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Buff Dirty Fighting (scoundrel)

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Buff Dirty Fighting (scoundrel)

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04.02.2012 , 04:13 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Tenacity View Post
Wow, you got to level 60? How'd you manage that?
Beat me to it! I want to know too! If I was lvl 60, the dailies would be a cake walk!

These guys are talking about scoundrel/gunslinger differences like everyone knows everything about them before they make the choice. But there is so very little actually revealed unless maybe you shell out cash for a guide, cause BW sure isn't talking. Their descriptions and tips are sketchy at best. 99% of what I've learned about different classes has come from rolling an alt and playing.

At least WoW allowed add-ons which made 3rd party databases possible. Need better gear? you can find what you need and how to get it. SWTOR's 3rd party dbases are doing good to have items listed! No info whatsoever about where to buy, or what mob drops it, or what quest.
And experienced players? Talking down to people like everything should be obvious and using short-hand and abbreviations only other super-gamers understand.
Heck, I'd love it if someone would just show me a good key layout that lets me use my abilities efficiently. Even that I've had to do by trial and error. Mostly error.