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Legacy Wars

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05.28.2012 , 10:44 PM | #1
( So, the temptation became to great not to. Contains some mild spoilers for SW and BH storylines)

“Big things, have small beginnings…” -Prometheus Movie.

Prologue – The Future

Darth Laresa Jinobie kneeled over an unmoving figure on the ground, her expression hidden inside the cowl of her robe. Behind her Jedi Master and Guardian Xerrin Jinobie had yet to release her attack position, her blue lightsaber glowing in the darkness around them.

It was almost a cliché scene. Almost. The crack of lightning illuminated the three figures below. Rain beat down on them, the grass beneath their boots more puddles than ground, unable to absorb the force of the storm fast enough.

“Why? Why… why… WHY?!” Each word that suddenly flew from Darth’s mouth grew louder than the last, her emotions raging. Darth Jinobie abandoned the unmoving figure, whirling around and surged to her feet. She had yet to draw her weapon. “You know my aims,” she hissed at the Jedi.

“I only know you are Sith,” Master Xerrin said with unwavering conviction.

“I would never have harmed you,” Darth Jinobie all but growled.

“But you would burn all that I stand for.”

“Oh, you frakking moron. Have you lost all reason?!”

“Your judgments hold no power over me dark one.”

“Fine. If it is the dark side of the force you wish to face, you will have it.” With one graceful motion she withdrew both her Lightsabers, bringing their menacing purple glow to life.

Xerrin twirled her lightsaber once, ready. “Your arrogance has blinded you. You will not beat me.”

“Oh, shut up.”

As their blades violently clashed, there was one hell of a disturbance in the force.

The Past

Chapter 1 - An Anomaly
Ilum, Eastern Ice Shelf

A chilly wind picked up the snow, flinging it carelessly. There was nothing around the two dueling figures but towering rocks of grey ice and endless plains of cold white. Lightsabers collided. Purple to blue. Consular Shadow Elliah Tosh Jinobie’s dark red eyes studied his student. His white hood concealed his dark grey skin. A Chiss Jedi Master – one of the first. An utter anomaly.

“Where is your mind now, Nadia?” Elliah asked, pressing his purple blade harder against his pupil’s.

Nadia’s face pinched. “I could lose you tomorrow… That’s all I can think about sometimes.”

“Use your fear. Do not suppress it. But you must control it.”

He attacked her swiftly, the double blades of his lightsaber cutting through the cold air without mercy. She would defend or she would be cut. She did not hesitate, her blue blade colliding with his, her body sliding, flipping out of the way of his attacks.

“She has improved.”

A mechanical, yet female voice behind him. Elliah’s mouth quirked into a tiny smile. “Hold Nadia,” he said. Nadia immediately halted, but jerked her gaze towards the interruption. Her eyes widened and she frowned. Elliah sheathed his lightsaber but Nadia did not.

“A Sith. I didn’t sense-”

“I am of the dark side but no threat to you child.” Darth Laresa Jinobie walked towards them, her face hidden behind the helmet, further obscured by the black and red hood over her head. A lightsaber waited patiently on each side of her hips, but her gloved fingers hung loosely.

“You received my message,” Elliah said. He touched Nadia’s shoulder. “It’s all right.”

Nadia looked at him, confusion and unease on her face. “You summoned a Sith Lord?”

“Easy, Nadia. I’ll explain. I promise. Just give us a moment.”

Laresa said nothing, merely waited. Nadia stared at the Dark Lord for a moment longer. Reluctantly, she sheathed her own double bladed lightsaber. “You’ll be all right?”

“I will. I won’t be long.” Elliah reassured her.

Nadia nodded tightly. She gave Laresa one last suspicious parting glance before she walked away.

Elliah came up to Laresa, pulling back his hood. “You could have warned me you would come so swiftly, wife.”

“There is no fun without surprise.” Her tone sounded amused. She pulled back her hood, and removed her helmet. Her right eye was mechanical. Additional implants curved down her cheek and jaw. “How many codes of the Jedi has your Padawan broken so far?”

“She is a Knight now. Well deserved. And she minds the ones that matter. That is more than enough.” Elliah took one of Laresa’s hands warmly between his own.

She stepped into him, pressing her lips briefly against the corner of his mouth. “You called for me husband. What is it?”

“Lancoro is coming to visit you.”

“You’ve seen something.”

“Only possibilities. He will need his mother, not the dark lord.”

“Silly Jedi. I am always both.”

Amusement moved across his face. “You know what I mean.”

“I will take care of him.”

“He’s important.”

“He’s your favorite.”

“Because he reminds me of you.”

A pleased smile slide across her mouth. Her eyes strayed over Elliah’s shoulder to the pacing Jedi Knight. Her smile turned darker.

“She loves you. Do you return her affection, or is her passion enough?”

His smile was quiet. Gentle. “I feel for her as strongly as you feel for him.”

A sudden chill swept into her eyes. “I doubt that.”

Ellaih touched her cheek. She accepted his touch, but it did little to change her expression. “You love him,” he said.


“You are better for it.”

“Perhaps. But you will not presume to understand how I feel again. Not about him.”

“As you wish.” Elliah stepped into her, pressing his lips against her forehead. “I will see you soon, wife,” he murmured.

She did grace him with a quiet smile. Leaned into his touch. It lasted mere seconds though. She drew back and put on her helmet. She snapped up her hood and without another word walked over to her speeder.

Elliah watched her until she faded from sight. When he turned around, he was not surprised to see Nadia so close.

“What is going on?! You were… why were you touch-”

He moved swiftly, cupping her face between his cool hands and pressed his mouth to her protesting one. She did not hesitate to return his kiss and wrapped her arms around him. He drew back after long moments, both of them breathless. “There is serenity in passion. I will show you. And then I will tell you everything you need to know.”

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05.28.2012 , 10:53 PM | #2
Chapter 2 - The Bounty Hunter's Gone Soft
Imperial Fleet, Orbital Space
D-15 Mantis

We’d just gotten back on the ship and were headed for our next job. I was in the cockpit with Mako, feeding the coordinates into the galaxy map when she started giggling. Her amusement never failed to suck me in. I didn’t always let her see that though.

“What’s so funny?” Smooth nonchalance, that was me.

“So you wanna hear the latest news from the holonet?” She turned to look at me, laughter in her eyes. “There’s a lot of buzz about you. Apparently, you have a fan club now.”

I quirked a brow, leaving the computer station to come closer to her. “You gotta admit, they’re onto something.”

She liked my arrogance. Her grin and teasing tone was proof. “They are. Admiring you from afar. Way better than being close enough to smell you.”

Touché. After a good gun fight she usually herded me towards the showers with a vibro-prod. I changed tactics. “If one of us was going to have fans, I’d think it would be you.”

Score one for me. She got one of those, I’m-really-trying-to-control-how-big-this-gets smiles. “You’re really cute, you know that?” Anybody else called me cute I’d break their jaw. Mako called me cute I smiled. I didn’t do it that often. She knew it, and it must have made her realize what she said because she started back tracking. “It’s not going to work. You and me. It’s a small ship. Nowhere to go when things get ugly. We’re just not meant to be involved.”

I wasn’t buying that. Especially not with the looks she threw my way when she thought I wasn’t paying attention. “Just friends? End of story?”

“Strictly business.” I had to give it to her, she sounded pretty strong. Until she quietly added, “No matter how much you give me that… sort of melty look.”

A plan was forming in my mind. I let her retreat for now, after making sure I gave her another few seconds of my melty look. Back at the map I set our course for Hoth.

We spent the next eight hours in the cold. I didn’t mind it, but slight little Mako hated it. She toughed it out, though I did offer to use Torian. She refused, telling me she was no push over and to just keep going. She was cute when she was being tough.

Halfway into our current assignment, we’d made a new ally in our search. We also had some time to kill while Blizz the Jawa worked his magic on a device I was going to need to go beat up an unbeatable android.

“I saw a Cantina,” I said to her. “C’mon. Let’s warm up.”

“Yes, please. I can’t feel anything.”

So tempted, I was, to put that to the test. Patience, Hunter.

The Dorn Base Cantina wasn’t bad. I took off the bulk of my armor, took her hands between mine and blew warm air onto them. I knew she felt that by the expression that slid over her face and how fast she pulled her hands out of mine.

“That’s better,” she said quickly. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” I said easily. I looked at Gthyk and ordered us two mugs of Huttese Hangovers.

She could hold it down, and I loved that about her too. I hated it when women got sloppy and thought it was cute you had to carry their drunk, giggling tails around just to get some play.

“Wanna dance?” I asked her halfway through our drinks.

“One there’s no music. Two, you can dance? No way.”

I gave her a sly look and bought a token from the Gthyk. Easing on over to the jukebox, I dropped in the coin and selected Shake that Wampa Down, one of my favorites.

Mako burst into laughter at my selection, and I wasted no time in showing her my moves. She looked positively delighted when I put my fists up and shook my butt to the rhythm. I pulled her deeper into my awesome when I put one hand behind my head, stuck my other hand out and bop slid to the right. Then I did it to the left. When she got close enough I could grab her, we we’re really jamming.

It was just a good time. We stayed out there for two more songs, and then she actually wanted to go out into the cold weather. I picked up my armor but didn’t put it back on.

We didn’t go far, just outside the entrance way. It was snowing, no big surprise for Hoth.

She breathed in the cold air, letting it cool her off and I just watched her. I loved looking at her. She was the balance to this rough, utterly challenging, perfect life I’d chosen for myself. She was something I’d reach for once I’d holstered my blaster. Someone who wouldn’t mind the smell of smoke and a good fight.

She shivered, and I stepped closer, putting my arm around her and pulling her smaller frame against my side. She sighed and leaned into me. She kept her arms crossed against her chest, but I felt her cheek nuzzle, felt the subtle press of her body. Patience, Hunter.

“We should go see if Blizz is done,” she said after a moment. A bit reluctantly I might add.

“Okay.” I made sure my touch lingered against the small of her back as we walked back inside.

Blizz was just cool. I reaffirmed my vow that I was going to get him out of that cage once I was done on this planet. He could tag along with us, he’d already proven himself useful, or find his own way, but he wasn’t staying in there.

He didn’t have any updates for us. One of his parts had fizzed out, so he was making a new one. He’d snuck out of his cage and rummaged around the base for the repair items he needed. He’d been back before the Chiss guard had even noticed he was gone.

Blizz assured us he would be done by morning. That was more than fine by me.

“Now what?” Mako asked.

“We’ll head back to the ship,” I said moving in that direction. Already I was forming a reason to get Torian and Gault out of sight for a few hours. “I’ve got some work to do.” Lies, all lies.

She didn’t argue with me though, so we headed back to the Mantis. It was a good omen when I found a note from Torian and Gault to the right of the door. They’d gone to fence some cargo we’d taken out of Adascorp back on Quesh. I was glad they were making themselves useful. Gladder that Mako and I were now alone.

“No Gault? Really? What a perfect end to the day.” Mako grinned and moved for the stairs. I was getting ready to disagree with her. I dropped my armor and came up behind her. She stilled with one foot on the step as I halted her movements with my hands on her hips.

“Coro…?” She liked the latter part of my name. I didn’t care what she called me. She didn’t move either, just waited.

I made her gasp in surprise when I turned her around to face me. “What are you doing?” She, like… breathed out the question. It was amazing.

“Testing your theory,” I said quietly.

She opened her mouth like she was going to ask me what theory, and I answered when I kissed her. She was unresponsive for about half a second. After that… well, she couldn’t get close enough.

-Black Screen-

I want to tell her. Everything little single thing about my life. My strange pairing of parents, my siblings, our goal, all of it. I can’t though, not yet at least. I’m no mamma’s boy, but I’m going to need mom’s council on this one. I’d ask dad, but I don’t think I have the patience for his light side, philosophical question and answer games.

“Are you writing? In a journal? Seriously?”

Crap. Busted. I quickly closed the old book and turned in my chair.

Mako was sitting up in bed. Correction, Mako was sitting up in my bed, the sheet pulled over her chest, her hair mused, that perfect grin on her face. She looked so sated, like a woman should after the romp we’d just had.
She started checking me out as she waited for my answer, which was pretty darn distracting. I watched her gaze track my bare chest, linger over my big arms. I couldn’t help but swell with a little bit of masculine pride when her cheeks flushed like she was remembering what had just gone down between us. Okay, maybe I wanted to jump up and beat on my chest, while shouting through the galaxy that everyone could now refer to me as Lancoro: Grand Champion of Mako. Yeah, that’s right, Mako.

“Have you always done that?” she said, interrupting my thoughts. “I’ve never seen you…”

“Well you made it a point not to come near this room for a while.” I couldn’t help but remind her about all that time she’d wasted playing hard to get. Not that I minded chasing after her. She just cutely rolled her eyes at me so I stopped dodging the question. “I uh, yeah, I write sometimes. When I’ve got a lot of stuff going in my head. Helps clear it out.”

“So, what you’re saying is you’re not just a big brute that stress releases only with his bolt pistol and a live hunt?”

She was teasing me. I loved that. I hated it too. Not her, just the way it made me feel. This little slicer was turning me into a big softie. “Actually, I think you might be my new way to stress release.” I felt the need to get some man points back here, since I was really feeling like cuddling. She rewarded me by turning beet red and ducking back under the sheet. After everything we’d just done (and little miss innocent was not so innocent by the way) I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hey Coro?”

“Yeah, babe?”

“Come back to bed.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice.

-Black Screen-

Sometime later…

I was standing in the **** pit, plotting our new course. She was behind me, freshly showered and dressed in one my shirts that completely swallowed her, sipping a mug of coffee.

“I need to go to Ilum,” I said.

“Now? Blizz should be done, you know.”

“I know. I won’t be gone long. I’ve made arrangements for you and the guys to relax on Alderaan.”

Mako suddenly eyeballed me. “At House Girard? With that arrogant woman you slept with?”

“You didn’t like her?”

“Ew. I still can’t believe you hooked up with her.”

I kinda liked her jealous. Which was why I had banged that stuck up prude, Baroness Aitalla in the first place. “C’mon, you weren’t putting out. Guys gotta do-“

“Don’t. Don’t ruin everything I love about you.”

I turned around in my chair, grinning at her. “Love huh?”

She was blushing again, and hastily avoided my eyes. “You know what I mean.”

“You’re not staying with her. You’re hanging out at Outpost Eudor with Chanya. Torian wants to go bug hunting with her.”

She looked slightly mollified. “You’re such a jerk.”

“Can’t argue.”

“So… what’s on Ilum? Secret girlfriend?”

“No. All business.” Sort of. It wasn’t entirely business, it was family but I couldn’t tell her that. I did get out of my chair though, and walked up to her. She was so tiny, I loved the way she just fit around me. I really liked crowding her too, and so did she. I could tell by the way her eyes got all smokey. She set the mug down and ran her hands over my arms. “You’re my girlfriend,” I said. “I’m a lotta things, but I’m not a cheater.”

She didn’t try to control how big her smile got this time. “I am, huh?”

“Yup. Better update your slicer bio on the holonet. You’re taken now.”

She laughed and there I went wanting to do the whole chest bang thing again. She prevented it by kissing me. “Hurry back. You don’t want me spending too much time with Torian.”

“What? I will push that little punk out of the airlock with my pinky.”

“Stop it. You won’t. You like Torian.”

“I don’t like him that much. Do I have to put you two kids on different planets?”

She looked a little too smug that she’d gotten a rise out of me. Her fingers crept up my arms and wound around my neck as she tipped her head back, looking up at me with this expression in her eyes I couldn’t quite place. It was new, but I liked it.

“I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a cheater,” she said and kissed my chin.

“That mean I get to be your boyfriend?”

“I guess so. Until the next champion of the great hunt comes along.”

“Wow. Way to take the magic out of everything.”

She started laughing again. “Really? You’re gonna start with me about-“

I cut her off with a kiss. She didn’t seem to mind.

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Chapter 3 - The Parental Advice of a Sith
Ilum, Eastern Ice Shelf

One of the first sounds I remember hearing as a kid was my mother’s lightsabers.

I stood in the snow, hand resting on my blaster hilt, watching the wicked grace of her movements. She was a brutal fighter, a cruel one really. My mother punished her opponents with strikes that were meant to hurt more as the fight progressed. If she could not beat her enemy with skill alone, she would beat him with pain. Constant never ever ending seconds of it, until death was a welcome reprieve from the fight.

When she was done manhandling the group of soldiers I couldn’t identify, she ordered Lieutenant Pierce to secure the cargo. She walked over to me after her order was given and I fell in step beside her.

“What takes you away from your trials as a Bounty Hunter?” She asked without preamble.

“I need your advice about something unexpected.” I paused. Was there any way to say this without sounding like a emo Evocii? Whatever. “I’m in love.”

“I see.”

“I hadn’t planned on it. I was only going to use her as needed to get the job done. But she… snuck up on me.”

“It’s Mako then?”


She sounded amused. Either that or she was making fun of me. Probably both. “And now, like a teenage boy, you’re bursting at the seams with it, longing to tell her everything, to ease the plots in your mind with her gentle wisdom.”

I made a face. “Not when you say it like that.”

My mother laughed, a low humorous sound. She pulled back her hood, and then pulled off her helmet. She had her own battle scars along her jaw around her cybernetic implant, and a wicked one around her neck. And, even though the dark side of the force made its power inside her visibly known I still thought she had this harsh kind of beauty.

I studied her for a moment. “Do you love, Dad?” If my dark side loving, Darth of a mother did, there was hope for me yet.

“Your father and I have a deep mutual respect for each other. I do care about him a great deal. But I do not love him.”

Crap. I pressed on. “You love someone though.”

She was silent a moment before she confessed quietly, “Yes.”

That shocked me actually. I had prepared for the negative and for her to tell me that love was a weakness we couldn’t afford. “Who?”

“All you need know about him is that he was my first lesson in the dangers of my own arrogance.” The hardness in her tone softened by a degree. “But, I carry a soft spot for him I cannot explain. He betrayed me, tried to kill me, and he lives. I love him still, and it angers me greatly.”

I could literally feel the strength of my mother’s emotions. I could feel the force, use it just a bit. Mind you, a very, very, very small bit and only in extreme situations but I could. And I have to say that there was nothing better (Mako’s a real close second though) than force choking some idiot that just wouldn’t shut up before you blasted his stomach open with your pistol.

“Lancoro…” My mother stopped our walk with her hand on my arm. She touched my face with her other. “My only advice to you is this; let her show you who she is before you trust her completely. And then never trust her completely.”

“What do you mean?”

“If she is a strong woman, she has conviction. One day that conviction may come at odds with your own. If forced to choose, it may not be you.”

I didn’t like that. I didn’t like the thought that Mako wouldn’t choose me, even though I was prepared to not choose her. It might not have been fair, but it was honest. My loyalty was to my family. Not to Mandalore, or the Imperials, or anyone else. Still, I really wanted Mako to fit into this picture somehow.

My mother must have sensed my rapidly spinning thoughts. She smiled and patted my cheek bringing me out of them. “It’s a caution, not a prophesy of doom. You can inspire loyalty in a way a Sith cannot. Vette, Quinn, Pierce, Jaesa, they love me but I will always be prepared for the moment they may find an opportunity to betray me.” Her eyes hardened. “I learned that lesson the Sith way. You need not.”

I canted my head at her, suddenly understanding her in a different way. “Peace is a lie,” I said quietly.

Her smile faintly returned. “No. It is merely fleeting. I have felt peace. With your father. Moments with you, and your siblings. Nothing is absolute, Lancoro.”

I felt better. A little smarter too. I nodded. “I understand.”

Her smile turned edgier. She backed up a step and tossed me one of her lightsabers. “Show me.”

I caught it easily, bringing out the blade. “Yes ma’am.”

Intermission - The Watchers

Their all white hooded suits made them blend into landscape. Robotic eyes allowed them to zoom in on their two targets. The implants in their ears allowed them to hear. The one on the right scanned through the file on his datapad. Everything they saw updated the information in the device in real time.

“He is second born.”

“His father cannot be the Chiss.”

“His biological maker is Lieutenant Pierce.”

“That makes sense. All right, got him. Who’s next?”

“She has a daughter. An Imperial Agent. Recently promoted.”

“Let’s find out what she knows.”

(More will come as scattered thoughts collide and I find time)

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Chapter 4 – A layer revealed
Alderaan to Hoth

I left Ilum both feeling better and not. I was also a little sore from my spar with my mom. I made the quick stop to Alderaan to pick up the gang.

When Mako saw me, my little slicer jumped on me and kissed me, right in front of everybody. Nothing too risqué mind you, but still it made my good mood return in full force. How did you not feel like the man after a greeting like that?

“Torian’s teaching me how to speak Mandalorian,” she said getting back down on her feet.

“Oh yeah? Nice. We need to get back to Hoth.”

“Figured you’d say that. All right, let’s go.”

I glanced over at the rest of the gang, watching as Gault swaggered away from a group of soldiers, putting a pile of credits in his pocket. Torian bid a respectful good-bye to Chanya. She was an odd bird with her Order of Killik killers or whatever they called themselves, but she was a hunter with a code and I could respect that. In fact I’d made sure that Lord Serjay Thul, one of the contenders for the throne had left her alive during my brief visit to this planet.

I shook my head amusedly at my strange little crew as we got back on the Mantis.

During the ride, Mako chatted at me. I’ll admit I was only half listening but I liked the sound of her voice as a background to my thoughts so I didn’t mind it. I was paying attention enough that I could respond with the typical male fill in when needed.

Back on Hoth, Blizz had finished modifying a blaster so I could penetrate the shield of the three eyed droid I was chasing. It was a nice piece of tech; Blizz certainly lived up to the Jawa rep where those things were concerned.
Blaster in hand, Mako and I took off. Short story shorter; I found Ayro and put him down. Crazy frakkin droid he was. It wasn’t the hardest fight I’ve ever been in and it got me one step closer to the name on my black list – Reneget Vause.

After checking in with Blizz, I got the next location for another of Reneget’s Captain’s. Reneget had refused to fight me because I wasn’t worthy, and disappeared before I could make him. I was getting his attention by knocking off all his top people one by one.

Mako and I were headed towards Imperial Outpost Zerek. Every now and then I’d do some odd jobs for the Imps while I was running around tracking down my Bounty. I also had a… list of things to keep an eye out for while I was on my travels. It was Imperial Agent Fixer 308 that set off one of the items on that list.

I had earned myself quite the reputation so far on Hoth for being able to handle the jobs the Imps elite squads hadn’t. Fixer 308 was cute, level headed, and professional. She seemed to have more brains than half the other Intelligence lackey’s I’d come across so I didn’t mind her updating me on her current situation and what she needed.

“We’ve been hitting the White Maw operation so hard they’ve called a meeting,” Fixer 308 said. The White Maw Pirates were giving the Imperials and Republic a problem on Hoth. The Pirates were also a group that could be real valuable to the right kind of person.

“Every one of their gangs will be represented. We intend to get you into that meeting and capture or kill everyone present. The hard part is getting there,” Fixer continued.

Things the Imps thought were difficult usually weren’t, at least not for me. Though, to be a little fair, I’d had some serious training growing up. “I’m listening, Fixer.”

“The shuttles of the leaders trusted captains will have the meeting coordinates programmed into their navicomputers. Find a lieutenant with a shuttle, kill him, get his access card and steal his ship. After that, all you have to do is fly it to the meeting.”

“Haven’t stolen a ship since I got mine. This should be fun.”

“Your enthusiasm is heartening. We won’t get another opportunity like this again.”

“Then I ought to charge you extra.” I was only half serious.

“Pull this off and I’ll see to it you get double,” Fixer 308 said.

“Done. See you soon.”

My mind was going a mile a minute on this one for a few reasons. The big one was I hadn’t told Mako anything yet. It looked like I wasn’t going to be able to keep everything from her much longer.

We got on my speeder and she snuggled up close to my back as we speed away from the Outpost. When we were far enough into the wild I wasn’t worried about my transmission being picked up I pulled over.

“What are we stopping for?” Mako asked.

“I need to make a call.”

She looked at me curiously as I pulled out my holocom and dialed up my mother.

Her form appeared. Mako looked all kinds of surprised but said nothing.

“You’ve found something.” Always right to the point my mother.

“Yes ma’am. All the current White Maw Pirate leaders are about to have a big meeting. I’m off to snag an access card and a shuttle to their location.”

“Excellent work. Once you get the coordinates transmit them to me. The others will meet you there.”

“Got it.”

I switched off the holocom. Mako just stared at me.

“Okay... what’s going on? Who was that?”

Mom had said let Mako show me who she was first. I thought I knew, but I was about to get a real good glimpse right now. I hesitated, choosing my words carefully.

“We need to keep this just between us but… my mother is a Sith Lord.”

Mako’s eyes widened. “What? Really?”


“How big of a Sith Lord?”

“Remember all that buzz a while back about the Sith Lord that killed her master in front of the Dark Council?”

“That was your mom?!”

I nodded.

“Wow. Whoa. That’s… okay give me a second.” Mako looked like she was furiously processing. “Wow. So many things about you just… make sense now.”

My mouth quirked at that. I hadn’t told her the half of it.

“What about your dad?” She asked.

“That’s… complicated.”

She just looked at me for a long moment, her gaze searching. “You’re not telling me the whole story.”

I said nothing, an answer in itself.

“So wait, since your mom’s a Sith Lord does that mean you’ve got this secret loyalty to the Empire?

“Not exactly. That’s… complicated too.”

I could see the relief pass through her eyes. Mako didn’t have any deep love for the Republic or the Empire. I had to bite back a laugh though when her eyes widened almost comically. “Wait, is she coming right now? Am I about to meet your mom?” She looked a little panicked. Out of everything I had, and had not said, Mako was nervous about meeting my mom.

“Not sure if she’ll join. She’s in the middle of something important on Ilum. She’s probably sending two of our closest allies though.”

“You are seriously connected aren’t you?”

“Kinda. We don’t really make our family tree public knowledge. Mom expected us to make something of ourselves on our own.” We weren’t any good to her, or dad, if we couldn’t.

“We? Do you have like, brothers and sisters?”

“I have an older brother and a younger sister. I’m the middle kid.”

“Will you tell me about them?”

“Eventually.” Maybe. I hoped so.

Mako mulled over that for another moment, then nodded. “Okay. We better go get that access card if you’ve got a whole posy coming.”

I fought back a grin. “Not too weird for you?”

Mako laughed. “Really? After everything you know, or actually we don’t know about me? Your story is kinda boring so far, Coro.”

I smiled faintly. “Solid point.”

I climbed back on the speeder and Mako retook her spot against my back. I grinned as we pulled out. Just maybe everything would work out after all.

Chapter 5 - Sith Stuff

Electricity attacked, a vicious seemingly endless wave of it from the stretched out fingers of Darth Shadishan Storm. Next to him, Darth Miji Minamoto watched with a bored expression on her face.

“I could kill him faster with my lightsaber,” she said.

“What fun is it, if they don’t stuffer?”

“He didn’t piss me off that much that I cared.”

Shadishan glanced at her. “Why don’t you like fun?”

Miji rolled her eyes at him. One of the Imperial troopers at her feet groaned and she flicked a glance down at him. She withdrew her lightsaber, called out the blade, and nonchalantly drove it into the trooper’s eye.

Her holocom rang and her expression brightened. Leaving the lightsaber embedded in the trooper’s skull, Miji used that hand to answer it. Darth Jinobie appeared and Shadishan stopped electrocuting the Imperial Sergeant. The man collapsed with a groan of pain, twitching uncontrollably.

“Did your hunter find them?” Darth Shadishan asked.

“We have the location. I’m sending you the coordinates,” Darth Jinobie said. “Tell Agent Rystaan we will need his services, Miji.”

“He’ll meet us there,” Darth Miji said.

“Will you join be joining us?” Darth Shadishan asked.

“No. There is some advanced mining equipment the Republic and Imperials are fighting over. If either of them gets their hands on it, it will speed up their ability to out produce the other. I think we have greater need for it.”

“Excellent idea. We’ll call you when we’re done on Hoth,” Darth Shadishan said.

“Good hunting,” Darth Jinobie ended the call.

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Chapter 5 – A pawn is taken (The Sith’s Perspective)
Ilum - Eastern Ice Shelf
Western Jedi ruins

I stood on a hill, my cybernetic eye scanning the situation below us. Imperial forces had surrounded the ruins, but the Republic had responded swiftly to retrieve the equipment from their downed transport. We would have to attack both, simultaneously and swiftly.

Jaesa stood next to me and I could feel the anticipation coil within her. Her utter love for the dark side was as strong as her love for me. It was a curious thing, her loyalty. But Vette had given me some insight not so very long ago that made a great deal of sense.

“You will lead the first wave,” I said to her.

Her smile was lethal. “Yes master.”

General Pierce came up behind us. “Scouts in place my lord. We won’t be interrupted. No Imps or Republic troops anywhere near us.”

“Good,” I said. I pulled on my helmet. I shared Jaesa’s thrill of battle. The love of a good fight, the skill, the danger, the finality of it all.

“How’s Lan been?” Pierce asked, using his binoculars to scan the situation below us.

“Excellent. He found a lead on Hoth.”

“That a boy.”

Pierce had had no issue being solely a genetic maker. He had no issue catering to my desires on occasion either. He had worked out better than expected. At one time, I feared I might have to kill him. I had thought his loyalty to the Empire ran too deep. But, he understood my aims and after some discussion agreed with them. At first I wasn’t trusting. I still searched his feelings daily, tested him constantly. He had not yet betrayed me. Unlike others.

I felt my eldest’s son presence as he arrived and I smiled underneath my armor. Vanceto was pure blood Sith and adopted. Elliah and I had found him together when were both students of the same academy, before our marriage and our alliance. Vanceto was becoming everything Elliah and I had trained him for and more. He was mine, so much that at times I felt like he’d come from me.

Vette and Quinn trailed behind him. I nodded at Vette, who smiled warmly at me. Ignoring Quinn I stepped into Vanceto who let his emotion for me show. He hugged me tightly, and I let him.

“It is always such a rare pleasure to fight beside you, my lord.”
“Mother,” I corrected him.

A single lightsaber sat on his hip, his heavy black armor fitting to him with perfection. He smiled once more at my words, nodding. “Mother. I wish to thank you for Captain Quinn. He has been nothing but an asset to my continued training.”

“Good.” That was all I wanted to hear of Quinn at the moment, though his presence filled me with such a complexity of emotion I did not suppress it. It would be well used in the battle we were about to engage. “And Vette?” I had sent both to his charge, for very different reasons.

“She’s wonderful. Truly a delight,” he said easily.

I noticed that Vette was suddenly avoiding my gaze which amused me greatly. However, business first. “We will lead the charge against the Imperials. Once we have cleared the path, take your forces and attack the Republic. No one lives, we can afford no witness,” I instructed him.

“It will be done,” he glanced over at his shoulder. “Captain Quinn, your team will cover their escape route. Vette, my love… with me.”

Neither could see the amused quirk of my brow at his new pet name for Vette. Pushing my humor aside for the darker emotions I required for battle, I returned to Jaesa and Pierce.

“Jaesa, on your lead.”


Our forces were swiftly loading the equipment into our convoys. We would use it to mine for our own crystals in another area of the planet, away from the prying eyes of the Republic and the Empire.

I stood in one of the archways that had once been a temple, my helmet removed, my arms folded in front of me. I was surrounded by the clinging energy of battle; the fear of the cowards that had begged for their lives, the courage from the ones that had died honorably.

The sound of laughter brought me out of my meditation. My cybernetic eye scanned the distance father than my human one could see, zooming in on Vanceto and Vette, standing together laughing. I could sense something there, building between them. I did not mind a romance between Vanceto and Vette, regardless that she was a bit older. He was a mature boy and their ages were not that far apart. Out of everyone who was not “family” I trusted Vette the most. She’d been by my side from the beginning when I was just an Acolyte. We’d saved each other’s lives more times than we could count, and I’d earned her trust just as she’d mine. I’d gotten her sister freed, and avenged her mother myself.

She knew the Hutt that had worked her mother to death had died, but she had never asked me if I did it. I would answer her truthfully, but she had never brought it up. Perhaps she just knew.

I smiled privately as I continue to watch them. It made me remember a time I thought I might have the same. When I had foolishly disregarded both Sith and Jedi teachings in favor of a romantic kind of love.

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-Warning, this section contains spoilers for SW Companion Storyline-

“It is the internal struggles, when fought and won on their own, that yield the strongest rewards…” ―Darth Traya

Chapter 6 - Remembering: The Weakness

I was standing on the deck of my ship. Malavai had just given a report on the fall of an incompetent Moff I could care less about. But, it was important to him so I had given him the curtsey of at least listening. Afterwards he’d said something I had not expected so soon.

“I’ve held back long enough. Been too rigid, too inflexible. I won’t suppress my feelings and desires any longer,” Malavai said.

A coy smile slide across my mouth. “Is that right? I’ll expect you to prove this Captain.”

Before I could move he grabbed me. His mouth was hot and demanding, literally breath stealing. In the next second I had been jacked back against the console, my hands held above me, his teeth – oooh. I have to admit I didn’t expect this kind of passion from my by the book Malavai.

I didn’t expect his stamina either.

-Black Screen-

Three months later…

I was standing in front of the terminal. A holo image of the blue prints for our new compound sat on the larger screen. Malavai had been standing at attention behind me, taking notes on things I wanted changed. I could sense however, every time his eyes moved to my back and how long they stayed there. Something was on his mind.

“What is it Captain?” I finally asked him without pulling my eyes from the screen. I rotated the blueprint to change the angle, inspecting the lower levels.

He hesitated before he answered. “I have something to communicate to you my lord but… I’m waiting for a moment of privacy.”

“Speak Malavai. I may not wish to hear it later.” Only he would recognize the subtle teasing in my tone.

“Very well. But you’ll have to look at me.”

I gave him the curtsey of tipping my chin over my shoulder, my gaze peering out at him from inside the shadows of my cowl.

“I love you,” he said. I knew he did. Still, I was pleasantly surprised at my internal reaction when I heard the words. He came towards me, intimately invading my space. He exposed my faint smile and darkened eyes when he pushed back my cowl. His fingertips lingered gently against the scar around my throat. “What’s more…” His voice lowered. “…you love me.”

His assertiveness never failed to affect me. More intensely this time, because of what he’d confessed. I took a moment to revel in my feelings; the rise of my passion, my emotions and how when I crawled inside of them I could feel peace. I had not expected that. But at the time, I welcomed it.

“You’re very sure of yourself. Malavai,” I also knew what it did to him to hear his name breathed out from between my lips.

His jaw tensed. He came closer still, pressing his forehead against mine. I don’t know why, but I loved it when he did that. His eyes shut, his fingers crawling around the back of my neck. “Say it,” he whispered.

I put my hands on his chest, and tipped my face up. Came so close that when I spoke he’d be able to feel my lips move against his own.

I gave him something I gave to very few; un-manipulative truth. “I love you.”

-Black Screen-
-More Black Screen-
-Yup, still Black Screen-

Chapter 7 - Remembering: The Lesson

The moment the doors slid shut, my senses sprang to alert. Malavai walked in front of me, and I knew. He began to speak and I suddenly felt cold inside.

“My lord, I regret that our paths must diverge,” his said in his Imperial officer voice. “Out of respect, I wanted to be here to witness your fate.”

Don’t do this. “How dare you,” I whispered. I hated that my voice wasn’t stronger. Seventy-two hours since he’d admitted that he loved me. Had that feeling of perfection lasted only that short amount of a time? My days filled with the death of my enemies, my nights spent in his arms? Was that why I didn’t sense his betrayal?

“This entire scenario is a rouse. You know who my true master is. And you know why you’re here.”

Not you. Please. My hands balled to fists at my sides. I didn’t notice until the ache in my knuckles started. “Were your feelings a rouse too, Malavai?” The pain was greater than my rage when I asked it because I feared he’d say they were.

“I didn’t want to have to choose between you. But he’s… he’s forced my hand.” He dropped his gaze, looking at the floor.

Weakling, I thought venomously. The doors behind him opened, and I drew my lightsabers. He was talking, telling me how he’d studied me, how he’d programmed the two battle droids just for me, but I wasn’t listening to him. My cybernetic eye scanned the one on the right, and identified the weak points in the design in the second it took me to spring.

The force of my landing knocked the battle droid back into the wall, briefly stunning it. I shot out my hand, jerking my gaze to its clone at my left. It is an indescribable sensation when the force moves through you. When I clenched my fist the droid shutdown. It would take it sixty seconds to reprogram its systems and come back online.

Behind me, Quinn had pulled his weapon; I heard the hiss of his pistol as it left its holster. The battle droid I’d stunned was back on its feet and had cocked its guns in preparation to fire. I channeled my rage and it quickened my movements, let it flare hotter and it nearly formed a protective barrier around me. I back-flipped, landed and sprang again, right towards Quinn, crossing my lightsabers over my back to block the rapid fire coming from the droid.

Quinn had never been the best of shots, especially not at moving targets. He squeezed the trigger and it grazed my side. I did not feel the physical pain in those moments though. My boot struck him in the side of the head, knocking him to the ground unconscious. I was moving the moment I landed, spinning around and releasing one of my lightsabers with the motion. The blade flew through the air and sliced off the droids right side weapon. I blocked the gunfire from its second gun, and leaped again, catching my lightsaber mid-air. When I landed I was on the battle droids head, my blades burning an X into its metal skull.

I snapped my gaze up, just to see the second droid come awake. My foot shot out, knocking into the weapon on the droids arm I was currently riding. The smack made the droids missile shoot out, a straight shot that exploded its clone.

I jumped off my dismantled droid and the sharp removal of my lightsabers ripped its head in two. The entire thing collapsed with a wine and showers of sparks.

I sheathed and holstered one of my blades. Ripped my hood back, and my helmet off dropping it to the ground. Whirling, I locked eyes on Quinn as he groaned, slowly coming too.

“Traitor,” my murderous whisper.

“Yes,” he whispered back, his brows knitted together. “I don’t expect your mercy, but… I deeply regret-”

I didn’t want to hear it. I couldn’t hear it. I shot my arm out, the force shooting through my fingertips and crashing into Quinn, sending him flying backwards. He hit the far wall with a loud and painful grunt. As he dropped, I tracked him, halted his descent an inch from the ground simply so I could lift him and slam him into the metal myself.

The skin at his temple broke and his blood began to stain the ground. He didn’t move and my rage suddenly stopped. Had I killed him? Panic flared. I should kill him. My anger surged again and screamed. I loved you. I… love you.

Closing my eyes I searched for control. These things do not come so easily when love is involved. I holstered my lightsaber before my passion overwhelmed me. When I heard him start to come too again, I couldn’t tell how much time had passed.

“My Lord-”

“Do not speak,” I hissed. “There are no words you can say. Quinn.” He was no longer Malavai. He couldn’t be. My eyes opened, glowing with my controlled rage. “You will live because I am stronger for your betrayal, because I now know better than to think that love might possibly be the strongest loyalty.”

Every word I spoke looked as if it pained him. Good. I reveled in his emotional agony, imagined that every drop of blood that ran down his face were pieces of his heart destroyed.

The way he’d just destroyed mine.

“You will speak of your crime to no one. You will serve me now, with the same conviction you served my enemy. That is what you owe for your failure.” I came closer, towering over him. His head remained bowed. It took a mere thought to force his chin up, to make him look into the hatred in my eyes.

“Every time you look at me, you will see that failure and everything you’ve lost because of it. And you will spend the rest of your days working towards the moment that I might allow you to see me as something else. Am I clear?”

His brows knitted together. His eyes were moist as if he might cry. I would choke him if he did. Choke him until he passed out because I couldn’t stand another moment of his weakness.

Or his reminder of mine.

“Yes… my lord.”

I released him from my grasp. Turned on my heel I marched off, calling out over my shoulder… “Remove your things from my chambers. You are no longer welcome there.”

Chapter 8 – Remembering: A Sith kind of forgiveness

I was sitting at the foot of the bed, getting dressed. I was usually up before the sweat had dried, no point in lingering. Quinn was still in the bed behind me, one of his elbows on his knees, his head in his hand. I used him in this way frequently. When I wanted to punish him. When I wanted to remember what his touch felt like and forget the rest. When I was riled up after a good fight and only he would do.

Something was different this time, I could feel it. Still, I ignored his silent pain as I usually did and simply put my robe on.

“I can’t keep doing this…” he finally said.

I wasn’t surprised to hear him say it. Still, I didn’t make it easy on him. “What can’t you do, Quinn?”

“Being so close to you but…” he frowned. “Not.”

“And whose fault is that?” I did not say it coldly but matter of fact.

He got up swiftly. Came up to me and touched my face. His gaze was as raw and intense as I’d ever seen it. “Forgive me. Let me love you.”

I wish I’d been unaffected. I had been cruel to him since that incident, over a year ago now. Deservedly so but, he’d taken it. All of it. Shut his mouth and done his job, and let me abuse him minute by minute, day by day. He’d taken my pain and his own. That, deserved a small something.

He must have sensed my internal struggle because he came closer pressing his forehead to mine. He hadn’t done that since… I closed my eyes.

“Laresa…” That’s all he said, just my name. I tipped my face up and kissed him. There was desperation in his touch and I didn’t allow him to linger, just a final taste before I pulled out of his embrace and took a step back to put space between us.

“You will be transferred to my son, Lord Vanceto’s, ship. You will serve him as you serve me now.”

His face dropped. “That’s it then?”

At first I said nothing. But, after a moment, “I can’t forgive you Malavai…” I all but whispered. “I just… I can’t.”

“You’re dismissed Captain.” I hated that he was my weakness. I hated my fear that if he said something else, if he looked at me with such intensity again I’d break down and forgive him. Or worse, tell him that I still loved him. I gave him my back.

My eyes clenched shut again when I felt him come up behind me. His fingers took hold of my shoulders and he pressed his mouth against the back of my head. I felt his grip tighten as his own internal battle raged and I held perfectly still, years of training in control being put to the test in those single moments.

He finally drew back, resigned to his fate. His put his uniform back on in silence, his shoulders squared. “My lord, I will prepare for departure immediately. It has been an honor serving you, and I truly look forward to being an asset to your son.”

I nodded tightly and he walked out.

I just stood there, standing in the pain of a good-bye, letting it flow through me, letting it feed me, make me stronger. When I was finished I left my quarters and moved through the familiar corridors to my ship.

I found Vette in the kitchen, spiking her coffee with Hutt tequila.

“How’s it going my lord?” Vette glanced up at me with a smile.

“I have a new assignment for you.”

“All righty. What’s up?” She sat down at the small table.

“I’m sending Quinn to Vanceto’s charge.”

“I was wondering when you were going to stop doing that to yourself.”

I hadn’t expected her to say that. I frowned and sat down next to her. “Am I so obvious?”

“No. Jaesa can feel your force stuff but she just thinks you’re that jacked up all the time. She’s in awe of your control. It’s made you her hero, or God, in a freaky Jaesa kind of way. Pierce isn’t deep enough to notice.”

“But you did.”

“I saw caught Quinn in here late one night, drowning his sorrows in a bottle of Corellian scotch. He didn’t say anything but you can tell when some poor guys got a broken heart.”

I merely nodded.

“What happened?” Vette asked gently.

I shook my head. “It doesn’t matter. It’s over, and I don’t trust him completely. I’d feel better if you went along and watched Vanceto’s back for the time being.”

Vette grinned lightly. “Budding youth Sith lord ready to take over the galaxy? That doesn’t sound at all familiar.”

“You are partly responsible for my success. I hope you know that.”

“I do. Trust me, throwing your name around gets me into all kinds of places now. It has its perks.” She finished her mug and stood up, touching my shoulder. “I’ll watch his back.”

“Thank you Vette.”

“No problem.”

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Chapter 9 – Unexpected Assertiveness
Illum – Eastern Ice Shelf
Western Jedi Ruins

It was the source of that memory that pulled me back into the present.

“He fancies her.”

Quinn came to stand beside me, his arms in their typical officer’s position behind his back. He had on white and grey combat gear. It made him look dashing, which made me want him, and angered me because of it. To say I’d missed him was an understatement, but that changed nothing.

“He has reported how good of an asset you’ve been to him.”

“You trained him well,” and then, softer. “He reminds me very much of you.”

“Don’t,” I warned him, a dangerously quiet tone.

“Sorry,” Quinn said quietly, then added in his determined voice, “I won’t apologize for missing you though.”

My heart ached at his words. It fed my anger. I controlled both emotions even while I felt them. “Keep it to yourself. I could care less.”

“I don’t believe that.”

I glanced in his direction, my expression cold. “Be careful Quinn. You can only escape death by my hand so many times.”

I did not expect him to come closer, or the intense heat in his gaze, or the rough tone to his voice. “I love you. Your anger, your strength, your brilliance, your passion. I’ll die loving you.”

My emotions flared hotter. No one tore me apart the way he did. Made me stronger for it. It was my own secret that I wished I had learned this strength another way, one that had kept him with me. My tone for Quinn was heartless though, matter of fact. “And I’ll die remembering you both a traitor and a mistake. Good for frakking though. Not much else.”

He didn’t look phased. Perhaps his pain had made him stronger too. “Is that why I’m still around?”

“Actually Captain, you’re not around me. Not anymore.” I stepped away from him, but Quinn had the nerve, the sheer utter gall to grab me. It was my shock at his sudden bravery, or stupidity that allowed him to keep his grip on my arms, pull me into him and press his mouth against mine.

Frak. I’d missed him. And I instantly remembered how a successful mission riled him up nearly as much as it did me. Oh, and he tasted so familiar, the feel of his lips so passionate and loving and-

With a low growl I sent him flying backwards into one of the cold archways. He landed with a painful grunt and fell to his knees. I came up to him, used the force to bring him to his feet, then put my hand around his throat. I wanted to feel his skin as I hurt him, as I used the force to tighten my grip so I could choke him without crushing his windpipe.

“Touch me again without my permission and I’ll finish what I should have years ago. Do you understand?”

I didn’t let him respond; instead I gave some of my rage an outlet by keeping the pressure on until he passed out. I stepped back, letting him fall to the ground. Looking down at him, I sighed heavily. I could still taste him and for a moment, I allowed that feeling to warm me instead of anger me.

“I love you too. Idiot,” I whispered sadly, allowing the words to escape and die on the chilly air.

“My lord.” Pierce came up to me.

I turned to greet him, my emotions once more contained. “Yes, General?”

“Cargo is loaded, ready to move out. Also, there’s a call for you, from Darth Storm.”

“Excellent news.” I walked forward.

Pierce glanced behind me, seeing the passed out Quinn on the ground. He had never really liked Quinn so he looked amused. “What happened to him?”

I smirked. “He touched something he shouldn’t.”

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Very intriguing. I hope I get to read more!
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RAWR!!! Love it! can't wait for more!

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Yay! I love feedback. Super busy day but I'll have the next installment up soon. Lots of action in the next one.