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Number One with a Bullet - BH Story

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Number One with a Bullet - BH Story

Darkelefantos's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 06:41 AM | #1
So I have a question to anyone who finished the final mission of the BH story... as a Powertech Tank, how do you beat the Supreme Guard?

I can't even beat one of them, they have 2 self-heals and 2 knockbacks each, it's impossible to interrupt everything. As Powertech, I don't have a CC or a knockback, so at least one heal will always succeed, and I don't deal enough damage to make up for that. I tried using Torian as a Companion, but I ended up dying with 10 Stacks of Armor Breaking ammo against me. So, what do I do? Find help? Change my skill tree to DPS for this fight alone? Are there any special strategies?

Doublehex's Avatar

01.16.2012 , 02:14 PM | #2
Can I suggest getting another tank, like Blizz or Skadge, to helo alleviate the damage? You just need to last long enough to kill one - if you die, you can rez and kill the other.

Mercenary here, so I can't help out too much.

KremlinKOA's Avatar

01.17.2012 , 01:58 AM | #3
Grappling hook one far away from the other, let your companion get threat on the second and keep them out of each other's heal range.
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Psy-Ops's Avatar

01.21.2012 , 09:02 PM | #4
Agree with last post, that's what i did just had to deal with one at a time that way.

adrenalize's Avatar

01.21.2012 , 10:33 PM | #5
See, I just tried the grappling hook method and the other one just ran up to heal him.

Rehneu's Avatar

01.21.2012 , 10:38 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by adrenalize View Post
See, I just tried the grappling hook method and the other one just ran up to heal him.
Send your companion to agro one of them first. After he agros, pull the other to you and work him down. That maybe the solution to it.

If I am thinking of the correct mission, is this the one aboard the imperial ship? If so, I did this as a healing merc while using Torian (sp?) and focused down one. Died, then came back and worked the other. Again, if it is the same fight I am thinking of.

SlamBanger's Avatar

11.29.2012 , 06:51 PM | #7
I finally finished this, the hard way. I used all customizable equipment with level 50 or higher advanced mods in all slots including augments. Mako had the same. I just wore one of them down. It was a close battle but when one went, the other was not as tough. This is much tougher than the Trooper ending. This character got the advanced mods to make life easier doing the daily level 50 missions. I just learned how to do augments so I made nine prototype reflex 22 augments. It added 144 aim and 90 endurance to my character. It really made a difference. Woo Hoo!! I am really happy I finally finished this.

Slowpokeking's Avatar

11.29.2012 , 07:14 PM | #8
It was a bit hard but not a big challenge, I did it in level 48.

JediMB's Avatar

11.30.2012 , 03:32 PM | #9
I equipped Gault with basic premium lv.49 gear and picked up a couple of implants from the GTN, plus a stim and an adrenal for myself.

Then I just let Gault focus fire on one trooper, and added my own damage to that while making sure I interrupted the heals. Once that trooper fell, the other one was easy to deal with.
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