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Anyone give rude replies to Darth Baras?

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Anyone give rude replies to Darth Baras?

Atma's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 07:20 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Aram_Darksun View Post
Minor spoiler in this reply if you care.

Or you are a forward thinking Sith Warrior.

It's called the dark side, not the douche side, though they do cross over far more than they should :P.

My Sith Warrior gave polite platitudes, I smiled as I worked out where was the best part of his back to put my saber through.

He is a power and it would be senseless to piss him off for the sake of pride and to exercise a desire for misanthropic discourse with superficial insults.

Like HBNinjax, I got a little more provocative over time as my power waxed and his eventually waned.
That's cool, but I was telling him to go f*** himself from day 1. Needless to say
Iridrin, Sith Juggernaut //

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10.20.2012 , 03:22 AM | #22
I checked most of the rude answers and hit the escape key, just to see how funny it was. You will get away with it no matter how rude you are, which doesn't really make sense to me as he's still your master, so you are supposed to owe him respect... and he can choke people via holo

I played both my warriors as being polite to Baras to placate him, while actually lying to him every chance they got.

The only time I was rude to him was when he asked me to (end chapter 2 spoiler)


... and I've been nothing but rude from this point on.

But then again (end class quest spoiler)


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10.20.2012 , 07:39 AM | #23
Darth Baras ...
my character hated him and at beginning, feared him .. as my power has grown, started to be at more liberty with him and plotting his defeat ...
As game player, i had to love D.B., since he was really well played. I loved the scenes where he was enjoying getting intel from subjects via torture. He was disgusting so much, as i HAD to start to admire the way this game character was done.

Syrek_Nephats's Avatar

10.20.2012 , 03:09 PM | #24
How many of you, when you first saw Darth Baras, instantly thought "BEEFCAKE!!"?

Bird_of_Thunder's Avatar

10.21.2012 , 09:56 PM | #25
when i first saw Baras i thought, "Holy **** it's Darth Cartman!"

just because of that right there i trolled him all the time and

jvoz's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 08:53 AM | #26
im rude to him. i cannot stand him. at all, its like he is homer simoson in sith armor. if i have one complaint, its darth baras. is he even a sith warrior? why couldnt we get a better sith lord......

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11.16.2012 , 05:45 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by jvoz View Post
im rude to him. i cannot stand him. at all, its like he is homer simoson in sith armor. if i have one complaint, its darth baras. is he even a sith warrior? why couldnt we get a better sith lord......
Be glad you have baras I would have him as a master over darth zash.

I am not rude to baras because it does not make much sense when have you ever seen a sith apprentice talking smack to their master?

Zannah did not do it nor did darth vader and many other sith lol imagine talking to smack to darth bane or sidious that won't end well.

Khyle's Avatar

11.17.2012 , 05:54 AM | #28
I love Baras, he's possibly the best character I've encountered in the game. He can even be kinda intimidating once you get over his body size.

But yeah, I give him rude replies every time I can, I don't ever kiss up, and some of his reactions to my taunts are awesome. His voice actor is fantastic. He just nails it, and I can say many of his lines by heart.

"I wouldn't regret destroying you where you stand"
"You let one of them go, but that's nothing new. Every now and then, a little victim's spared... because she smiled, cos he's got freckles, cos they begged. And that's how you live with yourself, that's how you slaughter millions. Because once in a while, on a whim, if the wind's in the right directionů you happen to be kind."

Arlanon's Avatar

11.17.2012 , 03:29 PM | #29
Baras is the perfect straight man. He has such drive towards his ambitions that your sarcasm either bounces right off him, or he casually just goes with it. I rather enjoyed working for him. Gaining lots of Vette affection was also a nice bonus.

Scovina's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 09:57 AM | #30
I troll this fat bastard every chance I get. Bioware did good in making me hate this SOB. I can say one thing he himself was his own undoing as he fueled my hate!

On a side note I also like talking **** on my Imperial Agent to