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Legacy - What it really should be.

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Legacy - What it really should be.

Sentili's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 07:39 AM | #1

Few weeks ago i was talking to my brother bout what he's been doing lately, tells me bout this game right here. Says it's alot like some of the mmo's we've played in he past, but better. So he sends me a friends play free invite and i'm off to saber away online. (went Agent)... So I roll my toon; login, and meet up with my bro. Low and behold our toons look like near twins.

A couple weeks go by and now it's Legacy name choice time!! Bro and i sit down and we're like 'Dewd we should have the same legacy name!!' RIOTE!!!! ya, no go...

Even now the Family Tree is all out of whack really, no body wants to marry their sister, they want to marry someone they play with. Multiple accounts on one legacy, problem solved. How many real life wives play? do you know? Yall got tons of real life family playing this game and yet they're disconnected by the inabilty to show that they are in fact family.

I'm probly gunna get flamed about that's what guilds are for,,... blah blah blah. no what i'm describing is something completely different. I have a real life connection with my real life family members. If you want to have legacy as it should be, in the content of it there should be an allowance for a simular connection. Family buffs! tell me u wouldn't fight harder if you mom was getting saber'd hairless!!

Bro "dewd it would be so kewl if we had the same last name"

really in all the years i've played mmo's i can't believe we didn't think of this before, i lay this idea at you feet and expect a legacy name change in the mail in the week! Carry on.

Agent out.

Saetet's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 07:42 AM | #2
Hahhaa! Plus 1. We should have ways of connecting other players to ourselves ie; marriage, divorce.. adoption and the like.