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05.02.2012 , 11:25 PM | #1
So I was trying to run Maelstrom earlier with a group of 2 guardians and a sent with my sage. One of the guaridans was lvl 30 which is to low for that flashpoint, he honorably bowed out. A level 40 joins and we should be set to roll, but since he he hadn't completed the first flashpoint in the series we would of had to back track. Which I and the other guardian where willing to do but the hour and half of trying to get past the first champion plus trying to get a group together killed it for the sent. Who decided to call it quits.

Why does it seem so hard to find a group for flashppoints and ops? I have begun describing this game as a single player game with a touch of mulitplayer. It was great on the first planet now the deeper I get the less chat and grouping I see, it seems to be by design, which I just don't understand.