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Has this game promoted too much Single Player? [lack of community]

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Has this game promoted too much Single Player? [lack of community]

Kaphik's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 06:21 AM | #21
I think it's obvious why there's no sense of community (in some people's minds) just reading many of the responses to this thread. Plenty of people are turning off their General chat, or not grouping with other people and just avoiding others because they fear bad people, players, jerks, selfish people, etc., etc.

The thing is you can't always like every person you are around. Remember your high school days? You had your group of friends, and there were probably a lot of people you didn't want to speak to at all, ever. A community is not a group of people who all share the same ideas, goals, attitudes and likes each other. You have to find friends and acquaintances in an online game just as you do in real life. Completely ignoring everyone because of a few bad apples is of course going to make it seem like there is no community.

Ziso's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 06:24 AM | #22
i think the guild bank perfectly sums up this game and the "single player" feel.
Dont get me wrong, i like this game and we have a very good community here in our guild with active chat, banter and usual events and more.

The guild bank in 1.2 though is only guild leader only accessible. He/She cant even appoint officers to access/manage it. Single player again. Its that sort of implemtation that tells me that Bioware is trying and has produced a great game but doesnt quite understand what mmorpgs, guilds and communitys should mean.

Droidist's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 06:26 AM | #23
I find most MMO's these days can be enjoyed solo if that's what you want. Eve, WoW, Rift, STO and this one too. I have played all of them, in the end it's still up to you to group or not. SWG back in the day could also be played entirely solo if that's what you wanted. I know as a mostly solo player I will not see lots of content, but that's ok as I honestly don't like being counted on to be somewhere at a certain time for raids, etc. Looking for group finders can solve that problem, which this game will eventually get too.

Joining a social guild is often fun. I am in one with one of my toons, and the rest are solo atm. I find social guilds have no real expectations, except chatting, and that way you can group or not group, it's up to you.

So in the end this game doesn't promote solo play any more than any other game.
A force of one, yes, the solo player!

ProsaicProse's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 06:31 AM | #24
I'm getting the impression some folks are playing on the wrong server, or not paying attention to the social aspect, even when its right before them - instead they are opting out of using the tools provided to be social with others.

After playing many MMO's and finding myself on a good server, I've found it far more social than anything I've been used to previously, and there is a real sense of community for those who try to get involved.

If you found yourself on a server that's lagging behind in player count, and want to be involved in the social aspect of this game, it might require moving servers and/or making an effort to participate in chat and grouping. If you still don't find it a social friendly game, I doubt any MMO on the market will live up to expectation.

uniz's Avatar

04.11.2012 , 09:10 AM | #25
general chat isnt server wide but zone specific which propagates the feeling of isolation. it makes it difficult to continue conversations once you leave one area to the next.

it is understandable to have such to minigate the low level kiddies talk but other games made level specific channels server wide which allowed access only upon leveling into it. this gave an option to or not to listen to lower level channels upon leveling out of it.

i am not saying this is the cause but rather a handful of the nails into the coffin. it is hard to have a server community when the channels of communication are so fractured and seperate.

sadly what started this was server wide gold spam selling in mmo's in general which lacked a filter for such.

this game hasnt promoted anything single playerwise which other mmo's out there dont have. such other mmo's have easy soloable leveling up and optional instances which have a community. but most of them are not trying to pull its player base from a well known mmo, which is dying, that never had much of a community in the first place. when you have a substancial number of players not use to nor know how to intermingle it will lead to such problems.

i think this is, lower server population, and poor communication outlets are the primary causes rather than just the game itself.