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Race day

Harower's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 10:34 AM | #1
A massive company decides it wants to start a race team.

They pour massive amounts of money into said race personal and rain money into the cars themselves. They spend a large amount of time stress testing the car, the team and the driver. They have multiple people test the track and have dummy races to make sure the team is ready to perform. Ready to race, ready to win, ready to own!

Race day comes, the big event, the event they have been waiting for, the even everyone has been waiting for. This is it. The moment, the time to show what all the hard work has been for.

The flag drops, the lights go green and... and! AND!!!!

they cruise around the track in first gear on purpose. Where was the faith in there testing? where was the preparation? Why are they worried about what they are doing? Are they still unsure?

Perhaps they still don't know how to race.

I expect at least a bro, cool and story.
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