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Trooper or Smuggler for healing?

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Trooper or Smuggler for healing?

Muireag's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 02:02 PM | #1
I started off with a Jedi Sentinel, but I decided to reroll as a healer, as I healed in WoW and didn't want to be disappointed when I had a character I can't do anything with at 50. I've decided to make a healer, but I can't decide between a trooper and a smuggler. I played a smuggler a bit in beta to level 12, and I've only messed around with a trooper to level 2 or 3. Since I'll be leveling as a DPS most likely, you can also take into account how fun the DPS spec is. So, in your opinions, smuggler or trooper?

Auru's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 03:14 PM | #2
Why would a Sentinel be useless at 50?

Anyway, my only experience is with smuggler healing.. it's quite fun, you need to manage your normal energy resource as well as your 2x buff that you will spend for faster/better heals, you have some stealth ability as well and are quite mobile

Kinessa's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 06:28 PM | #3
Keep in mind that the AC selection implies different damage types, trooper-ranged, smuggler-melee range. For some players, that makes the decision right there.

They both use energy based healing systems with similar regeneration.

Troopers are nuke healers, smugglers are a combination of nukes and hots. Troopers do bring some nice healing buffs to a raid. Both take longer (in terms of levels) to hit a decent healing throughput compared to a force healer, so you really need to get in the 23-25 range before you pick up important talents for both.

Even at low levels they have different play styles, try both and see what you like. No one else can tell you what will resonate with your desires.

Crogga's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 07:21 PM | #4
Here ya go. Excellent article from a reputable site.

JonnyBigBoss's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 10:12 PM | #5
Go Smuggler. I rolled a Bounty Hunter and quit very early once I healed. The healing ability animation gives you no feedback which is very unrewarding, and you get SHUT DOWN hard in PvP.