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New Merc Jetpack Ability!

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New Merc Jetpack Ability!

Warlord_Maliken's Avatar

09.14.2012 , 01:45 PM | #1
(1) JETPACK DISENGAGE - The Mercenary flies XX yards backward in the air for 2 seconds. You cannot be force charged for the duration. [Cooldown]: XX seconds.

(2) JETPACK LEAP - Target a location on the ground to jetpack to it.
The WoW warrior has a GTAOE (ground target area effect) leap that works like this. Here is a 40 sec video of what the mechanic looks like.
This ability could be restricted to higher elevation as it is in WoW. For example, you wouldn't be able to jump from the pit up onto the goal line in Huttball. [Cooldown]: XX seconds.

[Philosophy] Star Wars bounty hunter characteristics that we all know from the MOVIES are (1) cool armor (2) cool gun(s) (3) jetpack mobility. The jetpack allows them to take down foes that are far superior due to the MOBILITY it brings to the table. You see this in the movies too, especially with Jango in episode 2 when he duels Obi Wan. I mean, what are you thinking when you watch that duel? The top 3 qualities of course, but most of all that jetpack man... But in swtor, jetpack = lunchbox?..
The sith warrior really does capture a darth vader fantasy, as the sorcerer does with sidious. But playing a mercenary in SWTOR is nothing like this amazing video:
Its more like this:
Next expansion needs to add a little mobility for this class. Consider even removing the hydraulic overloads (slow & root immunity), we want jetpack mobility now paladin freedom of movement.
Express yourselves my children, let bioware know so they can give us the pony we've always wanted.

Would you like to see either of these abilities in the game? And if so which of the two?

af_raptura's Avatar

09.14.2012 , 02:10 PM | #2
I read you entire post. I like them both. The first one sounds cool, and it would cenrtainly make mercs a desired class for Huttball, but some QQers might say its overpowered. The second one might be easier to balance within the rest of the game's mechanics.

If the second one was implemented, the commando mirror could be called something like "tactical retreat" or "pull back" and just have them running away really fast. Or, they could use an animation similar to the harpoon except instead of targeting a player, they target the ground with their assault cannon, fire the harpoon, and use their gun to pull them to safety.
PvE theorycrafting has really loosened their standards.
Quote: Originally Posted by karlwaite View Post
As for the skill changes to benefit pvp likes of the fly by damage reduction they suffered and reducing focused defence by 200% is a joke they are affecting pve to benefit pvp.

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09.14.2012 , 04:08 PM | #3
This is exactly what is needed for these classes. That it doesnt exist already is almost ludicrous, no actually it IS ludicrous. THIS IS NEEDED BW! It has been needed since you started to focus on making it easier for all melee classes in pvp.

Just take a look at what we have today for prefered dps in warzones.
Marauder- Melee range, has the ability to deliver instant attacks that deals insanely high damage. Wanted for RWZ

PT- Melee range, has the ability to deliver instant attacks that deals insanely high damage. Wanted for RWZ

Juggernaut Melee range, has the ability to deliver instant attacks that deals insanely high damage. Wanted for RWZ

Assassin Melee range, has the ability to deliver instant attacks that deals insanely high damage. Wanted for RWZ

Ranged classes that is wanted for RWZ is....the only one that has immunity to force leaps.
That leaves mercs/sorcs as either healers or they get asked to leave and make room for someone who has a proper class.

Is this what you guys over at BW/EA think that we would enjoy? Eh? Sorry we cant hear you, your complete and utter silence has deafened the entire merc/trooper community. We dont even post anything anymore, we have pretty much given up. We have yelled, we have whined and now we have fallen pretty much silent. Noone wants the classes that suck this much, so when you end up getting kicked from the guild because of crappy game design...erhm you expect me to just roll solo and keep on doing PvP? No---- I quit ofc, its not fun!

Just do something about this crappy situation. We are the magus/Engineer class from warhammer that everyone took a dump on, you could kill em by giving them a stern look and thats exactly what this class feels like.

Phasersablaze's Avatar

09.15.2012 , 10:11 AM | #4
Love both ideas!

iDraxter's Avatar

09.15.2012 , 04:11 PM | #5
Ranged DPS survival tools->
1) Leg Shot(snare single target)
2)Cover Pulse(knockback aoe)
3)Entrench(immune to control effects)
4)Flash bang (aoe stun)
5)Evasion (dodge melee and range attacks 100% for 3 secs)
6)Shield Probe( absorbing moderate dmg for 15 secs)
7)Ballistic Shield( 20% dmg reduction for 15 secs)
8)Debilitate (single target stun)
1)Overload(aoe knockback)
2)Electrocute(single target stun)
3)Static Barrier(absorbing high amounts of dmg, spam able)
4)Force Speed
5)Force Slow(single target snare)
1)Electro Dart(single target stun)
2)jet boost(aoe knockback)
3)Energy Shield( dmg reduction of 25% for 12 secs)
4)Kolto Overload( restores 15%HP over 10 seconds)
I really think mercs could use a backwards leap to keep ur distance from melee, have been hoping for it to come with each passing patch, just like we needed an interrupt ability seems that we finally get it in 1.4

Baarabas's Avatar

09.15.2012 , 06:43 PM | #6
I like option # 2. Its unique in that there isnt something like it yet in this game.
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09.16.2012 , 07:02 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Warlord_Maliken View Post
Its simple. Jango is the icon for mercenaries and he is all about mobility and using that jetpack. SWTOR MERCS need to feel like your playing Jango or Bobba Fett! There are many posts stating that the mercenary does not feel like a bounty hunter... And i agree 100%.. When you watch the movies and see Jango and Bobba Fett, what do you think? Cool armor, but most of all, JETPACK! I think we can all agree on this. To delve in further, MOBILITY. Jango and Bobba are all over the place. Its hard for jedi to lock them down b/c of their mobility via the jetpack. The Obi-won vs Jango scene in episode 2 is a prime example. Right now the mercenary feels like they are going to pull out a peanut butter and jelly sandwitch from the lunchbox on their back.

I am referring to WoW here b/c as we all know its the monster of the industry and has been out for like 8 years. WoW had to give all their classes new ability-mechanics to expand their game over the years b/c of expansion packs and what not. One of these Jetpack Abilities needs to be added to the mercenary asap. Powertechs are already raw, they have their grapple (fun!). Mercs need something to distinguish themselves as forces to be reckoned with. Right now mercenaries are simply zombie-mode nukers. When pvping as a merc, it feels like you are pve'ing, and thats a problem imo. Attack us and we knock you back (fear me!). its really bland gameplay, but super fun if no one ever attacks you in pvp.. Bring some life to the Mercenary asap to make us interactive by adding one of these few jetpack abilities.

(#1) GTAOE JETPACK LEAP: The WoW warrior has a GTAOE (ground target area effect) leap. This mechanic needs to be given to the mercenary as soon as possible. Commando/Mercs lack mobility, but mobility is their most obvious feature in the movies; at least for bounty hunters. Applying this ability to swtor, think about things such as a merc running the huttball and then jetpack leaping up to the goal line from the pit. This could be very overpowered, and is an obvious barrier. Find a way around it!!! Get this into the game! Take away our brainless blue absorbtion shield (BORING..) and give us something interactive like this. I'll take a dmg nerf, or take away an ability from us, but give us something cool in return such as this ability ^. Mobility mobility mobility, aka jetpack.

(2) JETPACK DISENGAGE: The WoW hunter has a disengage where the hunter flies upward and backwards to get away from her enemies. This mechanic needs to be given to the mercenary, and also expanded upon. Mercs need a JETPACK disengage. The mercenary shoots a barrage of shots with both pistols while leaping backward in the air. Make your enemies wish they had a jetpack Jango does this to obi-wan in episode 2, and it was awesome lol. It would be such a fun ability to have.

The two abilities above would have to be copied since the republic have a mirror class of the mercnary, the Commando. There are jetpack troopers in Star Wars. The difference will be, the majority of mercenary abilities will revolve around the jetpack. Death From Above, future abilities, etc. Troopers can use a jet booster from the bottom of their boots (like the legacy jetpack), or their harpoon to propel them to a target location, while Mercenaries can use the lunchbox on their back. What im trying to get at is, in an MMO it takes a lot to add a new ability like this. There are balancing issues to be concerned with. That being said, FIND WAYS AROUND IT. We need one of these two abilities on the mercenary/commando and fast. Don't wait till an expansion to release an ability like this!
Please give your thoughts on this. My main is an Elite Warlord Juggernaught (Valor 100). I also play a 50 Mercenary. As a juggernaught, I would still like to feel like I am facing a jango / bobba when i approach a mercenary (or a really good trooper like the cinematics show). As of right now its kind of a joke.

Would you like to see one of these abilities in the game? and if so which of the two? Either? I would be suprised to see anyone who would not like to see either of these in the game but that is what threads are for I am assuming they are already planning to add these mechanics, but it is a matter of when. Will we have to wait 8-16 months? Subscription $ / #'s is always a concern to the company, but I feel that any of the two abilities being added would do nothing but good for this game.
Discuss and please comment.

The Bastion

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09.17.2012 , 01:24 PM | #8
I support Disengage...I have been posting this for months now. My take on disengage was a bit different (Jump back 15m and drop any current targets on you). But the idea is similar. Merc/Commando is the Only AC without an AC Defining ability and this would certainly fit the bill, and help with the serious lack of escape tools. Im all for the idea.
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09.18.2012 , 12:56 AM | #9
Defiantly liked the 1st option, i also see it being easier to implement and be easier to use (since this game targets the casual community so much i doubt we will see option #2 people would be using it and go flying into walls...)

Then again i see both options as potential exploits to datacron hunters, However that shouldn't stop them, since sage's have a friendly pull and guardians have a friendly leap and can just use a party to cheat for them. (though it would be slightly different since you wouldn't need a 2nd person...)

I had also thought about a skill of this type for scoundrel's too. In fact to be fair all 8 class's should have it if you look at the movie's*, though that wasn't where this post was going, (commando's/mercs getting a movement skill they lack)
it would make PvP a bit more interesting.

*Luke use's a similar skill to repel an AT-AT
*i don't remember the specific's but in #1 *timeline wise* they use'd a similar skill too.
* i'm sure i could find more example's but its late at night and i'm lazy

P.S. may want to disable said skill when holding the huttball, that way its not exploited...then again if we all have the skill i don't see the issue
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starwarsmarsian's Avatar

09.18.2012 , 01:27 PM | #10
Sorry, but no. The merc has both two guns and a back missile launcher. However, the only special thing the powertech has got is a jetpack. Now you want to give them both a jetpack. This means that the number of powertechs would greatly decrease, because this one would have nothing special anymore. Please, just lets keep the jetpacks for the powertech, its the only thing which makes this adv. class unique.
Oh yes, isn't Boba Fett more kind of a powertech?