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Who else is thoroughly enjoying this game?

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Who else is thoroughly enjoying this game?

GamingVertigo's Avatar

04.09.2012 , 10:01 PM | #1
Most places i go on the forums i see people just bash the game on how bad it is and point out all its flaws.

Why are people insistent on pointing out the flaws but giving no credit on the positives?

I dont know about you reading this, but i am really enjoying this game! Almost every mechanic about this game is a fun factor to me.

Who else enjoys this game whether its leveling, PvP, PvE, or just jerking around with your friends/guildies?

After leveling a new character on the fatman server and hanging/chatting with guildies there is never a dull moment for me.

So what about you guys how do you feel about this game currently?
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MMornard's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 08:36 AM | #2
Love it.

I do want extra content for my L 50 Jedi Knight, but meanwhile I'm having fun with my Trooper (Oh, lovely Sergeant Dorne!) and just starting my Counselor.

herrojima's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 08:57 AM | #3
Same, love it. I get frustrated with my friends in other game(s) that bash on it but haven't or hardly played it.

Great game so far, minus the few bugs. But what MMO didn't have some bugs at some point.~

dom_delouise's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 09:53 AM | #4
I totally love this game.

It's all I play.

Nicoae's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 10:08 AM | #5
Really loving it. It's not perfect, but then perfection is overrated as my favourite Twi'lek points out on a daily basis even as she brings me exactly what I asked for...

My only real complaint is the horde of blocked off areas. I really think they should've used some sort of phasing type approach ala WoW (as buggy as it can be the idea is solid) instead of just straight up blocking large sections of the buildings off, or in at least one case an entire base: a base who's sole purpose is to have you run into it, deliver a message then run out. Damn thing takes 5-10 minutes total from ship landed to reaching it to going back to ship.

Aside from that singular issue, it's a very good game all round. A really good blend of story and game play, typical Bioware really.

Fezzie's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 10:13 AM | #6
I love this game too!

Yes, it's not as developed as some of the other mmo's out there, but they just launched!! WoW didn't start off as a great game in the beginning either! I'm excited to see where the storylines go and the pink Hello Kitty ship they promised us at the Guild Summit...
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OmySpy's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 10:13 AM | #7
I'm having tons of fun. The transition to end-game was difficult for me; I've never made it to top level in an MMO before, so I really didn't know what to do. I have since figured it out and enjoy pimping out my Bounty Hunter while raising up a few alts. I'm really excited for 1.2 and future releases.

PS. my wife loves it too, and she's never really played an MMO before at all.

vsalcedo's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 10:16 AM | #8
I'm enjoying it lots too, so many whiners out there just look at WoWs community.

Fall_Star's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 10:39 AM | #9
I honestly believe this game is amazing and frown on people with GES. (Game-Entitlement Syndrome)

GreySix's Avatar

04.10.2012 , 10:55 AM | #10
The reason you see so many negative posts is that those enjoying the game are spending their time playing it, vice coming here to grouse and moan.