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Don't hold any hopes on bioware fixing Republic disadvantages

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Don't hold any hopes on bioware fixing Republic disadvantages

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01.22.2012 , 01:55 AM | #21
There's a dev tracker or dev blog post that mentioned the faction animations' balance. It didn't go into specifics, but the fact that it was mentioned made me feel a lot better about the future of the game.

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01.22.2012 , 01:56 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by TheUnNamedHero View Post
Like that's ever going to happen.
It's still fun to ask lol.
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01.22.2012 , 01:56 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Explosive_Lasers View Post
I'm too busy unloading mortars into Sith to give two ***** whether or not I'm gimped. I enjoy playing on the Republic, because I like the faction more. That's all I care about, and that's all anybody should care about. I couldn't care less whether the Empire has more players.

Also the whole appearance thing is completely subjective.

I think Republic looks better because everyone isn't decked out in black/grey and red...with a purple here and there.

I have played both and I can say I have enjoyed the feel of the Republic better. Dunno why...but rolling into a instance with a trooper, two Jedi, a Smuggler just feels right...

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01.22.2012 , 01:57 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Redsuns_ View Post
How is this relevant to my point?

Another example of how bad republic players are.
Hmm. On our server, the Republic wins WZs much more often that the Imps do... and I'm an Imp. I can sometimes go 2 days in the 50 bracket and never win a game for the daily... and that's through farming up almost 1000 marks.

But hey, Reps are bad.

Explosive_Lasers's Avatar

01.22.2012 , 01:57 AM | #25
Oh, we don't need citation?

The Empire licks *** for dinner. [Citation Needed]
The Empire's budget consists of cat turds. [Citation Needed]
The Empire eats babies. [Citation Needed]

Actually, y'know, that last one is probably true...
"Bet you heard we ain't in the pris'ner takin' bisness. We in the killin' Imperial bisness." -Me, before every Warzone

Quote: Originally Posted by Kabjat View Post
Explosive, you always make so much sense. And here as well you do not disappoint.

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01.22.2012 , 02:01 AM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by maqlic View Post
all i hear is "whaaawhaaa i cant win so nerf the other side whaaahwaaaah" want a cookie and a paper towel to dry those eyes?
"Make us identical by bringing our side up to par" is not at all "nerf the other side."

It's not a good thing when in every case where there's a discrepancy, the discrepancy favors the same side consistently over the other. It's a silly thing to oppose. Balance is not a bad thing.

I don't understand, though. We've got half of the community here complaining without end that the game is doomed, and the other half feverishly trying to justify that there are no problems. Maybe we can meet in the middle, and acknowledge that the game has problems, and maybe resolve to see them fixed instead of firmly placing ourselves between the status quo and an improved future product?
An Empire without Sith -- because we deserve better!

Redsuns_'s Avatar

01.22.2012 , 02:05 AM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by TheUnNamedHero View Post
Like that's ever going to happen.
It was stated before the forums were wiped for launch

SgtFrog's Avatar

01.22.2012 , 02:06 AM | #28
It really depends on the server, on my server it is fine...

Rep win at pvp most of the time as well :|
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01.22.2012 , 02:06 AM | #29
Ok let me make things clear to the people who cannot grasp the issue

Example A

Skill A = 1 second cast time
Skill A animation = 1 second

Animation + skill = 2 seconds

So instead of overlapping giving u animation + skill = 1 second (together)

They dont flow, they run apart. cast bar starts, halfway through you character start the animation, even when the cast bar is done your character is skill casting.

"So move after cast bar is done!!"

Well this is not the case. your infact rooted until the animation completes or you loose the skill dmg.

Example B

Instant cast skills having animations that root you in place until the animation has finished.
Smugglers dirty kick or example. Watching the beta videos you can clearly see a smuggler in pvp use dirty kick on the run. This shows that bioware have changed it to be a cast animation.

This video shows a jedi with the stutter delay causing the insta skill to have a animation time (rooted)
The perfect video to show the insta skill issue...enjoy
This video shows the skill bar full yet the skill (mount) hasnt been used or mounted. so a 1 second skill becomes a 2 second skill.

If any1 doubts this evidence please google/youtube and have fun.
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Redsuns_'s Avatar

01.22.2012 , 02:07 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by SgtFrog View Post
It really depends on the server, on my server it is fine...

Rep win at pvp most of the time as well :|
Even if you win 10/10 warzone, that is irrelevant to my point.