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Cannot stay connected to West Coast server due to lag(?)

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Cannot stay connected to West Coast server due to lag(?)

Omnissima's Avatar

04.24.2012 , 11:03 PM | #1
Hello there,

Yesterday, at about 9 pm my time, I somehow lagged offline from my usual TOR server (Begeren Colony, US West Coast) and haven't been able to successfully reconnect for longer than a couple of seconds ever since.

I load the game, my character selection screen comes up, leading me to the belief that I *am* actually connected and everything's okay, just to get a 5-6 minute loading screen when I try to connect and then showing a 150,000+ ping response, having the login immunity, and not being able to move or communicate with anyone, until I get bored of it, and exit the client. (Logging out doesn't work, since I just don't get thrown back to the character screen, it's loading screen forever and ever. :|)

Anyway, at first I thought it was my fault, and clearly my internet doesn't like me. However, I found a thread on these forums with the IP of the West Coast servers, and I can ping it, tracert it and pathping it without a problem, all requests coming back with no packet loss and a < 200 ms response. (Since pathping comes back with 100% packet loss between hops 7 and 10, but it works fine on tracert, I am lead to believe that this might be the servers blocking 100 ping requests within a short period of time from the same IP, but they're tolerant with just 3. )

This was going on for about 2 hours last night, after which I did manage to log on to an alt for about 10 minutes, before I went to bed, which made me conclude that this was just a routing issue. However, it is now 8 hours later, and I am having the exact same problem (with the difference that while I get "normal" 20 second loading screens to the characters that are on the fleet, but having the same 100k+ ping response upon connecting, but I cannot even log into my characters that are not on the fleet.)

I tried to log in to another server to create a character there (also West Coast) and it works perfectly fine. I would like to request some help with this, since I am really not sure anymore that the problem is on my end.

Thank you in advance.