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Windows Aero + Fullscreen (windowed) problems

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Windows Aero + Fullscreen (windowed) problems

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01.27.2012 , 07:43 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by calibro View Post
VSync is greyed out for me when using Fullscreen (windowed) and is unchecked.
That could be part of both your heat and your choppiness problem.

When Vsync is off you're running at uncapped framerates, which means that as long as there is nothing else limiting your performance (like a CPU slow enough to bottleneck your GPU all the time and not just in really busy areas) your GPU will be spending large amounts of time trying to render the max amount of framerates it can render and as a result it'll be spending a large amount of time at or very close to full load.

You can verify this if you run some kind of monitoring tool, like MSI Afterburner or the AMD overclocking tool - if your card is running at or near 99% useage for long periods of time in TOR that is what's causing your card to get so hot. It's inevitable it'll run hotter in that case and there's only 2 things you can do about that - you can either up the fan control to cool the card more aggressively when it's running at full useage, or you can try and limit the useage of your card artificially by implementing an FPS cap.

Vsync will work as an FPS limiter that caps your FPS at your screen's refresh rate, and you can use it in Fullscreen Windowed mode, but you need to switch to Fullscreen first, then hit apply, then enable Vsync, hit apply again (and check that it's taken effect with an fps monitoring tool), and then switch back to Fullscreen Windowed.

As for Windows being slow when you're tabbed out, as I said that could also be related to your uncapped FPS and the resulting high useage. In windowed mode when you alt-tab out of the game, the game isn't de-prioritized graphics-rendering-wise like it is in fullscreen mode, which means your card is still working hard rendering the game graphics in the background and this might slow down whatever you're trying to do on the desktop if your card is really topped out.

If you enable Vsync and get your useage down through limiting the FPS, does it make any difference to the speed of windows when you tab to the desktop?

If it doesn't then there has to be something else going on.

I can tell you from my own experience that it doesn't seem to be a blanket problem with this game and Windows Aero or the Windows 7 desktop, as I myself run in Fullscreen Windowed mode on a single 1680x1050 display using a GTX 470 and Windows 7 and when I alt-tab out to the desktop Windows runs perfectly fine with Aero enabled and all other programs are responding at normal speed.

The only major difference I can think of is that my GPU is almost never at 99% useage, so there's always performance to spare when I tab out. Normally I would also think of RAM (if windows gets low on RAM it can also get really slow due to paging lots of stuff away to the pagefile on the harddrive) but with your 6gb you should have plenty to go around unless you're running an insane amount of stuff in the background.

If that's not the linking factor there has to be some setting or quirk within windows that's causing this. God knows Windows desktop management is dodgy enough at the best of times - I can't count the times it wants to switch me to ugly windows Basic scheme whilst I'm running the most laughable applications with literally loads of resources to spare...
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12.15.2012 , 07:06 AM | #12
Was playing with my settings to get the best graphic without to much lag and i can max out about everything with 4xeq/12xeq AA and even modding the settings for higher shadow quality but the game stutter some time,then playing around in Radeonpro i tryed the case to disable aero while playing the game and ..... stuttering was gone ....

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