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Any Suggestions?

SgtGiggles's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 05:44 AM | #1
Alright well I'm re-rolling to a more populated server since the one I'm on is dead half the time and i work night shift so its completely dead when I'm on.

I have so far played a

Mara - lvl 25
I liked the damage of this class, and i stopped playing it because i joined a the wrong server but now this server is dead.

Powertech - 33
This also was a good class but got very boring spamming pretty much the same 3 skills

Assassin - 22
I like this one also but the only thing i didnt like is that it was to based off re-stealth for opener and was to based on placement. not saying i couldnt handle my own with placement but i hated it when i would get an OmgLagSpike or something and now i die cuz im out of place.

Im not sure what class is for me and you never really can tell untill like 20+ cuz the classes are pretty boring and lacking all to most core skills untill this point on.

I liked seeing the big crits from my assassin i loved just going "o hey there hows this 3k taste?"

So idk i like being dps and just rolling over people. I loved the stealth aspect but also hated it at times.

I was thinking about going sniper cuz i have been rolled on before by some snipers just taking me out in no time and the range is very nice in pvp.

Also im a pvp player i base my characters off pvp rather than pve. Yes ik pve is necessary but i prefer pvp.

But I was wondering what you guys think are the better of the DPS classes and why.

P.S. Like i said i like being able to just drop people without them always being really able to do much about it.

So thanks for any suggestions and sorry for the Wall of text.