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My idea of how Guild Ships should work

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My idea of how Guild Ships should work

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07.31.2012 , 11:59 AM | #1
Guild Ship summary:

Guild ships should be large, nay huge. And I am saying that litterally and metephorically.
They should be the epicenter for every guild who has one, but they shouldn't be handed out
to every guild willy nilly. NO. They should be bought by the guilds themsleves, and they should
be insanely expensive. Above all else though, they should be the platform for which all future
content can be played. I will explain more thoroughly in a second.

Three types of Ships for each faction (6 in total):

There should be, in my opinion, three types of guild ships for each faction: a small one that
is somewhat cheap and can be afforded by most guild in the game, a medium one that is quite
expensive but not rediculous, and a large one that is outrageously huge and almost unaffordable
for most guilds. Why have three types of different ships? Glad you asked.

Reason #1- Guild ships, like I said before and will elaborate on later, should be the platform
for many different types of gameplay. Therefore, I believe it should be accessable to almost
all the guilds who want one. It would let everyone have a sliver of the delicious cake.

Reason #2- MMO means competition, between your own faction and the faction you're facing.
To have a large guild ship is to have the best one. Sounds stupid I know, but the idea of being
the only guild on the block without the coolest bling will encourage them to get the better ones.

Reason #3- The guild ships, depending on which one you buy, will perform differently in my
idea of pvp space combat. The smallest ones would have less shields for defence, they would
have not as many automatic turrets to rely on, and would hold less space craft to attack the
opposing guild ship. The largest ones however, would have large shields that would be hard to
take down. They would have lots of firepower. And they would have lots of spacecraft available
to them when confronting the other guild ship.

Guild Ships and Guild Raids:

Should guild (or pvp) raids be interconnected with the idea of these guild ships? Absolutely.
However, this should take place on new worlds specifically designed for conquest. Imagine,
if you will, your galaxy map. Imagine looking at it and seeing everything you would normally
see but you also saw something else. A little ship off somewhere in the Unknown Regions currently
invading a planet. And that ship just so happens to be your guild ship. Want to partake in the raid
and help your guild conquer the planet? It's easy. Go to your guild ship and dock there.
Then, from there, land on the planet with the rest of your guild. You and your guild come out of
your enormous ship in a wave of hundreds of people. Your one objective is to conquer sections
of that planet (and kill anyone who stands in your way). Sounds exciting doesn't it?
The idea of your guild functioning as a massive army of a hundred(s) people. So what happens when
you and your guild take objectives that control portions of the planet?
Let's say you get a daily message in your mailbox that gives you some of
the best resources in the game. Which means you can craft them or sell them on the GTN. In other
words, you and your guild gets more Credits. Guild Ship + Conquering a planet = Lots of PvP and lots
of Credits.

Guild Ships and "Allies":

So your guild can conquer planets and obviously the longer that planet is conquered, the more
crafting materials you get. But there's a problem, and I have a solution. You can't have control
of a planet or a portion of a planet for long. Eventually your guild will lose what you conquered.
It could happen in a matter of minutes after leaving the planet. So then how does this get solved?
Well I can't really "solve" it entirely but I have an idea that might help make this problem less
irratating. It's simple. Your guild can Ally with other guilds. What does that entail? Well maybe
it means whatever an ally conquers, some of the materials go to your guild. In other words it
becomes split between the the allied guilds. But this creates another problem. Every guild allies
with everyone, thus everyone gets a share of whatever any other guild conquered. It would come
naturally because people would want to always have complete control over the planets. Well
I have an idea to solve that and it is more direct than the solution to the problem I stated before.
The guild could only ally with let's say... two other guilds. two, or three, or four or whatever.
The point is it would make the guild leaders want to carefully decide who to ally with, thus
ensuring that the guilds would have eachother's backs.

Guild Ships and PvP Space Combat: :

Battlefront 2. Enough said. My idea is to simply orchestrate a way to implement guild ships into
that kind of combat. The logistics would be almost the same, only that if you beat the other
guild and heavily damaged their ship they would have to repair it and you could...idk steal some
of the money they have in their bank. Like a pirate of some sorts, you could steal their booty.

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07.31.2012 , 12:06 PM | #2
sounds cool

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07.31.2012 , 12:09 PM | #3
I think we should have the guild ships as fully customisable spaces, like when you start, it is just a big empty room but you can buy walls and furniture, allowing for full customisation. But of course the bridge would have to have basic consoles that can be upgraded.
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07.31.2012 , 02:13 PM | #4
yes .

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08.01.2012 , 09:09 AM | #5
would the largest ships be the size of the death star cause that would be cool

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08.09.2012 , 04:32 PM | #6
I agree, with all that you say, sounds good, but the price should be shared among all the members, like 5,000 credits and 250 black hole commendations per person, and if people don't have that much 75% of there money go's to the cause automatically. until all of the total price of the ship in question gets payed. i also think that little mini games like hologram card games pvp style (cards picked up along the way, and mini games like chess) and that you should be able to add furniture and paint on the inside of the ship mainly make it customizable by the guild leaders and those who they invite to help.. also there should be 4 rooms, that work like the ship, like an instance, where each class goes in there own, unless they invite others, and unless it is the guild masters/leaders they can enter at any time.. (only 4 because there is 4 classes per faction). also about the rooms, it would be nice if there was a music folder that generates with SWTOR so that each person can have there music play in there own particular room.

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08.09.2012 , 08:23 PM | #7
2 words: Customizable. Lodging. The four rooms would be phased like the hangar so you could go in and crash. Are you a bounty hunter? Get a Trophy Case with pieces of lot of different creatures. A foreboding Sith Warrior? A wall showcasing the Lightsabers of your fallen foes! Are you a stalwart defender of the Republic? A rack of medals! You see where I'm going with this? It would allow you to feel like you yourself have a stake in your guild ship.
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08.09.2012 , 08:34 PM | #8
Sorry, but I just can't agree with most everything laid out by OP and others.

Like 5k credit? give me a break, it takes more to remove one mod, and 250 Black Hole Comms, not, Make it cost if it to be so 'epic' and the "only one on the block."

Guild ships can be a place for your guildies to meet and do some things, but not freedom to recreate the game for your personal preferences.
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11.22.2012 , 10:44 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Esproc View Post

Guild ships can be a place for your guildies to meet and do some things, but not freedom to recreate the game for your personal preferences.
Personal preferences was not what I implied when describing the ships. Yes it would be nice to have many neat little things that make your ship stand out but (at least during its hypothetical launch) it would be impractical. But I really believe the intent of guild ships should be to make the guilding experience, as a whole, much better.

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11.22.2012 , 07:16 PM | #10
Yes. But instead of a ship make it a guild fleet. This could be a place to spend time with others in your guild and instead of a packed Imp/Rep fleet.