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Time for an alt :)

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01.29.2012 , 11:42 AM | #1
Hello guys, just took my JK to 50 and the story was totally amazing ! The companions the feeling everything (especially after Kira got fixed to).

Now me and my friend are going to create alts now on the Empire side so I need some recommendation what I should play. Story is a pretty big deal for me, the companions should be good to since I love to continue in main story just to unluck additional secrets/backgrounds with the companions. Played all classes until 10 in beta and it doesn't give me a taste of what to play. They seems interesting to me in many ways:
  • SW - As said playing JK even though I loved the story in beta dont know if I cba playing with the same kind of abilities and mechanics. IS a Marauder big difference compared to a Guardian ? Overall I liked the story up to 15 in beta and the comanions seems rlly interesting due to Jaesa ls/ds
  • BH - Like waow, they got a Jawa :3 Dont know about the rest, the mandalorian seems like an interesting concept and Mako is nice. The others are kinda "meh". Dno if I cba spamming rockets all over the place.
  • SI - Orly ? A fkin porridge thingy... Hate him and his voice... Ashara seems nice though. Need info about the rest. Heard lots of different things about the story. Both good and bad.
(No IA since thats what my buddy will play)
If someone could post like a little summary of each class without revealing spoilers I would be really grateful. Maybe something to refer to each act so i get a feeling. Like this:

Jedi Knight:
Act 1: Get a Nemesis
Act 2: Conquer the evil
Act 3: Save the galaxy

Thank you for whatever answer I get.