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Best Story lines

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05.30.2012 , 02:14 PM | #11
I've got: 50 IA, 50 SI, 50 JK, 50 JC.. and the rest are low enough to not count.

Of those I would rank them thusly:

IA >> SI > JK >>>> JC.

The light sided Agent was hands down the best story by leagues. I felt like my actions mattered and I was on the edge of my seat, so to speak, through the whole thing. The companions are pretty above average. The only one that I didn't really "bond" with was Lokin. Scorpio is a sultrier version of HK47 and that is win.

SI was cool in the "mysteries of the sith" kind of nerdy way. I played pretty grey through this. Full DS doesn't make too much sense to me with the whole slave background and all and truth be told some of the LS dialog is just outrageously funny. Your antagonist in the story was a little weak. I never was really that interested outside of the force stuff you do along the way. The companions were pretty average to below average. Khem is cool. The rest are meh (which saddens me.. I was psyched the moment I heard Oghren's voice and he let me down).

JK... there was nothing inherently wrong with this story. It was the safe heroes journey cliche, but it had to be. This was the fan service to the SW fans of 30 years that wanted to play their own Luke. The companions were all relatively above average/great though. Doc was especially noteworthy--hands down the funniest companion I've encountered so far (rivaled only by Scorpio). Kira's story is interesting too (so much so that had they focused on this aspect through the whole story, I think it would have been better).

JC... I hate this story. I wanted to love this story. In 2008 I decided I was to make a Miraluka Shadow. This was my maiden voyage. I love the mysteries of the force and the Jedi "history". Nothing about this story really scratches that itch effectively. I was further annoyed when Nathan Drake (Uncharted voice actor/JC male) absolutely let me down with this character. The deliveries felt forced and annoying. The companions are, without a doubt, the worst in the game. It's almost like BW said "Let's round up the 5 worst companions and give them to one class and see if anyone notices". Theran is the only slightly redeeming one and he just pales in comparison to every other healer comp I've had.

I'm on chapter 2 of my smuggler playthrough now and so far it's pretty decent. Not far enough to make a final judgment though.

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05.30.2012 , 02:28 PM | #12
Played em except Smuggler. won't rank, as all have pro's and con's. I will however discuss those pro's and con's.

Bounty Hunter - Your team actually feels like a 'team.' Every time there's a new mission everyone gathers up and offers their opinion. The conclusion provided you take the light-side route with the Supreme Chancellor is epic. The Dark side route, not so much. The story slows down a lot in Act 2, in Act 3 picks up again, but due to the nature of levelling [levelling slows WAY down 40-50] it feels slow as well. And like i said, the conclusion is excellent.

Imperial Agent - While I dislike the mechanics of the class, IA has the best overall story. It has many more possibilities than any of the other storylines, more endings, etc. It was awesome. The companions, however, really suck. I mean are just terrible.

Sith Warrior - Great story, both dark and light. Dark side, you are an epic ****** and rack up a ridiculous body count. Light side, you are proof that the way of the Sith doesn't have to be lol teh evilz. [though it will always be directly contrary to the Jedi way.] However, the companions lack the easy camaraderie of the Bounty Hunter. If it wasn't for Quinn and Vette, you'd think you were the only person on your ship. [they refer to each other several times]
On the bright side however, the story recognizes many of your choices, which is a plus, and it has some excellent moments.

However, the SW has a weak ending. One of the weakest, in fact.

Sith Inquisitor Mixed. Act 1 is very interesting. Act 2 doesn't live up. Act 3 brings it back to cool again, but it takes a while to get through due to the mentioned levelling differences. It has the best [most epic] conclusion of any of the endings, however.

Jedi Consular I went Dark Side because I immediately realized it was just like Sith Inquisitor except
A) you aren't related to any ancient Sith Lords,
B) Your master is not a hot collection of pixels.
C) Your first companion is horrible.
D) You can't shock people.

So I went Dark Side figuring it would make it interesting. Well it did. But the story glosses over the things you do, and you do some really nasty things.

Jedi Knight - Went Dark Side. Was very fun, very interesting. Obviously Bioware put a lot of work into it. Conclusion is fairly epic, though i was mad that I couldn't tell off Satele Shan at the end when she went all passive-aggressive on me.

cyadra's Avatar

05.30.2012 , 07:03 PM | #13
Not only is the IA the BEST story line, it also has the best voice acting, especially on the female side.

Second would be the inquisitor.

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05.31.2012 , 08:21 AM | #14
Capped a Sent, Inquisitor, and now working through a Consular. I don't know... thus far my favorite has been the JK. Fairly traditional and much more in the spirit of Star Wars in my opinion.

The SI story... was just too much of a ghost story for me. Got a bit tired of it to be honest.

The Consular story started slow but now near the end is really getting interesting.

I'm looking forward to the IA story though. Seems universally loved by everyone.

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05.31.2012 , 09:20 AM | #15
Agree with the IA story being quite engaging. Was not a huge fan of the Belsavis part though. My darkside IA was best paired with Kaliyo, though I found more success (read: survivability) with Lokin.

I liked the feeling that I was trying to manipulate the outcome to my advantage while knowing that everyone else was trying to, and in some cases succeeding in [code word: onomatopoeia], manipulating the character. Revenge was sweet.
End of line....

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05.31.2012 , 03:15 PM | #16
You want to know the best stories, so I skip explaining why I didn't like the others so much. Character which finishhed chapter 3.
Played on IMP side: Bounty Hunter, Agent, Sith Warrior: Agent is best
Played on REP side: Smuggler, Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular: Jedi Consular

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07.14.2012 , 06:48 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Jenzali View Post
"choke the person they love, making them desperate to do what you say"
I literally just did that. Also, from what I've read about the SW story (Plan Zero) and experienced so far, I have to say if this is an example of a bad story, I don't know if I could handle a good one.

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07.15.2012 , 01:53 PM | #18
I got a commando 50, gunslinger 32, marruader 40, bounty hunter 32 etc I played most class's till end of act 1 except inquisitor and consular I got to say republic the smuggler is the best and the bounty hunter or agent is best imperial.

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07.15.2012 , 02:10 PM | #19
Posting an update now that I'm farther through the Consular story.

It seems as if the planet storylines were written with the Consular in mind from the very start. Playing this story (even after doing the factions on both sides 2 or 3 times) makes it feel like filling in all the missing pieces of a puzzle. While the JK is derping around chasing superweapons and Sith Lords, the SW is choking everyone to death just to make a girl upset, and the Trooper is being Garza's errand boy, the Consular


My suggestion is this: If the Consular is your 1st or 2nd character, put him off until you've experienced some of the other storylines entirely. That way you can appreciate just how deeply the Consular's storyline intertwines with the overall story.

The Consular story does suffer from a repetitive Act I and being a slightly weaker story in its own right, but it has the biggest "oh, so that's what was REALLY happening while I was here" factor.
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07.15.2012 , 02:36 PM | #20
Played almost everyone up to chapter 3+(and watched the rest :P ) I'd rank them as follows:

Republic: Smuggler >> JK >>>>> trooper >>>> JC
Empire: SW >> BH = IA >>>>>>> SI (too many "ghosts" for me)

Overall: Smuggler >> SW >> JK > BH = IA >> SI >>>> trooper >>>> JC

Many people love IA due to large number of endings, but the companions are awful as said before and the writing has many weak points imo. I loved the IA story at first (was my first char), but after I actually played the other storylines, my opinion changed.

All of the highly ranked stories have interesting twists, smuggler has the best lines in the game hands down.

Also, going SW is much more interesting as gray/light.