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Falling to the dark side

vytax's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 07:06 PM | #1
So there is no option to fall to the dark side? i'm a jedi and have like 5000 light points and wish to fall to spice things up, but as I see there is no option to fall like in kotor is there? I don't think these are spoilers btw.

BrigOrion's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 07:18 PM | #2
You can build up dark side points, but there is no game mechanic for betraying between Republic and Empire, and no game mechanic for changing class from Jedi to Sith.

vytax's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 07:55 PM | #3
I see, too bad. What kind od star wars game doesn't have 'the fall of a jedi' feature? Come on, this is sad..

KeatoHarrolo's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 07:59 PM | #4
It would be awesome but its understandable why it's not ingame. It would be very hard to put in game. The most simply way I could think would having a seperate optional "Fall to the darkside" storyline but even that would be hard to do.

Maybe one day Bioware will surprise us

vytax's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 08:19 PM | #5
Well I think it could be possible. Just like warning the player that all the light deeds he had achieved will become dark and he'll become imperial or smth . But actually, I could've sworn, I saw a jedi sentinel fighting on the imp side on huttball. Maybe it was my imagination.

Obadaya's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 08:34 PM | #6
Oh c'mon. Everquest 2 had this feature from the get go.

Dolphindive's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 08:36 PM | #7
Hutball can put you with the other faction and against your own
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xzxzxz's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 09:34 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Obadaya View Post
Oh c'mon. Everquest 2 had this feature from the get go.
Wow, and oh look. This game is not Everquest 2.

TyHeaton's Avatar

01.05.2012 , 10:26 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by xzxzxz View Post
Wow, and oh look. This game is not Everquest 2.
Pretty much this. One game can't launch with every feature of every other game from it's ganre.

Psycholex's Avatar

01.06.2012 , 07:35 AM | #10
Build Dark Side points and become consumed by the dark side.

You don't need to be able to switch factions to implement the 'falling' of a Jedi, a fallen jedi is nothing more than a Jedi that no longer represents balance, one who becomes consumed by feeling is a fallen Jedi and can play for either faction in the galactic war.