS and tank fields. Oh, and also - does this log analyzers show "threat", companion and incoming DPS, I'm playing tank, so for me thats important...

And on DPS meters in-game - I also say they are NOT needed, it'll just be another "must have" program, for guilds, and tool for bullying more "relaxed" players. 'Tis a game, not the damn second job. Also most likely it will crunch more system resourses, the game becomes laggy enough after some time playing as-is.

Leopagne's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 02:01 PM | #46
Quote: Originally Posted by ElitehunterDS View Post
SWMoniTOR is my personal favorite and MOX come 2nd.

Someone sensitive? So you got hit by the low dps disease and try to say everyone using a tool to find out you arent giving effort in what you do is an elitist?

We wouldnt need the tool in the first place if you were doing your job while having fun.
Ironically your response proves the point of the poster you quoted.

RamathRS's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 04:33 PM | #47
This one of the MANY reasons why I avoid the random public in MMO's. The stench of elitists takes forever to wash out of my clothes...

Using a parser in public events, or outside of a close group of friends or personal testing, is nothing but a reason to put yourself above the guy next to you. You have zero reason to do such a thing. You are not entitled to feel any more special than him. You are not special. Get that through your head.

My raid group uses a parser to get an idea of where each of our dps classes rank and how our newest spec build plays out. We found 2 of our dps were quite a bit lower than the other 2 dps. But not once did we ever kick them out, or yell at them, or belittle them. When we take in a guildie as a replacement for a night, or a random shout in /general, we never ask them to use the parser unless they ask about it. And guess what... we still clear every PvE fight in the game.

While the tool itself has its uses, and can be fun for good natured trash talking between friends, the MMO community at large has proven their inability to use this tool in a mature manner. This shouldn't come as any surprise, however, as the majority of MMO players have proven themselves to be socially inept to begin with.

tingen's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 07:35 PM | #48
Quote: Originally Posted by hages View Post
dps meters are not needed...we do not want this to become a second wow
Dps meters was in mmo's long before wow!

Personally I would like to see it ingame. (even in wow before dps meter came, me and others ran damage dumps, same as parsa in swtor and used 3. party or uploaded file to some sites on the net to analyz it).
I might be wrong and it was in Anarchy online we did it in(my nr. 1 mmo of all time) :P

From a tank and healer prespective I really like to see it ingame, frankly been healer or tanking you have to pay attention and do some "work". WHILE there tend to be a lot dps that just slacking all time til boss fights comes up(I hate those freaking leachers!!!!) . I dont care if bottom dps is doing half of top dps as long as the person is doing his/her best.

Khevar's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 09:00 PM | #49
My raid group seldom uses MOX while we're actively running an operation.

However, we strongly encourage players to use it themselves while at the ops dummy or while doing dailies to try out different rotations, or to try out different gear combinations. One player was geared at 50% crit and wasn't listening to arguments about that being a bad idea. We dragged him to the Gav Daragon, got him to fire up MOX and run ops dummy parses with +power gear replacing some of his +crit. This convinced him.

I think that meters are a valuable tool for an individual to improve themselves. But it's a personal thing. I'm happy to keep using third party tools, don't need to be built into the game.

Mad_yojik's Avatar

12.11.2012 , 03:19 AM | #50
Quote: Originally Posted by RamathRS View Post
While the tool itself has its uses, and can be fun for good natured trash talking between friends, the MMO community at large has proven their inability to use this tool in a mature manner. This shouldn't come as any surprise, however, as the majority of MMO players have proven themselves to be socially inept to begin with.
Exactly that. The problem with multiplayer game community - once they get some number related to their game performance (be it amount of frags, DPS, maximum tank or even "credits per hour" ratio) - it becomes someone epeen, and he would shove it to everyone's nose, and scream that everyone with less number of that - suck. While DPS is important, there is absolutely no need to monitor it constantly in PvE. Especially in large (8-16 ppl) raid. If one or two of your dps chars undreperforming by 10-15% is cause of full raid wipe - you do wrong (because your whole raid DPS is already on edge). If someone does half or quarter DPS he should be - its noticeable without any meters. And high DPS is absolutely no guarantee of winning in PvP, even 1v1. PvE is "cooperative game" after all, not "competitive", and person doing 15% less DPS maybe doing something else helpful to the team as a whole. And finishing a boss in 30 mins instead of 15 - is not a tragedy

P.S. Folks who think their DPS is coolest thing in a galaxy - why dont you go PvP (instead of screaming in PvE "I got 100500k DPS, u all suck"), I bet you can show the whole world how cool you are .