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The Best Star ship

Liquidacid's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 03:47 PM | #11
whatever ship I am currently in

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Lord_of_Mu's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 04:03 PM | #12
The Ebon Hawk! If only we could get the damn thing..

In terms of best designed interior, from the few ships I have seen I'd have to say Imperial Agent, followed by Trooper and Smuggler with Jedi Knight falling in last. I'm looking forward to seeing the Sith Warrior and Bounty Hunter ships.

I'd love the ship design team to take a page from the mass effect teams' book and give us something that rivals the Normandy SR 2.

Loki_The_Wise's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 04:23 PM | #13
Personally, The BH has the coolest ship of the bunch primarily because it looks like a completely awesome cross between the Slave I and Serenity (from Firefly). My least favorite it the Trooper's since I find it kinda ugly IMO, probably because I prefer the more symmetrical designs.

All told, my list goes like this:
Mantis>Phantom>XS Freighter>Fury>Defender>Thunderclap

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AshlaBoga's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 04:27 PM | #14
Imperial Agent ship.
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Ausstig's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 04:34 PM | #15
IA, no contest.

Then the Sith ship.

Then probs the Jedi ship, though it loses points for being on two levels. Then Smuggler; Hawk 2.0, Bounty Hunter then Trooper it just looks stupid.

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07.01.2012 , 04:35 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by norlof View Post
I agree. The only shortcoming is there is no room for your companions on the JC/JK I guess its a slumber party in my room.
If you had chosen a trooper this would not of happened, in one room you can have a full ops briefing with 20 people.
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07.01.2012 , 05:45 PM | #17
I like the Sith Warrior/Inquisitor ship best so far, the layout makes it seem very spacious and I like that it has crew quarters and a functional looking med bay. The lighting is kinda lousy though . . . seriously, can't the ship droid install some decent light fixtures? Maybe my Sith can steal a C2-N2 model, they seem to be able to figure that sort of thing out.
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07.01.2012 , 07:24 PM | #18
The Smuggler one without a doubt.
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bright_ephemera's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 08:18 PM | #19
Exterior: IA.

However, the interior is this curvy soothing-colors ergonomic bull**** that reminds me of sterile conference centers. For the interior, give me the Sith Warrior's magnificently Imperial darkness or the Smuggler's comfortable clutter.
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07.01.2012 , 09:36 PM | #20
The smuggler ship looks like what I'd expect to see on the galaxy's equivalent of Hoarders.

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