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Unacceptable Customer Service

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05.10.2012 , 06:34 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by netslave View Post
But there's no way for me to fix the mechanics.
Sure you do. You can post in the Suggestion Box that it should be changed so that something other than killing the final boss triggers closing the FP? Maybe ask that they make it so that clicking on the triangle was what you needed to do.

Quote: Originally Posted by netslave View Post
The only recourse I have is to stop playing the poorly designed game.
There's that, or you could have just rerun the FP.

Quote: Originally Posted by netslave View Post
I rely on Customer Service to help me where I am helpless. Otherwise, what's the point of Customer Service? To quote rules? If they can't actually help anyone, why bother having a department at all?
They did help you. They just didn't help you the way you wanted. If they hadn't responded at all and just ignored your requests for help, THAT would have been bad customer service.

Quote: Originally Posted by netslave View Post
As for the idea of rerunning the FP. I've for Ops planned for my free time for the next few days, and I work during the day, so last night was probably the only night I could do it this week. So yeah, It's a little annoying to be blocked from completing a quest due to 'intended' game mechanics.
That's your choice, and you're free to do so. So now you're going to miss out on... what, 8 BH commendations? It's not like you tried to loot the boss and didn't get a reward. You made a mistake and left the area before you should have. Mistakes often have consequences.

Should they change the mechanic? Probably. Heck, if you started a petition for them to do so, I'd happily sign it. But that's the only real issue here.

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05.10.2012 , 06:42 PM | #32
I don't know why you think customer service can DO anything except apologize.

In all my many interactions with CS I have NEVER seen then resolve the issue or take any action.

SWTOR has THE worst CS of any game I have ever played. EVER.

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05.10.2012 , 07:05 PM | #33
Of all the tickets I've put in there has only ever been one that I didn't have to babysit the CSR through. Typically they give me a copy/paste reply based on some guess of what was going on, and then close the ticket. The issue is still outstanding, and could be rectified with some help. The amount of time I, and the CSR group, puts in to attempt to get something worked out is far above and beyond what would have taken if there was a CSR who had the brain and tools to accomplish the tasks. As it stands, the CSR group is filled with inexperienced, unhelpful, jokes.

My entire guild knows to not even put in a ticket. Why? So they can get a copy/paste response or someone hastling them for 5-40 min. saying, "oh, I can't fix your problem, but how about I say we're sorry a bunch."

Here's a tip CSR, don't even bother if you can't help. If you contact me in game I'm expecting you're doing this because you need some further information for you to be able to help me, NOT for you to waste my time saying sorry. If you were truly sorry you'd quit your job because you don't have the tools or knowledge to help your customers.

One CSR wasted over 40 min of my time, eating into my raid, because he kept saying he was arguing about how he soooo wanted to help but he couldn't play my character for me. I never asked him to play my character. I asked him to take control of my character and advance him to where he was (a bug caused my character to be set back in a quest line).

I get that this is a new game, and there's bugs to be expected, but here's my perspective of what's going on.

1) Developers create bugs unintentionally.
2) QA team tests poorly, and bugs get into the game.
3) Bugs get reported, CSR team has no idea *** is going on, doesn't have the tools to even possibly help, and is basically useless in counteracting the bugs to keep people's enjoyment flowing.
4) Bugs aren't resolved in a meaningful time period causing customers to have a poor enjoyment of the game.
5) With each bug fixed, at least 1 other bug is put in. (Hi yellow lightsaber flying around in my storyline cut-scenes).
6) see: #3

A vast majority of people have good intentions when they report issues. I've yet to read someone asking for something free. People put in a lot of time and effort. Some people only get to run 1-2 flashpoints, or operations, a week, and when these quirky things happen we just need a little help. We don't need 10 min of someone saying sorry, we just need 10 min of someone helping.

You could save a lot of money, and make this game a lot more enjoyable, if you took 20 of your CSR guys and got 2-3 that actually helped someone. I can only imagine your CSR group is rated on how many tickets they close, and not on how many people they help. I've probably put in 40-50 tickets and been helped twice. Both were to get an item refunded. The first time your game bought me two of the same item... which caused your CSR to delete both pairs of items, refund me no commendations, and close the ticket (After a week and CSR #3 I finally got someone with 2 brain cells to fix the problem... of course by then I bought another chest piece since it's kinda hard to run around and PvP without one... idiots.). The second guy removed the item, gave me the commendations, and didn't have me log off for 2 hours. This CSR was the -only- person to be helpful.

It's hard for me to even say SWTOR has customer service it's so bad. Wasting my time infuriates me, but yet I still write out this post in hopes things turn around some day. I've got one straw left I think.