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No death, only Wrath: The Helicarrier Chronicles

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No death, only Wrath: The Helicarrier Chronicles

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10.30.2012 , 02:23 AM | #141
You go Quinn!

That's all

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10.30.2012 , 05:56 AM | #142
Quote: Originally Posted by EverSteam View Post
You go Quinn!
All I have to say is...

CHRONICLES PRESENT, 49: In which Quinn is offered a promotion

Time period: During Master Rho's campaign

The call for Quinn was routed through the private holo in his quarters.

He blinked and bowed when Servants One and Two came up. "My lords." Then he stiffened, realizing what might prompt them to call him. "Is Nalenne all right?"

"Sullen and uncooperative as ever," reported Servant One.

"But the Wrath is no longer important," asserted Servant Two.

"That's actually the question," Servant One reminded him. "General Quinn, we have observed your operations. As you know, the Jedi Master Rho is increasingly becoming a menace to our Emperor."

"And a thorn in all our sides, my lord. What of it?"

"The Wrath must be competent," said Servant Two. "The Wrath must serve."

"She won't listen to me," Quinn said, "you know that."

"We did not intend to ask you to speak to Nalenne," said Servant One. He paused dramatically.

"The general will…accept a promotion?" quavered Servant Two.

There was a very long, very quiet moment.

"Please?" added Servant Two.

"Hold on, my lords, I am assigning priority to the objections. First of all I should verify. You are suggesting promoting me to the Emperor's Wrath."

"Yes," said Servant One.

"Second of all. The Wrath is traditionally expected to be Sith."

"That's not actually in the policy manual," said Servant One. "It was just sort of assumed."

"The general outshines most Sith," announced Servant Two. "We believe in him."

"Third. The last time you attempted to replace Nalenne you tried to have her killed. You may recall that there was and is nothing in the galaxy you could possibly have offered me, or offer me now, that would turn me against her?"

"The general is too good for the current Wrath," said Servant Two.

Servant One made a face. "We thought that in light of the sheer quantity of abuse she has heaped on you, you might be willing to reconsider."

"Think again. Even if she doesn't want me I'll have nothing to do with removing her."

Servant One scowled. "That kind of blind loyalty would be useful to us, as would your work ethic, and overall competence. You don't have to harm her; she can go about her irrelevant way. Will you take the job?"

"I already have a job. That was my fourth point."

"Captain Rutau could step up easily. You could even call on them for support in your operations. You are needed more as the Wrath."

"Fifth, I'm not even wrathful. That's Nalenne's role. I just carry out my duty."

"Oh. Very well," said Servant One. "If you want to continue playing with that incompetent batch of suicides while your failure of a wife bumbles around making a mockery of the Empire…"

Quinn's eyes sparked blue. "Those men are the finest soldiers I have ever served with. They're brilliant, dedicated, fearless, utterly loyal, and they deserve far more credit than any of you absentee 'supervisors' give them. Furthermore Nalenne even in her undirected state accomplishes greater exploits than any other Sith you'll ever meet, you…you treacherous hacks."

"The general is sufficiently wrathful," Servant Two said smugly.

Quinn started and looked annoyed. "Only when I'm being harassed."

"Harassment can be provided," Servant One said dryly. "The Empire needs you. Desperately."

"The general would get a larger salary for doing exactly what he's been doing," intoned Servant Two.

Quinn considered for a moment longer. Finally he said "I'll coordinate with Captain Rutau. This won't compromise existing operations."

"That's why we called you," said Servant One.
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10.30.2012 , 06:48 AM | #143
Just when I thought that this story couldn't get any more awesome/mind-bogglingly crack-licious...
There's always lightning.

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10.30.2012 , 07:03 AM | #144
Quote: Originally Posted by Vesaniae View Post
Just when I thought that this story couldn't get any more awesome/mind-bogglingly crack-licious...
In all this mess, it is my amateur opinion that Lord Scourge is the worst thing I have ever done to any SWTOR character ever. I couldn't resist
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10.30.2012 , 07:18 AM | #145
.................................................. .
*squeals hysterically and then laughs from sheer happiness even more hysterically to the point of many tears*
..... *tries to gain composure and fails horribly*
Quinn is just so awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
"The general is too good for the current Wrath," said Servant Two.
Servant Two has never said a truer statement

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10.30.2012 , 07:52 AM | #146
CHRONICLES PRESENT, 50: In which concessions are made before the Dark Council

Time period: During Master Rho's campaign

Servant Two called by himself. He cast furtive looks to either side while Nalenne scratched her head and tried to guess what he was thinking.

"The General is outmatched," Servant Two told her.

"What? Quinn? Outmatched? That's ridiculous. Tell me what's going on."

"Wednesday is impenetrably cryptic day." Servant Two shrugged apology. "The Council summons the Wrath. The Wrath may lose all."

"Like I care what they have to say. It's probably just Niselle trying to give me grief."

"The General is outmatched," repeated Servant Two.

"I'm still mad at him," said Nalenne.

Servant Two looked at her.

"If he wants to get himself killed in the line of duty with Nis and company, that's his problem."

Servant Two looked at her. His lower lip quivered.

"Dammit. This doesn't mean I have to be nice."

Servant Two just nodded gratefully and flickered out.


"This meeting of the Dark Council is now called to order," said Darth Marr. "This should be quick. General Quinn, the Hand of the Emperor says you're the new Wrath. That's ridiculous and we're vetoing it."

"I would not be so quick to defy the will of the Emperor, my lord," Quinn said calmly.

"All right," purred Niselle. "If you're ready to be the Wrath, you must be able to destroy any threat to the Empire. Overcome this." She lifted a hand, leaned forward, and sent a blinding stream of Force lightning at him.

Quinn, being limited in his abilities vs. Force lightning, concentrated on staying standing. And that brilliant uncomfortable position was where Nalenne found him when she walked into the Dark Council's chambers.

Seeing Niselle enjoying something activated a primal need, even deeper than the sudden sharp pain of seeing a not-her Sith punishing Quinn. She rushed forward and Force swatted her brat sister's hand to one side, interrupting the stream of lighting and thus denying Niselle her entertainment. "Stop that," she yelled.

The floor quieted.

Darth Marr nodded in Quinn's direction. "Very well. The Council will hear the 'Wrath'."

"They what?" said Nalenne as she continued toward Quinn. "What's with the scare quotes? And why are you looking at him?"

Quinn gave her a mild apologetic look.

"The Hand nominated a Wrath who was willing to work," Niselle explained. "Too bad he's too flimsy to live."

"I did notice that," said Nalenne. "Quinn, you realize that by answering their summons you walked into another painful Sith execution."

"If my job demands it..."

Yup, that was Quinn. "I know. You idiot. I'm here to make sure you don't have to face my sister alone." Nalenne cast a challenging look around the room. "Nobody gets to kill him but me."

"I'll admit I am…surprised you came."

She looked him over. His uniform was mildly scorched. He didn't seem otherwise hurt. Therefore Niselle would be allowed to live, for now. "It doesn't matter how much of a jerk you are. Or me, for that matter. These people don't get to touch you."

"Thank you, my lord."

"If you're a Wrath you're my equal, captain. You can stop calling me 'my lord.'

He gave her a strange look. "I'll stop calling you 'my lord' when you stop calling me 'captain.'"

"Not a chance." She liked the sound of it too much. "They could promote you to God and you'd still be my captain."

The look intensified. "Until my dying day." Quinn paused and frowned. "My next one, that is. And it may not expire even then." He started towards her. "But the principle remains sound." With a startling disregard for the waiting Dark Council he pulled her close and kissed her in exactly the way she had missed, the devastating dizzying way that probably meant he was warming her up to demand some kind of professional favor.

But he didn't.

"There's work to do," she murmured confusedly between kisses.

"I know," he whispered, and kept kissing her.

"Yech," Niselle called, and sent a stream of Force lightning at the two. "Knock it off, hormone-girl."

Nalenne sent a Force push her way that knocked her bald head against her high Council seat hard enough to knock her out.

"You know," Darth Ravage said loudly, "I can't decide which of you two is less qualified to be Wrath."

"At least Nalenne is Sith," said Darth Vowrawn.

"But the latest word from the Emperor favors Quinn," said Darth Marr. "What do you two have to say for yourselves?"

"We work together," announced Nalenne. Then, hurriedly, "but I'm definitely in charge."

"As you wish," Quinn said softly.

"See, you're smart, too," she told him. "I've missed that." She cleared her throat and spoke up. "I'm taking on the current project for his sake, but after that the work schedule is subject to negotiation."

Darth Marr covered his mask with one hand. "I hereby move to just send the Imperial Army en masse against the Jedi, since these two are clearly unprepared to accomplish anything."

"We'll handle it," said Nalenne. "Or at least get a good start before I foist it off on Insanity Company."

"There," said Vowrawn, "see? Everybody wins."

"I can't believe you're still defending this harpy," grumbled Marr.

"And I can't believe you promoted that brat who thinks demonstrations of affection should be punishable by death." Vowrawn gestured toward the still very unconscious Niselle.

"Better death than having to watch these two," said Marr.

Nalenne reluctantly broke her lock with Quinn. "Huh? – Right, um. We're just going to go." She squeezed Quinn's hand. "I got some critical pieces of the puzzle and I think we can fix this. Captain, if you have to...if you have to do the actual work first, I'll help you. But only because I really, really like you. Come on." With that she started heading toward the door.

"Thank the stars," muttered Quinn as he followed. "Dallying much longer could have spelled disaster."

"What was that?"

"I said I look forward to a happy future characterized by an acceptable work-life balance, my lord."

"Good man."


Here ends "burst of having wacky ideas for where to go" territory. From here on in I...uh...well, I guess we'll see! Guess I'd better write on to see how the current setup logically (I use the term loosely) plays out...
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10.30.2012 , 07:18 PM | #147
That is an extremely satisfying outcome. LOVE!

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10.31.2012 , 08:06 AM | #148
Note: Cross-referencing every background piece from the original NDOW run is almost prohibitively time-consuming, so, uh, I'll skip that.

CHRONICLES PRESENT, 51: In which, though this be Method, yet there is madness in it

Time period: During Master Rho's campaign

"My lord Wrath." Ensign Rylon bowed, his red hair flopping over his fervid eyes.

"Wrath," echoed Lieutenant Hareth, blushing even redder in the presence of a true Force-sensitive Sith.

"Lord Nalenne, I never got to congratulate you on your promotion!" Captain Pandorr said cheerfully.

"My lord," Lieutenant Ritter said gruffly.

Captain Rutau bowed. "My lord. Welcome to the Method."

Captain Pandorr stepped forward as Nalenne's crew filed out from the S.A.B.E.R. Helicarrier onto the hangar deck. "Pierce," said the round-faced officer, "it's fantastic to see you!"

"Can't believe you ended up under Quinn's command, mate. You used to be better'n this at avoiding pain."

"Are you joking? Best commander I ever had. You wouldn't believe what we get away with."

"Still melting the innards of anybody stupid enough to eat, drink, or inhale when you're around?"

"Now more than ever. Still fleecing Cathar?"

"Don't have any left to fleece. The Wrath and I finally cleared old Rashade a ways back."

"Wow! I wondered why he stopped picking fistfights with our artillery emplacements all of a sudden. That scrap must've been terrigreat! Did it take the orbital strike I said it would?"

Pierce grinned. "Nope. Just took the Wrath."

Pandorr gave Nalenne a look of mingled respect and delight. "Boy, I can't wait to see what you do to those Jedi."

"The firepower concentrated in this room could vaporize considerably larger challenges than the Hero of Tython," said Quinn. "I look forward to it." He turned to Nalenne. "Anyway, my lord. You said you had information."

"Didn't you get the briefing on the way here?" said Vette. "We had a few hours, you must've asked."

"No," said Nalenne happily.

"Oh," said Vette. "Yuck."

Nalenne just smiled smugly and turned to the assembly of officers. "Anyway, Insanity Company, I have news you're not going to believe." She waited for them to gather in a close circle. "After extensive investigation, or at least gossiping with the Emperor's Hand, I've figured out that this whole mess with Master Rho is just a big misunderstanding."

The officers exchanged looks.

"It's the kind of misunderstanding where we can still kill 'em all, right?" said Rylon.

"Oh, definitely," said Nalenne.

Pandorr let out a loud sigh of relief. "Whew! You had us worried, my lord. If we came all this way only to not give 'em what's coming to 'em…"

"That wouldn't do," growled Ritter.

"The purifying flame will not be denied," said Hareth. Nalenne gave her a curious look.

"She's something of a death worshipper, my lord," Quinn explained quietly. "I've tried to break her of it, but it's an uphill fight."

"Ah." Nalenne grinned. "I do hate denying flames, Lieutenant. This should be good."

Quinn cringed.

"So their big Sith, Lord Scourge, is a con artist. He's leading Rho on a hunt as a personal grudge. The Emperor's not planning anything worse than pestering me about my work ethic."

"Scourge, that…that fiend," Rutau said earnestly. "A lie like that won't stand! It can't!"

"I don't intend to leave much standing, Captain." Nalenne made a face. "You know what? I'm going to call you Rutau. Anyway, I don't know precisely what Rho has been chasing down but I know it's all meant to bring him to the Emperor for a final attack. We're going to intercept him. You gentlemen – and lady – are going to strike jointly with my crew. We'll take out that poor excuse for a Wrath and then chop up his Jedi friends at our leisure."

"It will be a triumphant operation," said Quinn.

"It'll be the most fun we've had in months," said Nalenne, grinning cheerfully. "All right, Quinn, why don't you show me around the mothership." She grabbed his elbow – a concession he tolerated with something approaching unselfconsciousness for once – and let him escort her out of the hangar.

Ensign Rylon stared after her. "So that's the Wrath, huh?"

"In the flesh," said Pierce.

"I bet she could crush the Republic in three days flat if she felt like it."

"Most likely."

"Wow." Rylon's voice cracked a little. "Does she have a sister?"

Pierce choked. Loudly. The ensuing series of hacking coughs and wheezes might plausibly have been either laughter or a windpipe collapse.

"Come on, Pierce, you can't die yet, we haven't even gotten started!" Pandorr thumped on Pierce's back, which only made him wheeze harder. "You haven't even seen the armory in this place. Completely splendiferous."

"A thing of beauty," agreed Rutau. "The Empire doesn't stint for its finest. Come on, let's go."

A hacking Pierce staggered behind the other officers and Broonmark toward the hangar doors.

Vette and Jaesa stayed behind.

"Vette?" said Jaesa.


"We're in big trouble."

"Yeah." Vette looked around uneasily. "Tell you what, why don't we find a room to convert into a lounge, 'cause I bet these guys don't even have one. We'll grab a bunch of pillows from Nalenne's self-pity fortress, make at least someplace comfortable."

Jaesa fiddled anxiously with her hair. "General Quinn will formally cite us for it."

"General Quinn can bite me. That hasn't changed."
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10.31.2012 , 09:41 AM | #149
Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
"General Quinn can bite me. That hasn't changed."
Vette keeps everything in perspective.

*uncontrollable giggles* This turn of events makes me so happy.

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10.31.2012 , 11:22 AM | #150
A note on organization: My ranks for Insanity Company bear no relation to any actual military structure. General Quinn and Captain Pandorr are both effectively accepting downgrades in their responsibilities for the purpose of this story. So it looks like this: General Quinn is CO of the company, Captain Rutau is XO, Captain Pandorr, Lieutenant Ritter, and Lieutenant Hareth each command a platoon, and Ensign Rylon is attached to Ritter's platoon.

CHRONICLES PRESENT, 52: In which we see an operation

Time period: During Master Rho's campaign

"First platoon reporting," buzzed Captain Pandorr via earpiece. "Republic's off the east road. You oughta see 'em running."

"I do. Those cowards," confirmed Lieutenant Ritter. "Second platoon reporting, Republic guns on the north side are offline. Our odds are upgraded from ten to one to two to one and getting better."

"Third platoon reporting," declared Lieutenant Hareth. "Our glorious immolation at the hands of the enemy is being obstructed by the enemy's complete inability to withstand our might. Orders?"

"Continue killing them, Hareth," Quinn advised patiently. "Sacrificing their side for the glory of the Emperor will suffice."

"YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" reported Ensign Rylon.

"He is just adorable," giggled Pandorr. "Keep at it, scout!"

"Focus," said Quinn. "Secure the perimeter and meet us at the gate. The main event is on its way."

The Republic armored column that was to have constituted the main event was a ragged cavalcade of smoking, shuddering vehicles by the time the main body of Insanity Company had converged on it. Nalenne and Jaesa kept leaping from tank to tank dispatching the occupants; Pierce, Broonmark, and Vette had taken charge of the first three vehicles to bring them in as badly burned but still operational trophies.

Ensign Rylon sheathed his vibroknife and stared as the lead tank juddered to a halt, leaving Nalenne positioned in a triumphant pose on top of the main turret looking out over the company.

She leaped down dramatically to stand before Quinn. She was smiling ear to ear when she proclaimed "This was a fantastic idea."

Lieutenant Ritter frowned as he looked over the captured tanks. "You might've saved some for the rest of us, my lord."

"Insanity clan is welcome to tank," blorped Broonmark as he climbed out of the lead vehicle. "Tank is very badly suited to Talz ergonomics."

"Oh," said Ritter, who understood Talz from his hitch on Hoth. "Oh, so you're going to take all the armored vehicles for yourself and then whine that the ceiling's mussing your fur, is that it? Maybe you'd rather be wading through guts with the rest of us."

"This would be acceptable," buzzed Broonmark.

"Oh," said Ritter, sort of losing his direction with his irritation now that he was faced with reasonableness. "Right, then."

"We should move on," said Quinn. He touched his earpiece. "Rutau. Courtyard?"

"Cleared of automated defenses, sir."

"We're ready."

"One gate coming down."

Pierce, Broonmark, and Vette dismounted to join Nalenne and Insanity Company while the Republic base's great gate slid open.

"You didn't even blow it up," Pierce said, disappointed.

"Yes, some of the unit's recent innovations include a modicum of restraint," said Quinn. "I've found it quite efficacious."

Rutau limped up to salute. "Sent a few scouts into the ancient tunnels, sir. No word of additional defenses…but no word of the Jedi, either. Orders?"

Quinn frowned at him. "Captain, you're listing to one side."


"Seems your fake leg's a bit slagged, mate," said Pierce, pointing. "Were you taking out their turrets by kicking 'em in the generators, or what?"

Rutau looked down at the warped, scorched remnants of his mechanical leg. "Oh, that! Not really a surprise. Droids must've hit it while we were clearing the courtyard."

"You should probably get that looked at," Jaesa said anxiously.

"Psht." Rutau waved away her concern. "Happens all the time. I've yet to meet a battle droid that hasn't taken a shot at me, and I'm including some of our own; they always malfunction at the damnedest times. Honestly, I've stopped noticing." He grinned cheerfully at Quinn. "So! Shall we continue, sir?"

"Yes. Your attitude is commendable. Now, this entire base is built over the site of an ancient Sith complex. If the Jedi has business here it will be near the center; Rutau, the Wrath and I will investigate."

"Permission to brave the unknown dangers of this dark heart of Sith power for the Emperor, sir," said Hareth.

"…Granted. Pandorr, Ritter, pick a few people to go with Rylon and scout the tunnels. Kill anything that moves. Vette, go along with – "

Nope," said Vette.

"Vette, I am willing to acknowledge that your skills for this would be – "

"Nope," said Vette.

"Hey, Vette," said Nalenne. "I'm buying you the hugest cake we can find when we get back. You should probably go check some of these tunnels, make sure nothing's going to make our lives miserable."

"Hmph," said Vette. Then, to Quinn, "I do this for her, not for you."

"I don't think there was ever any danger of confusion on that point," said Quinn.

But the Jedi was nowhere to be found; neither could they locate a glorious sacrifice for the Emperor, an additional good scrap, or any soldiers less sissy than the ones they had already routed. They called in a separate Imperial unit to occupy this heaviest fortress in the capital city of a proud and warlike world that had stood staunchly with the Republic for over a millennium; then, since it was nearly time for supper, they packed up and left.

Nalenne edged up close to Quinn on the shuttle. "Nicely done," she said.

"It went well," he agreed.

"I like seeing you command. Especially when you're doing it to someone else. And I do like seeing you win." Ignoring the rest of the crowded shuttle, she leaned in to whisper in his ear. "We really, really need to do this again sometime."

He turned his head to look her in the eye, smiling a small but meaningful smile as he did so. "I intend to."
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