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SWTOR Twitter Updates = Cryptic

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SWTOR Twitter Updates = Cryptic

Portabella's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:12 AM | #1
Could we get an official answer on the following requests for clarification? Currently they leave a fair amount of confusion and naturally ensuing frustration.

SWTOR The Old Republic
If you were not invited during today's invites, don't worry! We will continue to invite more people as Early Game Access continues

Does this mean you are finished with Wave invites for today and will not continue until the next business day (Dec. 14), or will you continue doing them throughout the day/evening? Is there a time today when you will cease wave invites and resume again tomorrow?
SWTOR The Old Republic
The third wave of Early Game Access emails have been sent, one more to go!

Does "One More To Go" mean one more total and early access invitations are complete, or one more for the day?
It's understood you have a character limit on Twitter, but please try to be more concise with your updates or follow them up with clarifications. Thanks.

RocketWidget's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:16 AM | #2
5 minutes after the "If you were not invited..." was a clarification, "SWTOR The Old Republic
Don't worry, there are still more invites coming today! We will announce when the next wave is sent.".

One more to go seems to mean that yes, only four waves are going out today, and then no more invites will be sent until tomorrow. At least that's what I've gathered from what I read on the forums.

EnkiAnunnaki's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:17 AM | #3
If four waves are planned, it doesn't guarantee that only four will be sent. Food for thought.

Drewser's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:18 AM | #4
I don't get why you people don't understand that nothing is set in stone.

They could easily say one more wave and then look at metrics in the late afternoon and decide to send more out.

Just relax and step away from your computer for a while.

Hmmitchell's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:19 AM | #5
My guess is there will be four (although that would disappoint me that they only did four) and that it will start again @ the same time tomorrow.

It is possible though that, due to the response, they will add a few more waves later in the day to compensate.

Don't know, but I do care. If they put too many people into it, will reduce the whining and I won't be able to enjoy the nerd rage comments

ruktuim's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:19 AM | #6
4 Waves were originally planned for today.

According to this tweet by SR:

Four waves planned so far - day isn't over yet. We're already seeing fairly full servers, so it's going great so far.

They had originally planned to only have 4 waves. That doesn't mean if things are going well they won't have 5 or 6. With the size of the invites tho, I don't expect them to get out of July today.

Aowar's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:20 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by EnkiAnunnaki View Post
If four waves are planned, it doesn't guarantee that only four will be sent. Food for thought.

It also doesn't mean that more than 4 waves will be sent..more food for thought.

Metsuro's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:20 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by EnkiAnunnaki View Post
If four waves are planned, it doesn't guarantee that only four will be sent. Food for thought.
Except for the fact they want to take it slow. Which could mean they want to just let in 10% of the population in on day one just because they feel like it.

Fardarter's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:21 AM | #9
I am not happy at all with the Twitter Posts, I feel like they are coming from a politician. No straight answers to anything.

Portabella's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:22 AM | #10
See I read those updates quite differently...

"One More To Go" has a tone of permanence attached to it. It "could" mean one more in total until we're all in, or it could one more for the day. Which is it, and if it is for the day, do they resume again at 7:00am EST tomorrow?

The next post does not read as a clarification to me, but rather an entirely new thread that almost sounded like the 4th and possibly final wave of the day went out?

Naturally everyone knows waves will continue if there are pre order people not yet in the game so I'm not sure simply that warrants a tweet of its own unless it means something entirely different.