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Corellian Run Radio's Weekly Nav Coordinates 09/07 - 09/12

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Corellian Run Radio's Weekly Nav Coordinates 09/07 - 09/12

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09.14.2012 , 03:13 PM | #1
This week was another busy week at Corellian Run Radio. It is always good when it is busy, because that means there is either new content or details about new content. Both are true this past week. BioWare announced the return of the Public Test Server, and that to me is new content, because it gives players the chance not only to see the new changes, but more importantly give their feedback to BioWare on changes needed or bugs they happen to find. We also got more definite news and details on the new Operation: Terror From Beyond. Okay, so it was a bit vague, but if they told us all the mechanics where would be the fun it that?

Also this past week, Carla had the great opportunity to interview Joveth Gonzalez during the weekly podcast. It is a really great interview and we learn how Joveth got into the gaming industry, his tips for those looking to get into the industry, even his favorite cartoon growing up…oh yeah, they also talked SWTOR. He had some great news about how they plan to give us more events more frequently.

Below are the links to these stories and our normal weekly articles. Please be sure to take some time and leave our authors your comments on feedback. We all love to hear from you!

09/07 Operation: Information – Terror From Beyond Speculations by Ghoztt
09/08 Tactical Strike: Special Edition – PVP News by Geldarion
09/10 Community Checkpoint featuring Among the Shadows by Jason Taylor
09/10 Patch 1.4 is on PTS! By Jason Taylor
09/10 Developer Dispatch – Terror From Beyond by Jason Taylor
09/11 Episode 72: Interview with Joveth Gonzalez – podcast
09/11 My Two Credits: Changes in 1.4 by Maer
09/12 Tactical Strike: Opinions On PVP Gear as A Game Mechanic by Geldarion

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