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Would you still want a KOTOR 3 after this?

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Would you still want a KOTOR 3 after this?

Kozor's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 09:16 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Sevenpifers View Post
Alright so let just say a few months down the road bioware was dissappointed with the outcome of TOR, And then they decided to change their minds and make another RPG Kotor game would you be happy? I think I'd be. It would be more of a modern version of the original Odyssey engine and went back to traditional KOTOR dialog, Combat and leveling mechanics. Would YOU be happy with that?
From Bioware terrible fanfic writers and amateur programmers?

No thx

Sevenpifers's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 09:19 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Kozor View Post
From Bioware terrible fanfic writers and amateur programmers?

No thx
Well, Let's say we gave it over to the Edmonton Team in Canada and not the new one.

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01.18.2012 , 09:19 PM | #23
-Post content removed-

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01.18.2012 , 09:38 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Doamy View Post
My first and last experience with Bioware.

And it's not just the game with its issues. Its the customer support, the over zealous forum mods, the seemingly broken order of priorities when it comes to patching.
I find it odd they shut down all these threads but they don't do any customer support.

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01.18.2012 , 09:47 PM | #25
Tantalizing but unnecessary. The remaining threads of an ailing mini-series are best left elliptical.
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01.18.2012 , 09:49 PM | #26
I would want a kotor 3 the game was fun and i liked trying to figure out the companions and what was the best combination of them. The story of it just seemed to fit and was amazing. If they made it in modern and kept the story of it 2 companions and the choices of it if these stayed consistent i would definently buy asap.

If they made it on 360 and it was playable over xbox live with some pvp would probably a waaaaaay better game than any of the Modern Warfare games. Which as we know are some of the most played games for 360.

Dark_Hazard's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 10:14 PM | #27
Just a new 360 Old republic era game would be fine for me.

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01.19.2012 , 05:51 PM | #28
KotOR3 still needs to be made I think, theres plenty of space still left to fill. The Revan story where he meets up with Meetra Surik would work better as a TFU style game though. Well maybe like Mass Effect. Having said that, I really want an Havoc Squad game where you're Jace Malcolm pre-TOR, or one of the other guys in the cgi trailers, Satele Shan etc. That in the style of ME3 would win for me

I love TOR but damn standing around spaming buttons while someone hacks your face off with a lightsaber gets old really quick. Theres far too many sidequests too, always distracting me, OCD makes me play them all -_-. I hope the Legacy thing allows me to play the trooper story again from the beginning while retaining my levels like a New Game plus. Not much can be done about the combat though, sadly. I guess I'm not a huge RPG fan. KotOR was fun though, more story, less sidequest. I love that.


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01.19.2012 , 06:35 PM | #29
I would because of the fact that it's still KotOR. I've been wanting a third for a long time now. Hell, i'm still waiting for Battlefront 3.

YeesBox's Avatar

01.19.2012 , 06:50 PM | #30
Kotor 3 nah, wouldn't live up to kotor2.

Mass Effect I'm done with as well. I doubt that will take any interesting turns from now on.

DA3 certainly, BioWare did something interesting with dragon age with DA2 and I'm excited to see where it goes.
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