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I Know it's very early for this....

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I Know it's very early for this....

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01.23.2012 , 09:34 AM | #1
Hey all! I am having a wonderful time with this game so far. But I am a class monster in many games I play, I think it's my adult ADHD, I like to level and play new things all the time. I was wondering if you think bioware left the game open to new jobs , roles or adv. classes down the line in future expanions, or are the 8 main classes we have will just cover it.

I enjoy things like FFXI where you had to do certain things to unlock certain job and things like that. I think Swtor could do that same, maybe even unlock even more advance jobs for the classes they already have?

Or is the Legacy system going to be their answer for new classes?

What does everyone think about the subject?