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Why do players take over every planet?

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Why do players take over every planet?

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09.22.2012 , 06:02 AM | #11
well taris balmoria and even corellia all show after that although your character makes a huge difference things can go wrong.

for Taris via the republic there isnt really any major empire vs republic your helping the restoration project, its only after then you have left, that the forces left (possibly less stationed there now that war is brewing) are wiped out by the empire.

Balmoria is similar to Taris, at the end of the empire story the resistance is wiped out (well or so they think) and by the time the republic gets there it seems the resistance has sprung back and already taken major areas.

Corellia which obviously has the empire first shows you helping take the planet, yet by the time the empire starts the black hole they have lost that planet.

so although your character makes a difference i think that by most part your more like backup on that planet.