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Subatia's Suggestions for MMO Domination

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Subatia's Suggestions for MMO Domination

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05.09.2012 , 04:42 PM | #1
While playing through the game, I have noticed a few things that could be improved. I will consider this my master list and may come back from time to time to add to it. These suggestions will be all over the place, `cause I'm typing them as I think about them.

This is not an ultimatum post. I'm not threatening to quit. These are some quality of life changes I believe would help us out.

1) Put transport nodes inside all cantinas. There are few cantinas that don't have the quick travel terminals. It is highly annoying to finish leveling for the day and not be able to simply quick-travel back to the cantina. I noticed this on a couple of starter planets, but I am sure there are more.

2) Alts aren't auto-added to the mailing list. Just do it.

3) More mailboxes. I sometimes think there is someone at BW whose job is just to sit around and think up ways to annoy players. The major one (since I am currently leveling through there) is Dromund Kaas. I have to run to the outskirts of the city from the cantina to check mail. And at pre-speeder levels, not fun.

3a) Link DK's speeder routes.

4) Appearance tab. I thought the Orange gear would be enough, but it never will be. I was against the idea of an appearance tab for quite a while, but after 1.2 not allowing us to pull old mods out of gear, it seems like the easiest way to let us actually get the looks we want.

5) A dye system. Look at Hellgate: London for an great way to implement a color customization system. The rendering system is pretty good in this game. Make normal colors common, with metallic or flat or glowing colors rare or bought drops.

6) Make sure 4 & 5 work for companions.

7) Some sort of automatic gear switcher needs to be built in when multi-specs are launched.

8) Let us use quick-travel in docking-bays. We can ride speeders around in there now. Why do I have to drive outside the hanger to use my quick-transport.

8a) Let us land our ship at any of a planet's quick travel nodes. Please. If my ship can pick me up from the bottom of a mine shaft 500 M below ground, why can't that annoying droid drop me off where it is more convenient.

8b) Let us quick-travel directly to our ship. Not to the space port, directly to the loading screen for our ship.

8c) Put a check mark to let us permanently auto-skip certain movies, like landing movies and the movies that play before those war-zones. I watched my brother yesterday load into a NC that was underway, freeze for about 20 seconds, then the movie starts playing, which bogs the game down for about 5 seconds before you can skip out of it, then when the movie is skipped, he is still standing there another 5-10 seconds before he can move. A person being missed in a WZ for 40+ seconds can be deadly.

9) Companion set armor. A set of dailies where we can buy armoring with set bonuses for our companions. And make them cool, single player friendly bonuses. I would love for Vette to be able to heal. Giving her a 4-piece set bonus where her attacks throw HOTs would be cool. I hate having to use Quinn 90% of the time after he <redacted>.

9a) Companion mods. Just a bunch of mods with primary stats, endurance, and lots of presence. Heck, I am the kind of person who would collect a full set of +Presence gear/mods just so I could solo Heroic 2/4s. Especially if 7) is included.

9b) Hide companion head piece and match armor. Just a quick fix until 5) is implemented.

10) Barber shop. I now hate the hair I chose 5 months ago. And my body.

11) Make it easier to report morons who like to use General chat as 4chan. It should be Right Click Name>Report>with a choice of Spam, Name, Guild, Behavior. If enough people report a guy, he gets an auto-warning and looses General chat privileges until a Representative looks over his messages. We all know how long that could take. False reportings get nasty notes, for wasting Rep's time.

11a)An even better solution would be to not even allow the posting vulgar comments in public places (General, Trade, PvP, Say, Op chat for random PvP or random Instances). They can still be "mature" in private (Formed groups and ops, Guild chat, Private channels)

12) Rakata gear needs to be easier to get. I raid twice a week and have been running hard modes for about a month. I have 2 pieces of Rakata gear. It is truly demoralizing (like last night) to watch our super geared Operative get 5 Rakata drops in one run. I was almost in tears the 5th time he said, "Well, I got this Rakata piece, so open it up for free rolls." In our guild, we have 3 super geared players, and the rest stuck in Columi, because nothing drops but Op and BH gear. Change it to just the slot pieces, instead of class-slot pieces. Boom. Fixed. At least then (most) pieces won't be going to waste.

12a) Let me send Tionese crystals and Columi commendations to alts. Or let me buy materials with them. Something. My main has been in full Columi for months. 2 sets. Most of my companions are in full Columi.

13) Get rid of some of the movement in some of the UI panels. Sending companions out on missions is a pain. (literally, until I got rid of my trackball) I have to hit a drop-down, click which level I want, scroll through the missions, then select what I want. I know BW's story department work for years to give us the perfect flavor text on these missions, but your fluff is getting in the way of efficient (non-annoying) game play. Make the descriptions collapsed and expandable, for the 1 person who wants to read that. (some of them are kinda funny)
Mock up I did:

14) 1 hour buy-back for items. I used to make fun of the people who would rage about purchasing the wrong item. Then I did it. Was a bit annoyed with myself and that it took 2 weeks to get my right pants.

15) Prune our skills back a bit. I know this won't happen til the first expansion at the soonest, but there are way too many buttons to push to be effective. And there are way too many buttons that don't actually do anything, or are so situational as to be useless. I have 35 buttons key bound. Some, like my buff and speeder, are not for combat. But most are.

16) Let us key-bind quick slots directly from the editor. I should be able to click a slot in the editor and bind that to a key. Going through and selecting "Quickbar 4, Slot 7" is not exactly intuitive.

16a) Allow us to copy key bindings between characters. I spent time and got my UI looking pretty good on my main. I spent more time trying to get the key bindings fixed (see above). Now I have to go through each character and do their key bindings.

17) No Ready-Check? Really? But make it so the Ops leader in PvP can't trigger it constantly. That was annoying in WoW.

18) Fix tab-targetting. It is just horrible. Make it so it cycles between people in a cone in front of us.

19) The Resolve system sucks. Especially for melee.

20) Heck, this whole game seems to hate melee. To much AoE damage coming from bosses. If I'm not tanking for my guild, I feel like a liability, because I cause healers to heal through all that AoE.

21) Our trinket (heck, all of our skills) should refresh on deaths. I love carrying the ball, while being guarded and healed, eating 1 CC (usually 2, because of the way some work) and popping my trinket with full resolve, walk to the line and get rooted and rooted and rooted and rooted, then knocked back and killed. Then being almost useless for the next 2 minutes because I won't be able to break a CC.

22) In Huttball, have an icon pop up in raid frames for whoever on our team has the ball. Easier on healers and tanks.

23) Allow us to choose what we see in the labels above people's heads. I don't care about your title, legacy name or your guild. I just want a nice label with your name and your life bar that I can watch as it goes down.

23a) Let me click the name tag. This is a problem because tab-targeting is so bad. Trying to click on a specific person in the middle of a furball is an exercise in futility.

24) Legacy bank to be shared among all your characters. With the ability for you companions to depost crafting mats directly in there.

25) I like the crafting system. But I really love REing a pile of greens (or better, blues) and not getting any new recipes or getting the wrong ones. Why even have recipes for tanking stats for items for classes that can't tank (cunning gear) or worthless stats for other types (alacrity on Strength gear). We need some sort of buff to recipe chance or, how about we can send a companion out for a long time and they come back with the new recipe?

26) Respec costs are way to high. And they don't reset sometimes. Just paid 25,000 credits on Tuesday, after maintenance. The even worser thing is that this is only the 3rd respec in a week. I normally wouldn't complain about credits, but I spent close to quarter a million today moving mods around and a bunch more buying stupid purple mats.

27) More benches for us to sit on. I don't see why I should have to explain this one. Just do it.

28) More companion stories that we interact with. When Pierce was putting together his attack on wherever it was, I was thinking how cool it was gonna be; infiltrating a base, sneaking around, then blowing the crap out of it. Super let down when it was all handled off-screen..
The CS in this game is amazing. It takes a certain amount of skill to turn a fan into an unsubscriber in 4 short hours.

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05.18.2012 , 03:01 PM | #2
I added the thing about benches. Some people in another thread convinced me they are essential to good games.

Now I'll add a smiley face. Benches love smiley faces.
The CS in this game is amazing. It takes a certain amount of skill to turn a fan into an unsubscriber in 4 short hours.