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Server responsiveness issuess after consolidation

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Server responsiveness issuess after consolidation

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06.16.2012 , 01:53 AM | #1
I haven't seen a post in the forums about this yet, if it does exist, please excuse the extra noise.

We just moved from The Swiftsure to The Bastion, which turned out to be great. A very healthy population, the game feels vibrant and alive again, thanks BioWare! However, it seems to have brought a new issue, server response time. I've noticed on the Republic Fleet (no imperial toons to test on their fleet) that functions like mail, cargo hold access, crew skills tabs, take a few seconds to complete once they're interacted with. It does happen at peak times when there's 200+ people on the fleet. I understand the server is working much harder with so many people, but is there something in the works to address the responsiveness of the servers? It's not a huge deal, and I have not seen this yet in other zones, operations, or warzones. Just figured I'd ask, since I have noticed this now over the past few days since our transfer.

Again, thanks for the server transfers, and how smooth the transfer process was. This problem I'm reporting is a good problem I suppose, just want to know if you're aware of it and are going to try and address it somehow. If you need any log information or debug information to be collected, please let me know and I'll be happy to collect it.
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