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Why no love from master storyweaver Daniel Erickson?

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Why no love from master storyweaver Daniel Erickson?

Felioats's Avatar

09.20.2012 , 05:17 PM | #1
Or any of the other writers? (yes, I know he's lead game designer now)

Would it be so bad if they dropped in once in awhile just to chat or weigh in on story-related questions?

Erickson himself is quite the recluse. His profile has private messages disabled, and my friend request has been pending for months. He has four posts to his name. If he has any social media accounts other than LinkedIn, they are well-hidden.

I'm reminded of an interview Brent Spiner (Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation) once gave. He said when he started, he was told going to the conventions and so on was optional. Then he started getting mail from fans saying, "Who do you think you are?" and he started going.

I'm not saying that. I'm just saying it came to mind.

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09.20.2012 , 05:21 PM | #2
Wardens of Fate / Alea Iacta Est
The Tarkus Legacy ~ The Harbinger/Jedi Covenant