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Can I change my crew skill(biochem) and still use my rakata stims?

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Can I change my crew skill(biochem) and still use my rakata stims?

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07.31.2013 , 05:20 AM | #21
Ok, just trying to get a feel for the logic of all this. From BioWare's viewpoint.. Players want to play and that play is enhanced by making things that can improve their success in that play. Bioware has set things up to make it hard for players to make these things. Since leveling up a crew skill is referred to as grinding, it clearly isn't a fun part of the game. Other than putting themselves out of business by forcing their customers to do things that are not fun in what is, after all, a GAME, I fail to see the reasoning for this.

Yes, I realize I can run several characters and level up their crew skills in other specialties and eventually have the combination of skills spread across several characters crews and, I assume, mail "parts" back and forth between the characters. But why? Leveling up alts I am not particularly interested in isn't fun. Bioware isn't making any more money by having me do it since my subscription supports a dozen characters and their crews for the same amount as for a smaller number of characters I actually enjoy playing. The very fact that I am typing this reply indicates Bioware's failure with their "making and selling / trading things" system. Annoy me enough and I don't renew my subscription. Someone in their management needs to do a re-think on this.

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07.31.2013 , 08:25 AM | #22
The crafting in this game is actually pretty easy. There isn't much hard about it. It's pretty much ''make 10 things for 20 points and buy new schematics, and repeat'' up until maximum level. And since the companions do the crafting, it's pretty much on autopilot. Also, the RE system to gain the better version is pretty awesome imo. I dont have to run 100 flashpoints on a low level alt looking for that one blue or purple schematic to drop, with a 1/10000 chance like in some other games.

Even with only two companions, it's easy to get a crafting skill to 450 in less than a single day. My 11 BH had 0-400 armormech in less than 12 hours in a single day(before rothc), and recently my 13 Agent went 0-450 armstech in a single day also.

Having all skills available to a single character would make no sense. I know of no other mmo that allows this. Don't forget some of the crafting things are considered perks also. Artifice can make the BoP relics for themselves, and other skills like biochem allow the reuseable stims, medpacs etc. Having multiple of these profession-only equippable perks available on a single character is a bit much, imo.

Leveling alts for skills/crafting only requires getting to the fleet. Spend a few hours leveling a toon to level 10 to get to the fleet, and then get the required professions. I've got Master craftsman, and that is with 3 55s, and a level 20, level 13, level 11 toon. It's not really an outrageous expectation to expect a toon to be level 10 before being able to reach 450 in a crafting profession.