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Empire Bias is RIDICULOUS

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05.02.2012 , 11:53 PM | #1
I have followed this game for years, and I have not idea why you decided to favor the empire in development to a point it is at this point hard to ignore. I AM SO SICK of the stinking bias. Everything looks better, from their gear, their ships, there fleet, quests. IT IS RIDICULOUS, I hope you enjoy creating Darth Vader fantasy, which is what TOR is.

It is very apparent that you put a lot more creative genius into the Empire side, and because of this you are going to kill TOR. Even in 1.2 the armor sets for Republic LOOK SO TERRIBLE, look at the guardian black hole gear, you stinking kidding me.

I love Bioware but I am severly disapointed at the favortism, and it's not going to do anything but kill TOR. Let me tell you that it is the true star wars fans, which I am not, that will keep this game afloat, or did you not learn anything from Galixies, and you are doing absolutely nothing to keep those players, unless they love Darth Vader.

We had one of the largest PVP Republic guilds at launch and we have lost tons of players, this time next year I wonder if my guild will even support it. I know that you are loosing subscriptions too, it's kind of hard not to notice how bare the Republic Station is.

This has made me very sad Bioware, I never thought I would say this but I am strongly thinking of canceling my account.
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05.02.2012 , 11:59 PM | #2
I myself have made a Jedi to see how the republic side lives, just to look at both sides of the coin. I have heard much on the designs are so much better on the empire side. Hopefully better looking armor will come for the Republic soon

Silvanoshe's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 12:27 AM | #3
Its realy got nothing to do with bias, its actualy the way the star wars universe is, the empire has always had better looking erverything. Personaly i think the devs did well to have the distinction.... even if they need to work on the republic side gear visuals
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Tureth's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 12:41 AM | #4
I play both sides (and actually prefer republic to sith), so I'm happy for the most part. it's a matter of taste, personally I think.

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05.03.2012 , 12:42 AM | #5

you all shouold just come to imp side too. I dont see any jedi qualities in your post. just a big winge like anakin used to do before he came over to the dark side.

have a ever seen a proper jedi whine about hos his robe was not awesome. Obi'wan and yoda would be frigging thrilled to train you bunch of whiners.

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05.03.2012 , 12:50 AM | #6
I wouldn't say that Bioware has an Empire bias on purpose. Things just turned out that way.

However, you cannot ignore the fact that the Empire side has a bigger draw for the "better" players and the larger majority. This is true for 90% of the servers.

I am a HUGE Jedi Knight fanboi and a loyal supporter of the Republic, but in the end, the only thing that matters are the people you play with. I've exhaustively tried to convince myself that it's not so bad playing Republic in this game, but I just can't ignore the fact that I know things would be better all around if I defected to the Empire; which I have done. Leveling a Marauder at this very moment.

The Jedi story is amazing. The Republic story is amazing. But the PvP and raiding with Republic players is not.

I feel like I'm cheating on a girlfriend by playing Empire, but it's easy to stomach it when I'm having such a positive experience playing with the Imps.