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Lets Build Together

StoneRecon's Avatar

03.21.2012 , 07:11 PM | #1
Hi Folks, A while back a bunch of friends and I left our clan of 5+ years for some of us to break away from the political, "do as I say, you must do this" guild atmosphere and formed our own gaming community of about 75 friends who play various games. Most of our players are die hard WOT players and then the rest trickle among various other games to include TOR. Our Tor division is small and although some of us have finished many of the operations in regular and hard mode, no longer have the means to without adding additional players/ friends. We are seeking players or even perhaps small clans who would like to merge with us and create a stress-less fun environment to play our games with people we enjoy being around. We are not power mongers and are even open to letting someone from the outside take the reigns of this new creation. We will pay for and provide top of the line forums, and TS3 communications.

Currently most of our players are Empire but many of us have alts on the Republic side of Jung-ma.

Check out our forums at

If you are one of those motivated please do not hesitate to contact me. 99% of our players are far over the age of 18.