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1.4 Commandos.....Thoughts?

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09.28.2012 , 01:18 PM | #11
The one thing that is nice about Assault DPS is their range (with exception of Cyro Grenade) remained unchanged -- the changes solely impacted Vanguards for the 11- and 31-point abiltiies. Sure, it's not nearly as bursty as the Vanguard version, but you can do it at range. I suspect that is a very valuable thing.

For Gunnery, I'm still meh about it. It's fun to me strictly in PVE. I still think it needs some help in PvP, but still believe its too early to comment on the changes they got in 1.4. There is a lot of habits to break, namely using knockbacks or Cryo Grenade as an interrupt. Now that we have a legitamate interrupt, they'll need to focus on using their CC largely in self-defense and control instead of a makeshift interrupt.

As a Combat Medic, I've been enjoying myself. The slow isn't exceptional but there are tons of ways to use it that I am looking forward to. The self-heal on Trauma Probe does burn through the 10 charges awfully quick, which does make it more challenging (but still rewarding) to keep it up. I like it. Oh, and that interrupt. If I find you using force-lightning on me ever you better believe I am interrupting that.
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09.28.2012 , 02:44 PM | #12
Last night two words came to mind in reference to the changes made specifically to Cryo Grenade and the knockback on Stockstrike: inconsistent and disjointed.

If the reasoning to make almost all of the 4 second stuns 10m is in the name of 'balance' I'm inclined to label it unimaginative or lazy. I like the rock, scissors, paper approach to classes working together and developing synergy as opposed to the cookie cutter approach.

My experience last night was flat. Dynamic interactions and reactions at different ranges has been muted. To paraphrase a movie, if everyone is good at 10 meters, no one is.

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09.28.2012 , 04:30 PM | #13
For Gunnery Commando, even with the interrupt, we've regressed a bit with the change to SS and Cryo. We still lack the utilities that make GS and Snipers effective. I think we're still fine for PvE, but PvP is another story especially the nerf to cryo and SS. It's already too easy to take a Gunnery Mando out of the fight.

If the changes were because of Vanguard, well then they fail because they should unlink the specials from each AC. Right now we're the only casting class and ranged class that has nothing to keep space other than concussion charge cand that is only a 50% snare that can be broken.

Add on top of that the fact that heavy armor is all but irrelevent in PvP because of all the dots, internal, and elemental damage in PvP. Our shield is 12 seconds every 2 minutes and diversion is pointless in PvP.

Our damage is fine, but either our survivability or utility needs to be addressed sorely, for pvp at least.
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09.29.2012 , 05:59 AM | #14
they should just do when charge barrier is up be immune to interrupt, but if u moved the barrier would disapear or something.

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09.29.2012 , 05:17 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by xxIncubixx View Post
they should just do when charge barrier is up be immune to interrupt, but if u moved the barrier would disapear or something.
With 5 stacks only, and the AMP buff should take charged barrier stacks instead so something is consuming them. Thing is it would be getting those initial 5 that would be such a problem. I'm still holding out for Hold the Line
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09.30.2012 , 09:11 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by ArchangelLBC View Post
With 5 stacks only, and the AMP buff should take charged barrier stacks instead so something is consuming them. Thing is it would be getting those initial 5 that would be such a problem. I'm still holding out for Hold the Line
yeah hold the line would fix alot actually of the commando problems to be honest

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10.02.2012 , 04:18 AM | #17
Gunnery Commando here.

No difference except some minor irritations with cryo grenade. I'm used to stacking at melee range on my VG and 20+ on my commando, 10 is some sort of hypothetical range that I really don't have an instinctive knowledge of yet. Interrupts are nice particularly when PUGging with idiots, the minefield and LR-5 but honestly not that big a deal. I'm our backup cleanser and the guild would much rather have me focused on that than interrupts.

But, you know what? I tie for top DPS in my guild with a similarly geared Assault Vanguard. When we take the newbies on EV/KP gearing runs, I manage 10% or more of our healing (more than that in cleanses, and no points in heals beyond bottom row) while carrying 3 other DPS often in tionese through the Op with no danger of enrages--. So I just can't find anything to complain about.

Haven't played again yet and honestly might not on my commando for a while. Was a consistent 3-500k DPSer in normal WZs (even huttball) before I got tired of it. I can see the interrupt being nice for things like sorc lightning and shutting down healers, but what i really wanted was some survivability, an offensive CD, or durability.

Internal/elemental dmg remains the biggest problem with PvP and remains so. The next most concerning is the insane dmg mitigation and self-heal abilities of certain classes. (sorc bubble/force mend, shadow and watch sent self-heals etc.) A pyro lights me up and I sit there and take it. Those big heavy armor plates apparently have no flame retardant properties whatsoever. I attempt to smack a sorc with my grav round, 3 times. He giggles when it smacks against his bubble, 'it tickles!!!'

I really enjoyed PvP, and if my guild gets its act together with a ranked team, i'll be participating (we have enough full WH peeps, just not a set time to play rankeds yet), because I enjoy playing with my guildies, but that's most likely the only thing that'll convince me to play.

BUT as I watch these guys mess around with a formula that just plain works in PVE--and really wasn't as bad in PVP as people said it was--I'm really worried that we'll end up like DPS scoundrels...

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10.02.2012 , 05:45 PM | #18
Massive dissapointment for me. I've dropped PVP on my main (Combat Medic) & feel like a weak link most of the time at Operation/Raid level compared to similar geared Scoundrel/Sage healers.

Maybe it's just me and the tedium is setting in for this class, but I was hoping for something more exciting as a healer Combat Med since launch, dropping Potent Medicine to 3 points instead of 5 & giving us an interupt (which we should of had since launch anyway) has not really done alot for me.

Just being honest & only my personal opinion.
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10.02.2012 , 05:52 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoBearsFan View Post
Love the interrupt.. hate the cryo grenade nerf. 20m would been an acceptable nerf, but for a ranged commando 10m is next to useless. In Huttball we have almost no way of stalling a ball carrier anymore. (You can pop Tech overide then CC real quick but then dmg from others just lets them loose again) so what are we to do? Heal spec can throw a Kolto bomb that slows them 50% but if they have speed increased they are usually out of range before you can target them with it.

I'm a heal spec commando and so far I love the new skills/changes. But nerfing our only practical stun was a bad call.
I can relate they nerfed the Inquisitor/Concular knockback skills Overload/Force Wave so you can only hit the enemies in front of you instead of all the way around you which I feel was a very bad call all because the PVP hardliners complained. That ability saved me more times than I can count when going solo before the update now I am lucky to survive swarm attacks now. Since Tank Spec'd players like me depended on that skills ability to nail those enemies behind us. AS for what they did to the Comandos I like the new skill/changes but agree with the person I quoted. Messing with the only practical stun that build has was NOT a good move all because hardcore PVPers took their whining to BioWare/EA the rest of us get screwed.
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10.03.2012 , 03:41 AM | #20
I'm not sure why anybody in their right mind felt 1.3 commandos needed pvp nerfs.

As far as pve goes - in the sense that I don't particularly want to subject myself to another round of unstoppable melee death trains to really test out changes in pvp - I'd rather they'd not bothered with the charged barrel-advanced medical probe thing. It's made supportive spot healing as gunnery (as in, the thing it's designed for) even more detrimental than it already was. Not that it was ever especially amazing, granted, but at least popping out a heal probe or two from time to time only cost you dps equivilant to one global cooldown. Now I lose that, plus 1-3 grav round's worth of charged barrel stacks. For as much as advanced medical probe heals for - which is to say, virtually nothing - it's hardly ever worth it.